Sunday, March 18, 2012

Too Many Fires... the final clue in the Second Chance Giveaway

I've got too many fires to tend today, so it's taken me a bit to get to the final Second Chance Giveaway clue in a basket--er, I mean clue in an excerpt, lol. So, here you go.

The question is what is Lewell'yn's favorite fruit?
And the bonus question is why does Tian smell like it?


The suddenly electrified feeling pulled Lewell'yn towards the slave. With his rich red hair shot through with streaks of blond and his sun-kissed skin, the man looked as though he might smell of peaches. Lewell'yn loved peaches, the way their flesh felt firm to his teeth, the way the fine hair on them tickled against his lips and tongue.
Peaches became Lewell'yn's absolute favourite fruit as soon as he realised they came packaged in such a splendidly wrapped for-adults-only form. Lewell'yn's mouth started to water, anticipation and imagination combining in his still clenching gut as his eyes roamed his brand-new favourite treat. He moved with unhurried, lethal grace towards the slave. He caught a whiff of the man's scent, a hint of musk, a whisper of sweetness tied together with vibrant warmth.
Sweet Light, the man even smelled like peaches.

The bonus question's answer lies in the origins of Tian's people...and you either know it or you don't from previous excerpts. Remember to put your email addy up in your response. You have until Noon tomorrow. Ciao.

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