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Hey Babies, I think that maybe this BIG THING is a day late... and I am extremely discombobulated by the whole kidlet home for two weeks on school va-ca. *picture a very frazzled Cherie blundering about in a Christmas Dinner and Childus Interruptus fog of bewilderment* 


No, really. Okay so just for the sake of argument, let's say this baby right here was supposed to go up today. 

*looks about guiltily for AJ's look of Oh-My-God-Are-You-Seriously-Trying-That-Innocent-Act look* 

*still looking*

*Nothing? Whew!*

Okie Dokie then, here is my LAST BIG THING for 2012... and seriously, after this I think I'll only do this like, once a month tops. No, really.

THE LAST BIG THING OF 2012 (well, at least for me)

Alright, babies, here it is… I’m answering (yes, I know, yet again) 10 questions about my latest Work In Progress... just for you, and you, and oh, yes, you too. Ready, steady, go, go, go!

1) What is the working title of your book? 

The next stories up to bat (as soon as I finish the pesky, wonderful one currently cluttering up my desktop) are a brace of shorts called Kitchen Things (M/F) and Snow Day (M/M/F) respectively... and they are both going to be part of anthologies I'm working on with some fellow Silver authors.

2) Where did the idea come from for the book? 

Lol. I got one from a hot pic posted up by the every amazing Portia de Moncur, and one from... well, honestly, from watching out my window as the snow fell. :)

3) What genre does your book fall under? 

Kitchen Things is Contemporary, and Snow Days is a paranormal.

4) What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book? 

LOL. Someone does one sentence synopsizes? *I laugh about that every time...* 
Um, Kitchen Things is a little story about the things we never thought we'd do and yet find ourselves undertaking for love... uh, and Snow Days is the story of a very ordinary school teacher stumbling over a snow drift and into the realm of things that go bump in the night. :)

5) Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency? 

These two are destined for a home at Silver Publishing.

6) How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript? 

Dude. I’m still writing the first draft. They're slated for completion this week, as they have a January deadline for completion. *gulps*

7) What other books would you compare this story to within your genre? 

Okay, I know this is my stock answer, but really, I still wouldn’t.

8) Who or What inspired you to write this book? 

Portia's picture, Allison Cassatta's exuberance, and ... mah smexy muse. He is awesome. 

9) What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest? 

Hm... it will be awesome?

10) Oh, I forgot the question about who would play my characters in the screen adaptation of my stories... 

Okay, I dunno... oh, wait. I'm feeling inspired. I will play the lead in Kitchen Things... um, after a six month stint of intensive training with an uber hot personal trainer, I shall take the lead opposite Hugh Jackman. *stares dreamily at his picture* 

Huh? Oh, you can take the lead in the other story. Yeah. Just pick two hotties to play opposite you and let me know who they are. Heh. And um, could you just give me a few thousand years to stare at Hugh?


Okay. I have no idea who I was following this time... I think it was AJ Kelton, but I'm not sure (all down to me being a chowder-head... who ever asked me to follow them gave clear instructions and directions to their web addy and all that, I am sure) but as soon as I figure it out, and get some peeps to follow, I will update this entry to reflect my new knowledge... beg you all shamelessly to go check them out. 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wednesday Work In Progress: From Worth a Thousand Words

Devon’s skin was on fire. He placed Adrien carefully on the bed. His hands shook as he grasped the tab of his coat’s zipper and pulled it down. Adrien lay on the bed, his sweet little mouth pressed tightly closed, his chest heaving, and tears making twin tracks of silvery wetness from the corners of his eyes. Devon yanked his coat off, dropping it to the floor behind him. Grasping the collar of his standard black tee-shirt, he ripped it off over his head in one rough movement. “Adrien. Baby. Open your eyes.”
Adrien turned to his side, a low sound spilling out of him. He reached out blindly, snagging a pillow and pulling it over his face. Devon growled, his hands already flicking open the buttons of his faded Levi jeans. “Adrien, I don’t mind undressing us both, but if you like what you’re wearing I suggest you take it off yourself. I don’t have a lot of patience right now, and I’m liable to tear something.”
Devon waited for a moment as he toed off his sneakers. They hadn’t spent a lot of time together yet, but he had a pretty good sense of the guy. Unless he was mistaken, what he’d just said was gonna light Adrien up like a roman candle. He smirked, and started counting.
Adrien’s arm flung out, slinging the pillow off his face as he reared up. If he hadn’t been watching for it, the little bugger would have clocked Devon right across the mouth. Devon caught Adrien’s flailing arm, a wicked smile curving his mouth as he followed the line of firm flesh back up past his brand new boyfriend’s beautifully muscled shoulder to the biteable line of his throat.
“Do you want to keep that shirt?” Devon heard the dip in his voice as the thought of ripping all the buttons off Adrien’s shirt to get to his well-defined pectoral muscles. Saliva pooled in his mouth and Devon swallowed hard. Adrien’s suddenly wide-eyed gaze swept over Devon’s chest. When he raised his eyes back up to Devon’s face, his eyes were hot and wet looking.
“It’s never been one of my favorites.” The husky timbre of Adrien’s voice sparked the dry tinder of Devon’s lust, setting him utterly aflame. He pushed his jeans and briefs to the floor, stepping on the hem of one leg with the other foot. As he crawled up onto the bed, he used his newly freed leg to push the pants fully off. Crawling up along Adrien’s body, he stopped to place a nipping bite on the thin line of flesh visible between the jean’s waistband and shirt’s hem of Adrien’s clothes.
Adrien made a shocked squeaking noise. Devon’s heartbeat pounded in his ears. Adrien’s bed smelled of the coconut scented shampoo the younger man used, and nothing else. Devon’s dick hardened in a rush. He pushed up above Adrien’s lithe form, drawing his legs up until he kneeled with one leg on either side of Adrien’s slim hips. Sitting back on his heels, Devon gripped the collar of Adrien’s shirt. He fingered it for a moment, noting the sturdy cotton fabric as the backs of his fingers smoothed against the sides of Adrien’s throat. “No. I don’t want to give you a brush burn from your shirt.”
Trembling, Adrien lifted his hands up to rest them on Devon’s thighs just above his knees. “Okay. Just—get it off of me. Please.”
Devon’s breath slammed out of his body. He closed his eyes for a split-second, closing away the vision of Adrien’s molten gaze. Doing so only intensified the sensation of Adrien’s fingers alternately gripping and stroking his legs. Devon slipped the buttons free as quickly as his fingers could move. The last one came free, and he pushed the dull green fabric of Adrien’s shirt aside, sliding his hands around Adrien’s sides. He pushed them up and under, lifting Adrien’s pale olive skin up to his hungry mouth. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tuesday Triumph: Another Next Big Thing

Here are the questions:

1)What is the title of your book?
This one is part of my Rescue Twinks series, and is called: 
Worth A Thousand Words

2)How did you come by the idea?
Hmm. I honestly think the kidlet sparked this whole series. She was standing with me at a random bus stop, and being, you know, very twelve, complete with Glittery Accessories and over the top enthusiasm... and I thought... what if?

3)What genre does your book fall under?
Heh. This one is most definitely a gay Rom-Com... contemporary romantic comedy

4)Which actors would you choose to play your characters if it were a movie?
I'd want two completely talented unknowns... and the guy who directed Will Smith in Hitch. There's a lot of physical comedy in the book, and it takes a subtle touch to translate that to film. :)

5)What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?
Geez. If I keep doing these I am eventually going to get really good at One Sentence Synopses... er, I'll get back to you on this one. In like a second or so... no, really.

How about this: Struggling to turn their Happy For Now meet and greet into a Happily Forever After, Adrien and Devon have to fight their way past a crazed stalker and their own insecurities.  (Urk, I know. It's pitiful...)

6)Will your book be self-published or traditional?
This whole series is self-published. I've got a stellar editor, and an equally stellar cover artist. I love Val and A.J.

7)How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?
Er, still working on it. About two more days to completion, then off to betas, back for corrections, to the editor, back to me for more corrections, to the proof reader, then formatting and uploading to my distribution site, ARe.

8)What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?
You guys need to tell me that. I'm just terrible at those sorts of comparisons. 

9)Who or What inspired you to write this book?
Oooh, this one is possibly  my favorite question. I get inspired by a lot of things... the whole series was actually inspired by my kidlet spilling glitter all over the house. *no, really* This specific story was inspired in part by Write-to-Done's fine articles, and partially by some amazing conversations with some of my brainer friends... like Philosophy professor Jennifer Saul.

10)What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?
Possibly the hot-tastic cover? The references to fun stuff like PTSD, Trepanning (I didn't make that one up... O.o ) and interfering, strong-willed old ladies. :)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday Morning Report

I've been nominated! I couldn't be more tickled, amazed, and humbled. That's the news that's fit to print this morning. I encourage you all to get over to GoodReads M/M Romance group... Join if you haven't already, and go cast a vote for the books you loved the most in the past twelve months. There were so many truly amazing ones to choose from, you're sure to see something you find worth in every category.

~Later, Gators...
~~Cherie Noel

Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Snog from Worth a Thousand Words: Unedited Excerpt

Welcome to my Sunday Snog. Don't be shy, cause there are other lovely snogs to be had... follow THIS BLISSELINK back to the home of the original Sunday Snog, and then when you're done reading all the Victoria Blisse goodness there, move along to the other yummy snogs waiting for you there. :) Enjoy!


Adrien turned to his side, a low sound spilling out of him. He reached out blindly, snagging a pillow and pulling it over his face. Devon growled, his hands already flicking open the buttons of his faded Levi jeans. “Adrien, I don’t mind undressing us both, but if you like what you’re wearing I suggest you take it off yourself. I don’t have a lot of patience right now, and I’m liable to tear something.”
Devon waited for a moment as he toed off his sneakers. They hadn’t spent a lot of time together yet, but he had a pretty good sense of the guy. Unless he was mistaken, what he’d just said was gonna light Adrien up like a roman candle. He smirked, and started counting.
Adrien’s arm flung out, slinging the pillow off his face as he reared up. If he hadn’t been watching for it, the little bugger would have clocked Devon right across the mouth. Devon caught Adrien’s flailing arm, a wicked smile curving his mouth as he followed the line of firm flesh back up past his brand new boyfriend’s beautifully muscled shoulder to the biteable line of his throat.
“Do you want to keep that shirt?” Devon heard the dip in his voice as the thought of ripping all the buttons off Adrien’s shirt to get to his well-defined pectoral muscles. Saliva pooled in his mouth and Devon swallowed hard. Adrien’s suddenly wide-eyed gaze swept over Devon’s chest. When he raised his eyes back up to Devon’s face, his eyes were hot and wet looking.
“It’s never been one of my favorites.” The husky timbre of Adrien’s voice sparked the dry tinder of Devon’s lust, setting him utterly aflame. He pushed his jeans and briefs to the floor, stepping on the hem of one leg with the other foot. As he crawled up onto the bed, he used his newly freed leg to push the pants fully off. Crawling up along Adrien’s body, he stopped to place a nipping bite on the thin line of flesh visible between the jean’s waistband and shirt’s hem of Adrien’s clothes.
Adrien made a shocked squeaking noise. Devon’s heartbeat pounded in his ears. Adrien’s bed smelled of the coconut scented shampoo the younger man used, and nothing else. Devon’s dick hardened in a rush. He pushed up above Adrien’s lithe form, drawing his legs up until he kneeled with one leg on either side of Adrien’s slim hips. Sitting back on his heels, Devon gripped the collar of Adrien’s shirt. He fingered it for a moment, noting the sturdy cotton fabric as the backs of his fingers smoothed against the sides of Adrien’s throat. “No. I don’t want to give you a brush burn from your shirt.”
Trembling, Adrien lifted his hands up to rest them on Devon’s thighs just above his knees. “Okay. Just—get it off of me. Please.”
Devon’s breath slammed out of his body. He closed his eyes for a split-second, closing away the vision of Adrien’s molten gaze. Doing so only intensified the sensation of Adrien’s fingers alternately gripping and stroking his legs. Devon slipped the buttons free as quickly as his fingers could move. The last one came free, and he pushed the dull green fabric of Adrien’s shirt aside, sliding his hands around Adrien’s sides. He pushed them up and under, lifting Adrien’s pale olive skin up to his hungry mouth.
Adrien gasped as Devon’s mouth closed over the edge of one collarbone. Devon nipped and sucked his way along Adrien’s flesh until he found the sweet dip just between the two collarbones. He licked and kissed that spot, pulling back to touch one finger to the little hollow. “This is mine. Always mine, no matter where you go or anything that ever happens between us, this spot is mine.”
Devon turned his head then, drawn to bite the tender place where Adrien’s shoulder met his neck. Running his teeth over the area, he bit down lightly. Adrien moaned, and the broken off sound unleashed something savage in Devon. He growled, pushing one hand higher up under Adrien until he gripped a fistful of hair at the nape of the smaller man’s neck. He lifted his torso away far enough to rake his eyes over Adrien from face to chest to waist, and the delightful denim covered bulge below. He snarled, jerking Adrien up against his chest. Sealing his mouth over Adrien’s, he licked along the seam of the Adrien’s closed lips. Adrien whined, opening his mouth immediately.
Inside he tasted of honey and something nutty. Devon moaned this time, low and hard, as a wave of burning need swept through him. He needed in Adrien. Now, he needed in right god damned now. 

If you want the  tale of how Adrien and Devon met and got together, download my free short, The Counterfeit Claus over at allromanceebooks --and consider it an early Christmas present, from me to you. :)

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On Being a Helper: This is what I give

I don't know a lot of things. Some I can learn, some I will simply never master, some I will gain a modicum of proficiency at. I know enough to give back where I can, and pay forward where I can.

There are lots of things I don't have, and therefore can't share... but I have my imagination. I can create stories. And for me, stories have always been my refuge in the storms of life. So, this story, my little Christmas Story? Is free. It's a gift from me to you. May it ease your heart. Give you respite for a brief span of time from the things that weigh heavy on you. Merry Christmas, babies. 

~~Cherie Noel

you can find the story on allromanceebooks if you want to download a copy. It's sweet, and light... and all about hope and looking forward. Well, that's what I see in it anyway. I hope it makes somebody happy. Give it as a gift to a friend (but please actually download a copy from AllRomanceEbooks so I can keep track of how it's doing. And by all means, leave a comment there. 

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Thursday Think Tank: On the Tortoise and the Hare

Yeah, most of us know the story. Hoppy little guy, real fast, being a huge tool to the sweet and pokey guy in a shell... pokey guy wins the race in the end, cause he's determined, and he keeps going. So today, I'm celebrating a Tortoise and Hare Moment in my life... I took part in a blog hop hosted by the lovely and talented RJScott at the beginning of this month... on December 1st and 2nd, I was supposed to put up a two part freebie, part of a flash/web story I've been working on in fits and spurts for over a year now... and I got the first days up with no problem...  But then life, that wily fox, intruded, and I missed getting the second part of the story up in time. Well, I decided that I would be a tortoise if I couldn't be speedy like the hare. I kept poking at my characters, begging them for a bit more of their story... and they finally answered. The story is far from being finished, but it will keep coming, in fits and spurts, until the whole of it is told... and like the faithful tortoise, I'll keep moving forward at the fastest pace I can manage... it may not look like much, but eventually I find it gets me there. 

Enjoy the story, babies. There will be more. 
~~Cherie Noel


Christmas in Heaven

Josh quirked an eyebrow at Simeon and with one corner of his mouth curling up loped across the floor toward the naked little frost elemental. As he moved, his black, velvety wings swayed behind him and his face took on definite demonic undertones. Just as Josh reached Simeon, Ryan’s laughing tones interrupted his progress. “Josh, I know being in this place gets you all kinds of randy… but we have an audience, don’t forget. More importantly, Simeon is still a little shy, aren’t you sweets?”
As he spoke, he glanced over his shoulder at Simeon, lowering the wing on that side for a clearer view. Simeon blushed brightly, both hands cupped over his privates. Josh chuckled, reaching his side and wrapping one soft wing around him. “There, you go baby. All covered up.”
He drew his wing away after a moment, and Simeon found himself clad head to toe in shimmering blue silk. The pants and tunic swirled and clung alternately to his slender form. The heated look in Josh’s eyes told Simeon that the thin covering was even more enticing than his naked flesh had been. Simeon swallowed hard. “I—oh, Josh, I don’t know about this…” Simeon smoothed his small hand up and down the silky covering now on clinging to his hips. “It’s so fancy. I—don’t you think I’m more a cotton and denim kind of guy?”
Josh, Ryan, and—surprisingly—Carl all answered in unison. “No.”
Simeon stared at all three. They were mad, all of them. He was no pretty little dress up doll. He was an ice elemental. Didn’t they realize that meant hard work, and cold and loneliness rather than pretty fripperies?
“You are all completely mad. Completely.” He stamped his foot to emphasize the extent of his displeasure, and then flounced into the bedroom and threw himself dramatically onto the fluffy white comforter of huge bed. Lying face down on the pristine surface, Simeon contemplated how insane his life had become in the past few months. “As if my life wasn’t bad enough when I was just sad and cold all the time, now I’m still cold, and as soon as they get sick of me I’ll be lonelier than ever. I…”
His words trailed off into gasps and shudders. Simeon bit down on his lips to keep from sobbing aloud. They were going to leave, all of them. Even Carl hadn’t wanted him, and Josh and Ryan were so much more—more everything than Carl could ever dream of being. Why would they stick around? He should just leave, and get in touch with the big guy’s son so he could get whatever hokeus-pokeus the charming flibberty-gibbert had used on him. Yes, that’s what he’d do. Simeon sat up, wiping his eyes with the palms of both hands. His face was a big, soggy mess, snot and tears everywhere, and—ah, there. Next to the bed was a big box of facial tissues in a silly rainbow and unicorn box. He cracked a tiny smile as he reached for one of the tissues.
“You know you’ll have to pay for that, right?” The sultry female voice surprised a shrill little mouse-sized squeak out of Simeon.
He whirled around with one hand clutched to his chest. “Wh-what? Who are you?”
A pretty, petite girl with waist-length black hair and the brightest green eyes he’d ever seen sat on a little wooden stool in the corner of his room. She smiled beguilingly at him, showing off perfect little white teeth.
“You can call me Seph. I’m… well, I shack up with the hottie in charge here. I’m Josh’s step-mum.” She pulled a beautiful red pomegranate from her pocket and began merrily popping juicy ruby tinted seeds into her mouth.
Simeon gaped at her. “Seph—you’re Persephone? But you’re old! Why don’t you look old?”
Persephone giggled at him. “Geez dude… you need to chill. Like my baby-cakes or my pushy momma would let me get old… what are you thinking? Did you get dropped on your head a lot as a little frost baby?”
Simeon put both hands over his eyes. “This isn’t happening. This isn’t happening. This isn’t happening.”
Persephone giggled again. “Right. Ah, I’ll be back later. Let me know how that denial thing works out for you… and remember, whatever you use, eat, or drink? You have to pay for. So, just wait until I work my wiles on my hunka-burning love, and I’ll see if I can get you a free pass, m’kay?” She waggled her sleek black eyebrows at him and disappeared in a puff of rose and sunshine scented smoke.
Simeon sat slack jawed for a moment. He rubbed his eyes twice, and then burst into helpless laughter. “Well. That’s one what to get around, I guess.”
Suddenly exhausted, Simeon crawled under the covers and curled up with his knees to his chest. He closed his eyes, and sent a prayer winging heavenward. The poor thing banged into the stone ceiling twice before it caught a clue and turned itself insubstantial. Simeon cracked an eye open, tracked it’s progress for a moment and then shook his head. There really was no telling if the prayer would make it to the correct party. Born out of duress, the little prayer really wasn’t the cleverest of its kind. Simeon shrugged, pulling the soft comforter up a bit more and tucking it more closely to his body, he smiled. Ryan had scented the bedding with the same summery scent that Simeon used when he did his laundry. That was nice. Now if they could just figure out a way to actually all listen to each other when they talked, even stuck here in Hell they could have a heavenly Yule celebration.    

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday:Worth a Thousand Words

An Unedited Excerpt from: Worth A Thousand Words 
*coming December 20th*

Adrien propped his cell phone precariously on his shoulder. Eyeing the enormous black cat sprawled in the center of his supposed infallible date-night spread he considered pulling his carefully messy hair right out by the roots. “Crap. Michael Clarke Duncan, you get off my table this minute. Right. This. Minute.”
Muted chuckles from the vicinity of his bare shoulder snapped Adrien’s attention away from the big black cat and back to his conversation with his friend, Benji. Michael Clarke Duncan sneered at Adrien through his well groomed whiskers. His heavy tail shed at least a pound of tiny black hairs on the white table cloth with every thud amidst the cobalt and white dishes. “Stop laughing, Benji. This is serious. I wasn’t even awake yet. Well, duh, of course I’d been dreaming about Devon. My sheets still smell like Drakkar. Yep, I was moaning, sighing, yelling at the cat, and making suggestive arm motions. Nope, he didn’t miss a thing. Sam got every bit of the whole thing on video… again. Oh. Oh. Viral, huh? Well, at least we know if Sam flunks out of nursing school he has a future in indie film.”
Hoots and snorts blasted from the tiny speaker at the top of his phone. Adrien listened for a moment, one hand on his hip, and the other making general shooing motions at the ginormous tom-cat lording it over his crappy dining room table. “Listen, Benji, I have to finish getting dressed and figure out how to—oh, ha fucking ha. No, I won’t wonder-twin with you for Halloween. Dick. That is so last viral video of me. I’ll call you—no—better yet, you call me later when you get this hilarity out of your system. I did not say that—Sam did. I just held my fist up to him. Right, and then he said he couldn’t believe I just tried to Wonder-Twin him, and that it wasn’t even cool when we were kids.”
The laughter turned to gasping and louder snorts. Adrien stamped his foot. “Oh, forget you. When you get a grip, I have a legitimate level two Glitter Alert going on over here—I can so call one for reasons of extreme embarrassment and possible de-boyfriending by the best thing that ever happened to me. Grrrrr. Call me back.”
Adrien hung up the phone. There really wasn’t a way to hang up hard enough to get that satisfying “I hung up on you, so there!” feeling with a smartphone. Clutching the phone tightly in his hand, he took two steps to the side and very carefully placed the rotten phone on the bookshelf at the edge of the living room. Then Adrien took two steps large steps back toward the center of the open space, threw his hands in the air and danced around in a screaming little naked circle. Sam, the spawn of Satan, of course walked in while Adrien was mid-scream. The bratty bastard even had his shiny red  iPad at the ready.
“Hah. Gold, bro, solid gold. That’ll keep me in cherry cokes for the rest of the semester without having to hit mom and pops up for a loan. You really do love me, don’t you?” Sam’s iPad gleamed mockingly at Adrien, the shiny red back and staring video camera lens seeming to snicker at him.
“Oh god, Sam, for Christ’s sake, I’m naked here.” Adrien’s voice rose up from his normal light tenor by an entire octave. Michael Clarke Duncan yowled, lifted himself ponderously to his feet and with a flick of his tail, picked his way regally to the edge of the table closest to Sam.
  “Bro, your fortuitous nakedness is exactly why this particular video clip is so valuable.” Sam turned his bright hazel eyes from intense scrutiny of his iPad’s screen to wink roguishly at Adrien. Stomping his foot, Adrien whirled around, storming into his bedroom with as much dignity as he could muster with his generous rear end jiggling every step of the way. His brother’s husky, taunting laughter chased him. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday at the Cave: Not Necessarily Manic

Sooooo... tried to post this several times this morning, mid-day and afternoon... and now, at long last, my internet thingy is working... well, not mine, per say. The one at the Laundry on the Corner. Eh, whatever works, right? Enjoy my random Monday Musings.

“Perhaps all the dragons in our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us act, just once, with beauty and courage. Perhaps everything that frightens us is, in its deepest essence, something helpless that wants our love.”
Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet

There's a wealth of things to be seen and done in this old world. Don't you ever let fear or hatred stop you from seeing and/or doing the ones that bring you joy. Don't you dare. You just go find that thing that makes your heart feel alive, and makes your soul writhe with ecstasy... and once you find it, you grab ahold of it with both hands, baby, yeah, and wrap your legs around it too. Hold on tight, tighter, tightest, and well, just be you. Be you with beauty of spirit and courage of mind and heart. Then, you get to rescue the dragon, and be the savior of worlds, cause you just saved yourself, your finest, best self. 

I'll see y'all later. I'm off to see a man about a dragon.
~~Cherie Noel

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Snogging with the Rescue Twinks

A little snippet from The Counterfeit Claus... you can find the story in it's entirety over at NJ Nielsen's blog, and starting next week it will be downloadable over at ARe... not sure on what day, but I figured y'all deserved an early Christmas/Hanukkah/Yule/Whatthehellever Seasonal pressie. Just because. So here you go! 

And, as always, babies... get thee to the original home of the Sunday Snog to find the amazing writing of the sexy, sassy, Victoria Blisse... who has a whole lotta Blissemas going on for you... and links to all the other snoggers up to bat this fine Sunday. 

~~Cherie Noel


He leaned down to breathe his words directly into Adrien’s ear. “I’m going to kiss you, hard and deep enough you’re still going to feel it tomorrow. After I’m done kissing you, you’re gonna help me fix this damn beard, and we’re going to go back out to the Village and make those kids believe we just spent a half an hour getting patched up by Mrs. Claus. And at the end of the day, I’m either going to walk you to your car, or I’m going to walk you to mine. If you come to my car, I’m going to put you in my Jeep, drive you to my place on Walnut Street, call off my other job and screw you until the only name you remember is mine because you’re so busy screaming it. If I walk you to your car, I’ll wait until you get it started and drive away. And that will be that. No—don’t speak now. After I kiss you, if you don’t want to come with me tonight, say mistletoe. Got it?”
Adrien’s head nodded, brushing his cheek against the line of Devon’s jaw. The silk of his brown and gold mop of hair brushed Devon’s temple. His stomach flexed where it pressed against Devon’s, and his legs—ay-ay—parted to wrap around Devon’s waist. He tilted his head back against the cool metal behind him and closed his eyes in a classic waiting-for-a-kiss pose. His long, dark lashes cast faint shadows on his cheeks, and the trusting pose sparked a feeling of possessiveness in Devon. He pulled Adrien forward enough to slip his arms behind the other man’s back. Crushing Adrien’s lithe form against his chest, he sealed his mouth over the sassy little elf’s lips.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Fabulous Friday: Petting Shiny Things

I have a new story that will be available to read on N.J. Nielsen's blog on Sunday, and right here as well... and it will also be available on ARe in downloadable formats next week. Just waiting on the cover art and a little technical assistance in the formatting process. :)

In the meantime and between times... I've got the cover for the sequel to the freebie... and I'm gonna share. Everyone can pet the shiny, babies. Here you go!

Oh, and the first story, The Counterfeit Claus? Free, free, free... and tells the story of how Adrien and Devon meet, greet and trip their way to a HFN.
Worth a Thousand Words is the hilarity that ensues when they try to turn their HFN into a HEA amidst the mad-cap capers of Glitter Alerts gone wrong and private videos gone viral!

There will be more Rescue Twinks each and every month, so... go on. Get you some.
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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thursday Think Tank: The Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing

Alright, babies, here it is… I’m answering 10 questions about my latest WIP just for you. Don't forget to go check out the lovely author who roped me into this as well, after you check out what I have to say, okay? Here's how it works. Read my post. Laugh really hard. Wipe eyes. Go to Kayla Jameth's  blog, lather, rinse and repeat. Are you ready? Yeah? Okie-dokie then...
 Ready, steady, go, go, go!

1)      What is the working title of your book?  The story I’m working on right now is called 1000 CRANES, and is the first story in a four part series called THE FLIGHT OF A THOUSAND CRANES…
 2)      Where did the idea come from for the book? Well… let me think for a second. Oh, that’s right, the idea originated in the M/M Romance group’s free summer story extravaganza of 2011… that event was called HOT SUMMER DAYS. I ended up writing an entirely different story for that event. When my friend Jambrea Jo Jones heard my story idea, about a trouple comprised of  the ghost of a gifted tattoo artist, a half-Japanese soldier in the US Army and a sweet, slightly shy mechanical engineer, she told me that I needed to put that idea into a full length story and come up with another idea for my short story for the HOT SUMMER DAYS event. As usual, Jambie was right. I put the story, then under the title THE FLIGHT OF A THOUSAND CRANES on the back burner and left it to simmer while I got to work on my short, Kiss & Tell. 
3)      What genre does your book fall under?  Well, 1000 Cranes is most definitely a Paranormal. There are elements of romance and the book definitely deals with some hot button LGBTQ issues… and it is largely a look at the life of one fictional gay man struggling with love, loss, and the dangerous spectre of hope in the mid-eighties in the United States of America.
4)      What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book? LOL. Someone does one sentence synopsizes? Okay, seriously… here is the realio, trulio dealio regarding the one sentence synopsis. I’m a wee bit long winded. Er, best shot is… 1000 Cranes is a fantastical story of love, loss, hope and redemption set against the terrifying spectre of death and the grinding reality of life as a gay soldier in the mid-eighties.
5)      Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency? This one is being subbed to Riptide, one of the hottest new pub houses out there... and I hope like hell they take it. I know they put out high quality work with stunning covers. I know that their editing process is reputed to be simply brutal, but I’m hopeful both that they will accept the book, and that I’ll be able to live through the edits… J Yeah, not entirely joking about the toughness of the edits there. I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie though, so I’ll most likely get a big thrill out of the process.
6)      How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript? Dude. I’m still writing the first draft, so, over a year. It’s slated for completion this week. J
7)      What other books would you compare this story to within your genre? I wouldn’t.
8)      Who or What inspired you to write this book? Heather C. She rocks in inexplicable ways. This must be considered a good thing, on the level of the laughing Buddha. No, really. She is just that cool, and inspiring.
9)      What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest? Well… it is a love story involving a ghost, possession, miracles and the coming to life of a charming bit of Japanese folklore via the incredible art form of tattoo. Plus there are zombies… no, just kidding about the zombies! There are gorgeous men, realio, trulio historical sites, and it’s a total thrill to read *er, if I do say so myself*. 

10)What actors would you have play your characters? Seriously? This is a question? Er, mah gawd, I have no clue. Why don't you guys answer that one for me after you read the book? Once it get's contracted I'll put up some posts about it complete with excerpts... and prizes. And zombies... damn. Just kidding about the zombies again.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Lex's 30 Days of Christmas!!

So... while you are waiting for more yum from the cute guys of Fire & Ice, here's a tip... there's tons more freebies to be had right now. Either take a peep to the left, and Click on the Christmas Blog Hop Logo from RJ Scott, or click right here on Lex's 30 Day's of Christmas Banner... either way, you're sure to get you some delish Holiday stories, possibly win prizes, and have a good ole time. Enjoy!

The Fire & Ice boys will be back later today. By dinner time on the east coast (US) latest, I swear. :) 

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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas in Heaven

Please standby...
The computer this story was written on is having a bad hair day, and I'm having to recreate the story from scratch. I will get it to you. Soonish. :)


Update... I have the computer working properly again... but the story that was is totally gone, both from the computer and my brain. Be patient, babies, and I'll whip you up something fabulous... and to sweeten the deal, I'll add a bit more every day for the next seven days, okay? If I manage something decent today, I put it up, but if not, then I'll have a brand new segment for you tomorrow and the next seven days thereafter. Again, terribly sorry about my technical difficulties.

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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas in Hell

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Christmas in Hell

Simeon stared around at the dank rock walls surrounding him. This really was sucked. In the blink of an eye he went from being the happy little center of a celestial yum-cake with Josh and Ryan to being here, in this totally gross sludgy yuck-pit… and to knock everything right over the top of the disgust-o-meter, he was naked. A crawling sensation skittered across the skin of his back. Simeon shivered. He spun around, not expecting to see anything, but needing to check anyway.
“Hello again, little elf.” Carl leaned against the far wall of the gloomy cell Simeon found himself in.
Simeon’s mouth dropped open. He stared in shock for a moment. “Carl! What on earth are you—”
Carl’s derisive laughter cut him off. “You can’t seriously have thought I was ever going to chase a complete nobody like you unless there was something in it for me, can you?  Now the big guy will understand what a worthless piece of crap you are and stop torturing me for failing to bring you in before those two idiots showed up at your door.”
 All the little pieces clicked into place, and a bead of sweat ran from Simeon’s temple to the edge of his jaw. “You were a set up. Somebody sent you to make me lose Ryan and Josh, before I ever even had them.”
Carl snorted. Spreading his arms wide he gestured at the cell they were in. “Yeah, well, Princess, what wouldn’t you do to get out of here?”
Simeon swallowed hard. “That. I wouldn’t steal your love from you. Not even now.”
A bright light flashed, and Simeon was wrenched sideways into nothingness. The image of the room he’d been in with burned across the backs of his eyes, and he cried out. In the distance, Carl screamed. “No, no, no—take me with you. Please take me—”
Another jolt knocked him sideways out of the nothing. He landed hard on his side, suddenly back in his own bed, Josh and Ryan staring down at him. Both men wore identical pinched mouth, furrowed brow expressions. Simeon drew in a gasping breath. Flinging his hands out he latched onto Josh with one and Ryan with the other. “Was that real?”
They exchanged a grim glance before speaking in unison. “Yes.”
Simeon closed his eyes, shuddering as he recalled the last sight he had of Carl. The man’s face had been a study in terror. “Guys, we can’t leave him there.”
Josh snarled out a curse. “Babe, what are you saying? Do you even know where you were?”
Simeon released the tight grip he had on Josh’s upper arm, sliding his palm up and over the silky skin of the big demon’s shoulder. He let his fingers wander, tracing idle circles on the velvet surface of Josh’s wing. “Yeah. I was in Hell I think. But I can’t leave him there… not even if he tried to stop us from getting together. He’s so scared, Josh. And it’s really, really scary there. I could taste the fear in the air.”
Josh’s face crumbled a little. He reached out both arms, scooping Simeon and Ryan into his arms. “Crap. You know this is just my dad trying to get us to come home for Christmas, right, Rye?”
Ryan snorted. “Oh, for Christ’s sake, can’t he just ask, like a normal parent?”
Josh laughed. “Has anything in our millennia together ever led you to believe my dad  even knows what normal, healthy parenting is?”
The thin, bitter sound of Josh’s voice scraped Simeon all hollow inside. He made a small, pained noise. “Oh. Oh, Josh, you don’t have to. I’ll—”
Both men reacted instantaneously, Josh clapping a hand over Simeon’s mouth, Ryan folding his wings around them both as he shouted. “No, not without us, never without us!”
A rush of blackness surrounded them.
Simeon blinked, and they were back in the cave. Carl was still there, only now he slumped dejectedly at the foot of the wall he’d stood next to before. His torso was covered with jagged welts and bruises. His mouth fell open and he pointed a shaking hand first Josh, and then Ryan. His voice came out in a croaking whisper. “You two are in so much trouble.”
Ryan grunted. Glancing around the dank little cell he shook his head. “This is so medieval dungeon. Could it be more boring? I know what I’m getting your dad for Christmas this year… a pre-paid redecorating service.”
Ryan snapped his fingers. Two cheerful pine-wood doors appeared in opposite corners of the back wall.  The center of the wall dissolved into a gracefully sweeping archway leading to a large, cozy room with a fieldstone hearth centered against the far wall, and a tall evergreen filling the far right corner. A comfortable looking couch in pale green and two roomy rust and green love seats were arranged in a lazy sort of half circle facing the fire. To the left stood a sideboard complete with an array of snacks and four steaming mugs of what smelled like cider.
Josh snorted. “You know he hates it when you do that.”
Ryan cocked an eyebrow at Josh. “Then he should make sure he has things better prepared before he summons you. I keep telling you, Josh, I’m not scared of your dad, and I’m not going to let him have you back. Not ever. If he wants to see you, he has to put up with me, and I won’t put up with his crap. Now go pick poor what’s-his-name there up off the floor and put him on one of the loveseats while I finish warding the rooms so no one can come in without my permission.”
Simeon gaped at his two lovers for a moment, and then asked the only pertinent question. “Er… guys? I take it we’re having Christmas in Hell then?” 

While You're Waiting...

Hey, as my Christmas in Hell/Christmas in Heaven  Tales from the Writing Cave are going to be all  about Simeon, Josh and Ryan of Fire and Ice... I thought it might be handy to give you a little recap.

Fire & Ice

What’s a lonely frost elemental to do when the nights get too cold and long? Simeon takes up pen and paper, drawing page after page of the two hot men he dreams about. Little does he realize that Josh and Ryan are as real as he is, and that the three of them are headed for a steamy collision from hearts and minds to hands, lips and well, all parts south of the tippy-tops of their heads.

Fire & Ice

Simeon watched the tail lights disappearing into the distance with a sinking sensation in the pit of his stomach. Carl was nice. He’d professed comfort with Simeon being a little on the cool side. They had several fun dates where they met up at the local ski-lodge, and then went cross-country skiing or snowmobiling. Simeon did everything in his power to hide his…differences.
He liked having a boyfriend. They’d only kissed a couple of times, and Carl started to push for more after the third date. Simeon thought he could hold it together, keep his power under wraps. He’d overestimated his control.
They had dinner, and then moved to the living room. Simeon put one of his favorite videos in. Will Ferrell was so funny in it. That was where things started to go wrong.
Carl’s voice blew straight past disbelief to incredulity.
“Uh, yeah. I love this movie…don’t you think Will Ferrell is funny in it?”
Carl shook his head. It didn’t look like a negation so much as though he were trying to clear it.
“You actually want to watch Elf?”
Okay. Simeon was starting to get nervous now. Carl said that like…there was something wrong with liking the movie.
“Uh…we can pick another movie if you’d like. I just thought this one would be fun…and well, it’s my favorite so I wanted to share it with you.”
Carl blinked at him.
“Just how old are you Simeon?”
Crap. Simeon couldn’t lie, and he was pretty sure that either way he answered Carl wasn’t going to like.
“I-uh-I’m 19. Sort of. Or 319.”
Simeon smiled weakly at Carl.
Carl blinked again, and got up from the couch with his jacket in hand. Patting Simeon on the shoulder he said, “Kid, you should probably call your counselor or whoever helps you get your meds adjusted. Clearly, it’s time to get them checked again.”
Then he was out the door.


Warm lips kissed up each shoulder, one pair circling around to the front of his throat and then moving up his jaw line toward his mouth. The second pair settled in at the juncture of his neck and shoulder on the left side, nipping and sucking and flat-out driving him insane. Simeon was burning up. He could feel the steam rising from his skin. He’d never felt like this before. A hot hand slid down his chest to tease along the crest of one hip. The further down it moved, the hotter it felt against his cool skin. By the time the long fingers and strong palm encircled the base of his diamond hard cock, Simeon was gasping with need.
“Please. Please.”
A low, dirty chuckle sounded in his ear.
“Why Ryan, I do believe our boy is trying to ask you for something.”
“You know Josh, I think you might be right.”
As the second voice spoke the hand around Simeon’s phallus began to move, stroking him with firm, even, and purposeful strokes. The deliberate motion combined with the steadily growing heat pushed Simeon higher and higher in a vortex of desire until he was flung, shouting, from the highest precipice.
Simeon jerked awake, his throat raw and his sheets sticky.
This was the fifth time he’d dreamed about Josh and Ryan, their hot hands and hotter mouths roaming his body. He sat up in bed and reached for his sketch pad. A frisson of sorrow passed through him.
“If only they were real.”
He laughed at his own whimsical thoughts, and then turned back to his drawing. He’d gotten Josh’s lips right in the last attempt, but he still wasn’t satisfied with Ryan’s eyes. Sticking his tongue out to touch the corner of his lips, Simeon lost himself in the soothing motions of the colored pencils slipping over the page.
After a while, Simeon gave a grunt, throwing the sketchpad down. Ryan’s eyes still weren’t right. The shape was better this time…but something was missing from the expression. They weren’t wild enough, or hot enough. Crap. He knew he could get it right if he had an actual person to draw from.
“Even a photo would help.”
The ringing of his doorbell shattered the early morning stillness.
Who could that be? Simeon racked his brain, but couldn’t think of anyone who had reason to show up at his house this early. He hadn’t even ordered anything from online. Maybe he should. The Ups guy was nice, and it gave him someone to talk to.
The buzzer sounded impatient this time.
Simeon fell out of bed, dragging his robe off the back of the closet door and shoving his sock clad feet into a fuzzy pair of snow white bunny slippers.
A heavy knocking started.
Simeon scampered down the hall, sliding to a breathless stop against the front door.
“J-just a minute.”
A rich, dark, smoky voice rolled through the door.
“I don’t care Josh. He needs us now. My father owes me a boon for what I did last Michaelmas, and I’m calling it in for this. We won’t get in trouble.”
A lighter tone rang out like the belling notes of a tombone played by a master. If he called out-
“Okay, Rye. Tell him to open the door before he freezes right to the floor. Geez, who ever heard of a frost elemental who couldn’t take the cold?”
A sharp smacking sound thudded through the door. Simeon stared at the thick wooden expanse with wide eyes. It couldn’t be. He. He’d dreamed them. His heart beat faster and faster until he was gasping. Simeon flung the door open.
His vision narrowed to a black tunnel. At the far end of that tunnel he saw them framed in an oval of purest white, his Josh and Ryan. And now he knew exactly what he’d gotten wrong in the picture.
“Too cold—”


Josh and Ryan moved as one to catch the collapsing man. Ryan, moving a hair faster, scooped Simeon’s pale form into his arms. Once the unconscious elemental was secure in his arms Ryan strode into the open door.
Josh stood unmoving at the threshold. He clenched his jaw. His thick chest heaved as he took several quick deep breaths.
“Dammit, Rye, you have to ask me in. You know I have to be invited because of my Dad’s little snit.
He hit the wall just outside the doorframe with one balled up fist.
“Stupid celestial rules were designed to irritate me as much as possible.”
Ryan rolled his eyes before looking back over his shoulder to scope out Josh’s expression. The big baby was actually sticking his bottom lip out. Sheesh, Josh was such a drama demon. Ryan did forget the whole short end of the stick from both parents thing sometimes, but really, this particular situation was extraordinary.
“Yeah. Sorry, Josh. I give you permission to enter.”
The words rippled out, nearly visible as they crossed the threshold and fell against Josh’s skin.
The sandy haired demon shuddered.
“Shit. That feels so weird.”
Josh stepped forward as he spoke, wincing as he crossed into the house. Ryan cocked one dark eyebrow upward. He waited until Josh met his eyes.
“What feels weird?”
Josh shrugged.
“Well, it’s not your house, Rye. So even though you gave permission and I can enter, when I cross the line it feels like fine grained sandpaper swiping at every square inch of my skin.”
Ryan’s eyes dropped to Josh’s denim covered crotch.
Josh winced again before nodding.
“Yeah, lover, there too.”
Ryan’s eyes flashed upward.
“That sucks, Josh.”
Josh waved a hand toward Simeon’s limp form.
“Worry about that latter. Let’s get him comfortable first.”
Ryan grunted. Pulling Simeon closer to his chest he shivered. Speaking over his shoulder, Ryan switched destinations in mid-stride.
“Josh, he’s freaking icy. You’d better strip down to your skin and get under the covers with him. You’re hotter than I am. I’ll make something hot to drink and then join you.”
Ryan walked unerringly to the bedroom door, nudged it open with his foot and quickly deposited Simeon under the thick white comforter. He frowned as he took in the room’s lack of color. No wonder the elemental was in such bad shape. Nothing here fed the soul.
Josh’s hand landed on his shoulder, hot, heavy, and familiar.
“Go make some of that stellar tea of yours, babe. I’ll get our boy warm enough to wake up.”
Ryan nodded jerkily. He spun away from the bed, keeping his face averted.
Josh gripped his shoulder more tightly. The heat from his hand increased.
“Whoa. Don’t you go running out of here quite that fast, lover boy. Did you think this is your fault, Rye? You fucking well know better. I wouldn’t let you come by yourself.”
Josh pulled Ryan close, heat rolling off him in waves, soaking through Ryan’s clothes and warming the cold spot on his chest that Simeon had rested against. Christ almighty knew how good Josh felt against him. The boss’s son had told Ryan once that he could feel the love lighting up whatever corner of heaven Josh and Ryan were in when they were together, and that he’d back Ryan if anyone ever made a fuss about Ryan and Josh being together.
Jesus was really an okay guy. Ryan had his own ideas about the Son, but he kept those close to his chest. No need to get kicked out of Heaven. Not unless they tried to forbid Josh entry again. Ryan lost coherent thought then, Josh’s fiery pull on him melting any resistance he had.
Josh licked his way into Ryan’s mouth, tasting strongly of cinnamon, like the jaw-breakers some human children favored. Ryan moaned, pushing closer. Josh suckled his tongue before pulling away with one last nip at Ryan’s bottom lip.
Ryan whimpered.
Josh chuckled.
A firm smack against his ass had Ryan opening eyes he couldn’t remember closing.
“Get the tea, Rye.”
Josh’s topaz colored eyes sparkled at Ryan. The demon lifted his hand, running gentle fingers along Ryan’s cheek, wiping away the tears straying over them.
“It’s not your fault, Rye. He will be okay. We got here in time. Just—just make some of your special brew and get your fine ass back in here as quickly as you can. I can heal his body, but you have a more delicate touch for the soul stuff.”
Ryan nodded.
He could do that.


Simeon blinked.
Joshua reached into the pocket of his charcoal grey suit jacket. The play of light across the back of his hand mesmerized Simeon. Josh’s lips curled up on one side as he flicked open an antique pocket watch.
Simeon craned his neck.
There were words written inside the lid.
It figured they were in German, one of the few languages he didn’t speak.
Joshua chuckled.
“Come on Simeon, we have to get going. I don’t want to miss watching the launch.”
What was Josh talking about?
Josh shook his head slowly, his smile kicking up a notch. He reached out with one hand to tap a hot finger against Simeon’s nose.
“Come on, luv, grab a parasol so you don’t burn your pretty nose.”
The bigger man turned away, pausing to look over his shoulder and quirk a brow at Simeon.
“You do still want to see the Zepplin launch, don’t you? I had to give up an entire week to my father to garner tickets to this luv, so let’s not miss it, shall we?”
Simeon nodded.
He had no idea what the other man was blathering about, but he’d do almost anything to stay close to the heat pouring off Josh’s skin. He never felt cold when Josh was close.
Simeon hurried to the door. He paused at the tall brass vase next to the portal, plucking out a red umbrella. He didn’t own a parasol, but figured this would do in a pinch.
Josh held the door open; something wicked in the grin he bestowed on Simeon.
“Better grab the binoculars too, my sweet. We wouldn’t want to miss catching sight of Rye fluttering about.”
Simeon nodded yet again, starting to feel a bit like a bobble-head. Yes, that was what those silly dolls were called. He’d seen them on the film about the museum where things came to life. He liked that one nearly as much as Elf.
Josh’s voice broke through his musings.
“Stay focused Simeon. I need you to stay with us, luv. We’ll get you warm in no time.”
The umbrella’s handle grew soft in his hand. Simeon whimpered. Sunlight stabbed down at him, bright but cold. That was wrong. Sunlight should be warm.
“Rye, get in here. He’s going into shock. I think this is going to take both of us.”
Another voice sounded behind Simeon, this one …well, it sounded like butterscotch tasted, smooth and golden, sweet and slightly burnt. Not charred, but…heated.
“Josh, the tea’s nearly ready. I need a few minutes more. Do what you have to, and I’ll square it with JC, okay?”
Simeon listened for the answer. He quailed away from the cold, surging forward into Joshua’s fiery embrace. Long, lean arms closed around Simeon, and he was flying.
Simeon opened his eyes.
“I’m sorry we missed the Zepplin launch, Josh. Will your father still make you pay? It’s my fault, I know—if you want, I’ll pay in your stead.”
Josh sucked in a sharp breath. He spoke quickly, words rushing out of his mouth so fast they tumbled over the tops of each other.
“No. No, Simeon, I can’t let you pay. Not ever. I don’t mind missing the launch. We’ll see another one, luv. Later, when you’re well.”
Simeon shook. A wave of cold swept over him, and he closed his eyes again.
His own voice sounded far away and weak to Simeon.
“Shh. Yes, luv, I promise.”


Simeon snuggled deeper into the warmth surrounding him.
“Jus’ ‘nother minute.”
A hard hand clamped down on his left hip, pulling him into full contact with the heated form at his back.
Simeon sighed.
“So warm…”
The deep, rich voice he recalled from earlier fell like liquid sunshine against Simeon’s ears. He shivered, an electric prickle sweeping across his skin.
“You see, Rye? I told you it needed the both of us.”
The other voice spoke from in front of Simeon. A second, equally strong hand gripped Simeon’s hip, just above the first. His leg was lifted, and a muscular, hair roughened thigh pressed between his. Amusement laced the hypnotic tones of the man’s lilting voice.
“Yes, yes, Josh. You’re right again. Be a love and give me a sip of the tea so I can feed it to him.”
Simeon heard a muffled clink, followed by a slurping sound, then blazing hot lips were pressed to his. He pressed forward, his mouth opening under the gentle pressure exerted against it. The voice behind him sounded right against his ear.
“Get ready to swallow Simeon. Rye is giving you a sip of his special tea. Nasty stuff, but it’ll help you feel better.”
Laughter echoed in the voice.
Warm liquid poured into Simeon’s mouth.
This was ambrosia.
It tasted like the tea Simeon had once when—
He opened his eyes, swallowing the delicious sweet and salty fluid in his mouth.
Simeon’s mouth opened again.
“You’re an angel.”
He blinked at the being in front of him.
Feathery softness brushed his cheek. Simeon turned his head, breaking eye contact with the angel. Arching above him in a sheltering arc were two huge wings. One pure white, the other so black hints of blue gleamed iridescently along the curve. Simeon reached up, running wondering fingers over both.
“Angels? What are angels doing in my bed?”
A sharp crack of laughter boomed out behind Simeon. The callused hand at his hip ran up his side, over his shoulder and around his neck. Long fingers curled around his chin, pulling him further around. Simeon looked into the eyes he’d yet to properly capture in a drawing.
“Oh, Sweetness, I’m no angel.”
Simeon’s heart hammered in his chest.
He feasted his eyes on the most wickedly beautiful face he’d ever beheld.
No. This was no angel.
A hand reached over his shoulder to smack the speaker sharply on his shoulder, just where a star shaped tattoo graced it. Simeon wanted to lick that tattoo. His mouth watered.
“Ow! Dammit, Rye, I’ll ask JC to revoke your angel status myself if you keep beating me!”
Husky laughter answered that outburst.
Simeon leaned closer, wiggling around to fully face the black winged creature.
“W-what are you? You look like…a dangerous angel.”
A burning, knowing smile insinuated itself on the beings face.
“I’m an incubus my pet. Part angel, part demon.”
Simeon swallowed rapidly.
“That explains the dreams then.”
Fingers ran up Simeon’s spine. A soft kiss brushed the nape of his neck.
“Joshua, stop trying to frighten Simeon out of falling in love with you. He won’t be able to help doing so any more than I could, and speaking from experience, life is a whole lot more pleasant when you don’t.”
Joshua’s eyes flared, filling with flashes of yellow.
He turned them back to Simeon, and the little ice elemental thought he might faint again.


The incredible heat in Josh’s eyes washed over Simeon. Plunged suddenly into the molten river of need pouring from the incubus’s eyes, Simeon gasped for air. His lungs immediately felt scorched. A frightened wail escaped him.
“Tone it down, Joshua. You’re going to kill him if you bring the heat up that fast.”
Cool tones slid across Simeon’s skin, easing the stinging sensation that had so quickly overwhelmed him. A soft white wing brushed his side. Goosebumps broke out over his whole body. The ferocious heat gentled to soothing warmth.
Simeon reached up across himself to pet the pure white wing draped over his side.
A dark chuckle drew his eyes forward.
Josh smiled, the expression somehow sweet and wicked all at once. His long thick lashes screened his eyes.
“Be careful, Simeon. Nothing gets Rye going faster than stroking his wings.”
Simeon’s breath caught in the back of his throat. He wanted to bury both hands to the wrist in the brilliant white feathers that lay against his side lightly as wisps of silk. His blood pounded in his ears. Simeon could feel each beat of his heart pulsing through his body, pooling hot and heavy in his groin.
“Is…is it allowed?”
Complete silence greeted his query.
Simeon’s blood rushed from his groin to his face. His burgeoning erection wilted while his face flooded with color.
“Say something to him Rye. I know most of your brain has melted down into your cock right about now, but Simeon’s starting to look like he kicked someone’s puppy by accident.”
Simeon’s fingers touched the first feather, slipped along its length caressingly and continued as far down the length of the wing as his current position would allow.
A shaky gasp sounded behind him.
“I-ah-by the sweet Lord-yes, right there…I. Yes. Okay. T-touch me. Touch me more. Please, Simeon.”
Wicked dark eyes laughed into Simeon’s for a split second.
“Turn over, luv. Give his wings a proper pet. You’ll see what I mean.”
Simeon nodded.
Turning over, he gasped at his first glimpse of Ryan. The angel’s face, transformed by the mask of pleasure encasing it, glowed with a cool white light. Josh’s voice rasped in his ear, the warm moisture of the incubus’s breath ticking Simeon’s ear.
“All that from one little pet. Imagine what he’ll look like with your cock in him, Simeon. He’ll cry out, begging you to fuck him harder every time you touch his wings. He’ll let you do anything, and thank you afterward.”
Simeon’s cock sprang to full hardness.
He sucked in a lungful of air.
A stinging bite nipped at his neck, and then Josh’s voice was whispering to him again.
“Do it. Take him.”
Josh’s hand reached over Simeon, grasped Ryan’s upper leg and drew it forward over both Simeon’s hip and his own.
“Look Simeon.”
Simeon looked. Josh’s fingers glistened suddenly, lube appearing from out of the air to coat them.
Josh laughed roughly.
“You mean Unholy, don’t you little elemental?”
Simeon tipped his head back. Josh’s eyes swam with some old hurt. Simeon turned his head further, kissing the underside of Josh’s jaw.
“No. I meant Holy. All things of beauty and love are holy to the Lady I worship.”
Josh shuddered.
Ryan’s eyes snapped open.
“If you two don’t stop philosophizing and start fucking, I’m going to lose my mind.”
Josh quirked an eyebrow upwards.
“Well. We can’t have that happening, Rye.”
Ryan cried out. Simeon glanced down to find that Josh had two long fingers buried in the angel’s back passage. Josh held them still for a moment, and then began to stroke them in and out with slow deliberate motions. Ryan moaned, long and low, and needy. Simeon shook. His cock was bursting with blood, droplets of pre-come leaking from the tip. His balls were snugged up  hard and tight against his body. Simeon blew out a shaking breath, concentrating on not coming.
“Josh, now, I need Simeon now. I’m stretched enough. I need him in me.”
Josh pulled his fingers out.
Simeon fit the head of his cock to Ryan’s loosened hole. This was the best dream he’d ever had.
A velvety black wing spread over his side as he pressed inch by inch into Ryan’s tight passage.
“You’re not dreaming this time, Simeon.”


Joshua reached for Simeon. The ice elemental’s skin felt pleasingly cool to his hot hands, drawing him back again and again to touch. He wanted to let the smaller man concentrate on fucking Ryan.
The soothing feeling of the other man’s silky skin wicking away the infernal heat that burned within him night and day—
The feeling was addictive.

A buzzing noise startled Joshua out of his contemplation of how very sexy he found Simeon, and how badly he craved the small man.
Only two people had his private number, and the only one he really wanted to communicate with was currently being fingered thoroughly in preparation for Simeon’s first time fucking him.
The other being who had the number was Josh’s dad.
There was no way this could be good. Josh rolled to his other side, snagging his cell from the nightstand. He shook his head in bemusement. Rye must have put it there when he brought the tea in. Just in case. And of course, the devil himself was taking advantage of that.
The phone chirped again as his hand touched it.
Double shit.
His dad hated texting.
Said it was soulless.
As if.
Josh braced himself, and pulled up the text.

“Well, son, if you can’t be bothered to answer your phone, you can find these items for me. I heard your boy offer to pay in your stead. You have 24hrs to complete my scavenger hunt, or I’ll take him up on his offer. I think a brief stay in Hell might warm your little iceman right up. –Dad”

Josh scrolled down and found the list.
1.throwing knife
 2. a genie
 3. boatman
 4.relic or treasure hunter
 5. Earthquake

What the fuck? How did the old man expect him to bring an earthquake back? Charon would be easy. Dad didn’t know the boatman had a soft spot for Rye. Um. Genie’s didn’t exist. Rye might know a way around that one though. Throwing knives were easy. Relic? What was dad up to? The relic was the key to this whole list, Josh could feel that in his gut.

A moan behind him had Josh snapping his head around to see exactly what he was missing.
That was hot.
Simeon had rolled to his back, spread Rye out over top of himself, and was stroking the pretty angel’s soft white wings as he fucked up into Rye’s tight depths. Josh groaned. Dammit, he’d missed the beginning due to dear old dad’s lousy timing. He was so going to add that to the ginormus list of shit Dad owed him for.
Ryan moaned, fluttering his wings over his back before stretching them out. The tip of one wing brushed against Joshua’s face. The cool brush of Rye’s feathers against his face radiated through Josh until it reached his center.
Dear God, he loved his angel. And now they had their perfect third. Josh scooted close again, pressing himself against Simeon’s side.
“Turn on your side, Simeon. That way I can have you while you have Rye.”


Simeon shivered as the low rough tone of Joshua’s voice slid into his ears. The vibrations rolled against the elemental’s skin in a warm rush of sound. Another layer of comforting warmth wrapped around Simeon. He gasped, unaccustomed to the deluge of sensation, hips jerking upward as his level of pleasure ramped up another notch. Ryan fluttered his wings against Simeon’s hands.
“Just like that. Oh. Yes.”
Ryan’s voice broke off into another wordless murmur. Then, apparently in response to Joshua’s statement about wanting Simeon on his side, Ryan folded the wing furthest from Joshua against his back, insinuated one strong arm under Simeon’s back with fingers splayed between the elemental’s shoulder blades, and grasped Simeon’s jaw with the other hand.
Ryan kissed Simeon. And while he sweetly poured what felt like an eon’s worth of feeling into the press of lips, he rolled to his side. Joshua’s hands grasped Simeon’s hip, lifting and pushing at the same moment. The whole movement, slick, sure and so very synchronized, gave birth to a niggling doubt in Simeon’s head.
Had they done this before?
Found some other lonely fool, whispered charming lies until they got the man naked, and plundered his flesh thoroughly before leaving him behind like a discarded toy?
A frisson of cold slid up Simeon’s spine. His gut clenched, the muscles at his center winding tighter and tighter as they attempted to draw away from the bleak, frozen despair of that thought. Joshua’s grip on his hip tightened.
“Simeon? What’s going on in that head of yours? I sweartagod—”
Ryan pulled back abruptly.
“Josh! You have got to stop using JC and his dad’s names in vain. How many times do I have to tell you?”
The air around Simeon crackled with tension. He felt hot waves of feeling beating at his back.
“Rye, we are not getting into that right now. Got it? The more important issue here is the way every muscle in Simeon’s back just tightened down so far it’s a wonder you can’t hear his bones creaking in protest.”
Ryan’s tiny frown and pursed lips softened as he turned his eyes from looking over Simeon’s shoulder to stare straight at the smaller man.
“Simeon? Are you okay? Do you need some more tea? A blanket?”
The angel’s hands moved as he spoke, one pressing even more firmly against Simeon’s back, fingers caressing the cool, pale skin beneath them. The other hand roamed up and down Simeon’s side. Simeon looked into Ryan’s eyes. Their silvery hazel depths beckoned him. Searching diligently, Simeon found no hint of malice in the warmth they offered him.
“I-I just. You were so smooth. When you moved me. Like you’d done it before. It—”
A harsh noise sounded behind Simeon. Like gravel on glass, the noise scraped across Simeon’s nerves, abrading them.
“He thinks we’re using him.”
The hand on his hip clutched him hard enough to bruise. With a snapping sound, a huge velvety wing curved up over Simeon. He was instantly enclosed in a magical cavern. The wing covered Ryan as well. Simeon turned his head up, reached up to touch the enticing surface of Joshua’s wing.
“So different…”
The texture, color and size of Josh’s wing was very different from the sleek, feathered appendages of purest white that Ryan sported. Joshua’s was more like something a bat would sport, softest leather covered in a thick layer of velvet. Simeon rubbed his fingertips over the rich texture, marveling at the color. The brown was dark enough to be mistaken for black at a quick glance.
“Never, little frost man, never. Rye and I just—things are easy with you. You fit us.”


A bitter taste filled Ryan’s mouth. Jagged disappointment unfurled in his chest. Without Simeon he and Joshua would soon fall apart. The prospect of eternity with neither man at his side was—unfathomable.
Ryan closed his eyes.
He couldn’t allow such a terrible thing to come to pass.
Pulling his arm out from underneath Simeon, Ryan brought both hands to frame the smaller man’s face. Simeon’s eyes turned to him, wide and wary, the pupils blown open so far they nearly swallowed all trace of color. Ryan drew upon every angelic power he possessed to infuse his words with an unquestionable stamp of believability.
“Simeon. We—Josh and I? We’ve been waiting for you. You’re the glue that holds us together. I know you may not see time the same way that we do. Elementals are sort of outside time, aren’t you? We haven’t had anyone else, not ever.”
Here his voice broke. Ryan pulled in a sharp breath before continuing. The sound of his words was lower now, tattered and rough.
“Please Simeon. Give us a chance.”
Over Simeon’s shoulder Ryan could see Joshua’s face go slack for an instant before his brows drew together in a fierce frown.
“Stop it Rye. Don’t you ever beg. Not me, not even Simeon. You’re too good to beg anyone for anything. He-you. I. Damn it—”
A buzzing noise interrupted.
Ryan knew that ringtone.
He shuddered, then extended his upper wing again, enfolding Simeon in it.
“Go on Josh. Answer it. He’ll get angry if you ignore him.”
Simeon’s forehead crinkled up, and his eyes squinted slightly. Josh folded the soft velvet of his wing against his back, and Simeon made a barely perceptible noise of distress. Josh exhaled shakily.
“Yeah. About that. Dad heard Simeon volunteer to take my place earlier. And he says if I don’t find the stuff on this crazy list he sent earlier he’s gonna call his marker in. I can’t stop him Rye.”
Joshua’s gold and amber eyes pleaded for understanding. There was no other word for it. Ryan gasped.
“No, Josh. He’d never survive.”
Ryan folded his wing more tightly around Simeon.
“No, Josh. We have to find the things for his list. Show us.”
Josh held his phone out to Ryan. The incubus’s hand trembled just before Ryan grasped the phone. Ryan set the device down and the latched onto Joshua’s hand. He caressed the silky skin at the base of Joshua’s wrist, and then pressed the other eternal’s hand back against Simeon’s hip, placing his own over the top.
“Together, Josh. We’ll keep him safe whatever it takes, and he’ll hold us together. The three of us were destined by the Fates. Nothing can change that. It’ll be okay. I promise.”
Simeon reached up, placing his hand over both of theirs.
“I haven’t got a single clue what either of you is talking about. Could someone kindly let me in on what in the world is going on?”


Shock punched Ryan square in the chest. Josh made a choked noise. Ryan looked at Simeon, took in his faintly annoyed expression, then raised his eyes to lock gazes with Joshua. There was a beat of silence.
Then laughter boomed through the room. Ryan tried to speak, choked on his own spit, and then gave up and lay shaking, tears streaming down his face, holding an equally incoherent Simeon in one arm and Josh in the other. After several minutes they all wound down sufficiennty to be able to draw breath without immediately bursting back into raucous laughter. Ryan wiped his eyes.
“Simeon, Josh’s dad did hear you. And he wants us…no, he wants Josh, to come to Hell for a while. He’s told Josh that the only way he can get out of you having to go there in his stead is to gather the things he’s put onto an impossible scavenger hunt list, or…and he didn’t say this part, but he told Josh once that he’ll always accept his son’s unconditional return to Hell. Forever.”
Josh wiped his head back and forth, not so much in negation, but more in a shamed display of anguish. Simeon’s jaw dropped. What kind of father?
“You mean—Lucifer is Josh’s father?”
Ryan braced himself for Simeon’s rejection. He was the only one who’d ever dealt well with Josh being Satan’s son. Ryan wasn’t sure that a virginal, extremely sheltered frost elemental would be able to deal with the implications without painting Josh with the same tarnished reputation his father struggled with. In Ryan’s opinion, Lucifer actually wasn’t that bad a guy. He’d had a big disagreement with the big guy, and then everyone started treating him like shit. No one had ever listened to his side of things.
It was understandable that he was a might short tempered after all this time. Even J.C. lost his cool on occasion, but the big guy never got pissed about that. And really, where was the fairness in that?       
Simeon’s eyes were huge, and his face had gone just as pale as in the seconds before he fainted. Ryan shook him, lightly, and spoke sharply.
“Simeon. Simeon, Josh is still the same guy. He’s good. He’s honorable. And I love him.”
Josh made a soft, pained sound. He turned into Ryan, burying his face in the crook of the angel’s neck, with his clean shaven face turned into the broad curve of Ryan’s white feathered wings. Simeon made an inarticulate squeeking sound somewhere between a scared mouse fleeing an owl’s outstretched talons and an angry babe demanding a mother’s attention.
Simeon cleared his throat and tried again.
“I never said he changed Ryan. Who have you two been spending time with that you’d assume I was going to think so badly of him?”
Simeon shook his head, bewilderment clear on his face. Ryan reached forward, his hand settling as lightly as the kiss of an angel’s wing on the upturned face of the mortal they guarded. He marveled at the sight. He’d never seen anyone touch Josh so reverently except him. Josh quivered against him. Simeon’s fingers trembled discernibly as he smoothed them down over Josh’s shoulder.
Ryan’s skin prickled. He glanced up quickly, amazement turning his insides to liquid gold. The sunshine of the presence before him soothed him. He drew in a shaking breath. Everything would be fine now. He knew his friend couldn’t take sides, but to have his support this way?
Oh, wow.
“Josh, Simeon. I’d like you to meet my friend, J.C.”


Simeon looked up, and his heart melted. The most beautiful being he’d ever seen stood at the foot of their bed, his arms outstretched in what could only be a benediction.
“Give him to me.”
Ryan’s mouth dropped open.
Simeon’s brow crinkled.
Did he…could he mean Josh? If this being was who Simeon thought he was, then surely this went against some sort of protocol.
“Ah, and who might you be, sir? I mean, I think I know who you are, but…you aren’t going to punish him are you? Take me instead, please. I think maybe Josh has been hurt enough already.”
The being turned burning eyes, every color of the sky on Simeon, and suddenly the little frost elemental who had never been warm enough was burning alive. A voice whispered in his mind, and the whisper was as the roaring of canons and lions. The thunder of Heaven itself rolled in the small confine of Simeon’s mind and he froze, suspended above the vastness of eternity.
“You would take his pain, Simeon of the Elementals, daughter of my mother?”
Simeon shuddered.
“Yes, sir, I would.”
The eyes bore into Simeon a moment, an eternity longer, and then in a flash of laughter softer than springs first shoot unfurling to the warming sun a laugh wrapped round the three on the bed, tying then inexorably together with visible strands of gold.
“So be it, Simeon of the Elementals. You shall be bound to these two troublemakers, and they shall bear your pain and joy as you bear theirs.”
Something warm, unbearably sweet and full and endless opened in Simeon’s chest. The painful stretch as his soul filled to overflowing with beauty and love brought tears to Simeon’s eyes. Josh gasped, his eyes wild and filled with fear.
“Oh, J.C., what have you done? Now both our fathers have claim on him.”
J.C. smiled, an enigmatic curl of his plush lips over his wide mouth.
“Yes, Josh. I know. And he is too pure, too beautiful for us to allow either one of them to sully his hearth, isn’t he?”
He shimmered then, before fading slowing into the ether. Simeon was sure then just whom he’d been talking to.
“Er, guys, I’m pretty sure I know who that was…but what did he just do to us?”
Ryan answered in a shaking, awestruck voice.
“Yeah, Simeon, that was the son of God. And he just bound the three of us tighter than Josh and I ever could have, and in doing so bound you forever to both Heaven and Hell.”


Simeon’s body hummed with more power than he’d ever felt before. JC had poured sunshine and—something warm, sweeter than a whole package of Little Debbie’s Swiss Rolls, and as energizing as a triple shot cappuccino—through the three of them. The little frost elemental licked his lips nervously.
“Just what exactly what does being tied to both Heaven and Hell entail?”
Josh sat up. Stretching out a well-muscled arm to reach around Simeon, he scooped the smaller man towards the cozy knot he and Ryan had tangled their limbs up in.
“Come here baby. I want you touching both of us while we tell you what we know, and we can all try to figure out a decent answer to that question.”
Simeon allowed Josh to manhandle him into the central position. Plastered against Ryan, with Josh pressed firmly against his backside Simeon sighed in contentment. He felt like the sugar-high-happy-filling of a celestial two-toned-shortbread cookie. Devil’s food flavor on one side, Angel cake on the other with a very happy little cream filled peppermint cool center. Hmm. Now there was a thought. He could try to make some of those when they got this whole linked to Heaven and Hell/Scavenger hunt for Satan thing figured out.
Josh cleared his throat.
“First of all I think we’d better make a list of all the things we need to get for the scavenger hunt and make sure we all have copies in case we need to separate.”
A wimpy little whining noise escaped Simeon.
“We—ah, we should probably stick together. I know I’d feel a lot better if we did.”
Ryan placed a soft kiss on Simeon’s forehead. As he began to speak, the deep rumble of his voice sent vibrations through Simeon.
“Josh, I’m with Simeon on this one. I think we need to stick together no matter what.”
Josh’s arms tightened around Simeon until the smaller man squeaked in distress. Ryan spoke over Simeon’s shoulder.
“Josh, please don’t break Simeon’s ribs. Aside from just being a very bad idea on general principle, it would seriously slow down our progress toward the goal of becoming the celestial triad with the highest number of joint orgasms.”
Simeon gasped.
He tilted his head back to stare in shock at Ryan. The big angel gave him a conspiratorial wink. Simeon’s fledgling kernel of anger subsided at the sweetly inclusive gesture. A snicker escaped him.
“Oh, for sure. I don’t think I could—’
Simeon blushed, the tips of his pointed ears growing hot. His face was surely cherry red. He ducked forward and buried his face in Ryan’s chest.
Josh eased his grip.
“Okay, okay. Point taken.”
Simeon continued to hide his face. How did they just talk about such things with the same ease he would exhibit when talking about his latest baking project? Sheesh. He could only hope discussing their sex life was either something he got used to or that he got over this crippling shyness fairly soon. There was no way the two gorgeous men currently in bed with him would stay interested in someone who had no practical in “doing it”. Just thinking those words increased the heat in his face by several degrees. He didn’t want them to get bored with him.
“I like doing it.”