Tuesday, June 25, 2013

UPCOMING RELEASE! and other items of note...

This is a big one for me because I feel a teensy tiny bit of responsibility for this particular story. It all started with a song...

Blurb: Sometimes, a thing is so beautiful, so precious you can’t resist returning to it over and over again… sometimes it’s so wondrous you are willing to do anything to be worthy enough to finally to stay in the place where it is. Until then you return, time after time to the one heart, the one pure soul that holds your heart forever, Changeless… My name is Sean Taliaferro Allen, and for me, that one precious and perfect thing will always be Calvin Abelin.

Buy links:

Changeless releases Friday, June 28, from MLR Press (a special day in its own right for me, anyway; this is like inch-and-a-half thick icing on the cupcake!) -- links and excerpt to follow when available.

On Thursday, Our Fearless Leader here will be on Write on the Edge (Blogtalk radio) with Jambrea Jo Jones and other authors from the Mixed Tape series. I'll add more links when I get them!

And in various levels of WIP/edits are Quality Control, Incongruent Angel, The Soldier and the Shaman, 1000 Cranes, and Glitter and Shamrocks. :D So lots of fun stuff happening soon! Keep posted for updates!

This is a very exclamatory post. Sorry. Sorta. 

Have a fab day, and remember to check back for updates and links hot off my email!

I Love My Minion

Heh. That is all.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Minion Mondays! (Or, y'know. Whatever day I manage to find time, once a week-ish.)

Hey, y'all! Friendly neighborhood minion, here! (Sadly, not as adorbs as Gru's, but hey! We can't all be little & yellow. You got what you got, and you gotta work with it!)

So. A little bit about me. Where to start? Hmmm...

Mom of 3 (Girl-child will be 13 on the 28th. VelcroBoy *just* turned 8 and DinoBoy will be 10 in September). Wife (DH just --*just*-- cleared the Army; he's no longer active duty, but is now in a reserve unit, and he's going to be a truck driver. I'm not thrilled, but there are reasons that I'm ok with it).

I read (obviously), a lot of it m/m romance (duh; look who I'm working for...). I bake (well, I used to. I'm working on getting back to it). I do other random non-parenting, non-housekeeping type stuff here and there, and I SWEARTAGOD one of these days I'm going back to school. Don't know what I'm gonna DO there, but I'm gonna do it.

Also, since the Boss-lady is so out-of-control busy, between writing and school and parenting and what-not, and I have random odd bits more of free time, I'm taking over the blog!


Be afraid.... be very afraid!

No, seriously, it won't be that bad! Hopefully, she'll just remember to pass on tidbits of info to me -- excerpts, cover art, release dates & the like -- & I'll share.

When there's nothing exciting on that front, I'll just share whatever pops into my head at the moment -- recipes? links? Pictures of hot boys doing the things that hot boys do? Who knows!

Any ideas? Share! Right here,  right now, Bay-bee!

(ETA: Heeeeey... When you click on my name at the bottom of my post, it takes you to my unfortunately nearly abandoned G+ page. May have to start remembering to update that. Wonder if there's anywhere it linkities-up with my personal blog/Twitter/etc.)

Keeping up with My Blog is Hard, darn it!

LOL. Well, one would sure assume so, given the way I've let the poor thing languish for the past few months.

*leans down to pat the sad, lonely blog*

I'm sorry blog, dear. I'll try very hard to take time to take proper care of you. :)

I'll start with a little video, because my brain is still fried from writing two research essays back to back for the semester length course crammed into three weeks this summer... while I was also powering through some  bizarrely hard edits for an editor I absolutely adore.

*pausing to scoop brains back up, and then pour them into a baggie to be reconstituted and placed back in my empty noggin later*

Right. What were we talking about?

*light bulb above head*

Oh, I must have been about to share my new fave musician with you. I'll bet you all already know about him, but he's knew to me, and I am in LURVE with his lyrics.