Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday: Work in Progress--er--Transition

Um... I thought today I'd try something a little different.

You guys get a vote in this. All three of you.
I'd like to try posting a 500-1500 word installment of a brand new blog story here every Wednesday... and have it be just a freebie.

What do you guys say? Wanna give it a whirl?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday at the Cave

The rain is still falling here in WNY, and the breeze is trying hard to blow it away. I have very little to say here today... because I'm chattering away over at Chicks & Dicks! about what I fear the most... and if you know me at all, you've probably guessed, it's my old Achilles heel, my fear of failing to be there for the folks I care about. So get over to the C&D blog... and once you're there be sure to poke around and check out the site. It's fabulous.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday at the Cave: Three's Company With N.r. Walker

Today I get to host N.r. Walker at the Writing Cave... and technical snafu's are mine, and any brilliance is hers! Be sure to get yourself over to her blog today as well, because she's running a contest there that you surely do not want to miss!

Three’s Company
Cover Artist: Reese Dante
Genres: Contemporary, Gay, Menage, Romance
ISBN: 9781614957706
Pages: 268 pp.
Word Count: 54052
Buy here:
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After news that he's gay spreads though his homophobic hometown, leaving his restaurant in trouble, Wilson Curtis goes to Key West alone. He meets Simon and Adam, and is soon invited into their bed for some vacation fun.
Once isn't enough, and they get to know each other in and out of the bedroom. Ten days is all it takes to change their lives. When Wil's vacation time is up, none of them are ready to say good-bye. They'll have to conquer misunderstandings, miscommunication, and the judgment of friends and foes alike who don't understand their relationship, but these three know that what they have is worth fighting for.

How did the story idea come about?
The original idea for this story came from a friend of mine, Brenda (who the novel is dedicated to).  Originally, the concept started as some pretty cabana boys who lived a free life with little to no responsibility. Being a couple, they worked at a resort together, surfed together and partied together, and the third man was going to be a worn-out doctor or some other similar professional looking for something he didn’t know he was missing.
But that’s not how this story ended up. At all.

Tell us about Three’s Company:
There are some similarities to the original concept, and the basis is the same (existing couple introduce a third man into their relationship) but that’s about where the original plot outline similarities stop. In Three’s Company, Wilson Curtis travels to Key West by himself to escape a not-so-pleasant life back home. His business is in tatters, he’s suddenly single and the entire town has snubbed him.  He meets Adam and Simon, who work at the hotel he’s staying at, and they invite him into their bed.
What starts out as a one night stand, soon becomes a holiday fling and like all my stories, there is a light on angst, heavy on love, kind of sweetness.  There seems to be more sex than I remember writing... and truthfully, not much happens outside of these three boys. There’s no major external drama, it’s mostly about these three men and how they adjust to being a threesome than some huge twisted plot.

Who was the inspiration for the characters?

Wilson Curtis is a small-town with a certain naivety that makes him adorable. I pictured Luke McFarlane for Wil.

Adam Preston is the always smiling, always happy, swimmer/surfer. He’s charming, and it’s impossible not to like him.  I pictured Simon Baker for Adam.

Simon Stanford is the serious, business minded one. He’s smart, independent and oh-so lovely.  I pictured a short-haired, clean-shaven Jared Leto for Simon.

Is writing m/m/m complicated?
No more complicated than standard m/m, I think. Sure, there’s more body parts, and getting the physical locations of said body parts during sex scenes can be tricky, but I think I’ve watched enough “research” to get it right. *winks*   There is of course an additional main character, and trying to get each character in equal proportions was a little tricky, particularly because I favored Simon ;) but making sure they each had enough dialogue and depth of character, as opposed to a standard secondary character, but I’d say no more than usual. 
I did find the men themselves were enough of a story without having a too-complicated plot; their back-stories, and how they dealt with the realization they needed to be a threesome as opposed to a couple, was enough to put on these poor boys. LOL

What’s next from N.R. Walker?
My next release is a novel length drama titled Blind Faith, and it comes out late January 2013 with Silver. I’ve written its sequel, which I’m hoping to sub soon.  I’m also participating in NaNo this year and my aim is to complete the majority of the sequel to Point of No Return. I also have some free-reads I’m getting ready to post with Silver Publishing in the next few weeks and I can divulge more info on that when I know more.

Contact Details:
Email -
Facebook - N.r. Walker
Facebook fan page - N.R.WalkerAuthor
Twitter - @NR_Walker
Goodreads - N.R. Walker

Thanks for the continued support! 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wednesday Part One: Work in Progress

An Unedited Excerpt from The Soldier and the Shaman Book Two of The Soldiers of the 569th Series

A clatter of footsteps sounded on the stairs. Ryan turned to find Nikolina standing halfway down the stairs, a mutinous expression on her face.
Far? What is he doing here?” The icy tone cut into Ryan. He’d known that Nikolina might not remember all the time they’d spent together spirit-walking, but for her to have absolutely no remnants of the deep friendship they’d built together there hurt badly.
Her father pursed his lips. “Nikki, why don’t you ask the man himself? And remember that he is a respected guest in my home when you do so.” With that, Mr. Lindstrom disappeared back into the kitchen. The sound of his voice washed over Ryan as the older man discussed the increased number of pancakes they’d need with Alyssa. Ryan swallowed down the first words that sprang to mind on the heels of his hurt feelings, seeking ones aimed more at clear communication and less at assuaging his momentary emotional pain.
“Hello, Nikolina.” He watched her face carefully. There was something—a spark of recognition maybe—in her clear blue eyes. Not that she wouldn’t recognize him—they had met at Robert and Christie’s wedding and spent hours together caring for Little Hawk while he was ill. This was different though. The glimmer he saw was—he hoped—more of a soul-deep recognition. Nikolina narrowed her eyes minutely, grunted, and then stomped down the rest of the stairs.
“Fine. Stay for breakfast. It’s clear Far wants you here for his own reasons and even I have learned not to argue with that man when he has his mind set on something. Just don’t you dare say any of that sloppy, soppy crap to Evans. He’s been hurt enough by Robert and Christie, though Goddess knows they never meant to, he still got caught in the cross-hairs. And no—”
Her words broke off momentarily as the clear soprano of her daughter’s voice rang out into the hall from the kitchen. Nikolina’s eyes narrowed even more as she resumed speaking. “None of that whooey-fluey stuff around Alyssa. Hmmpf. She gets enough of that from all her aunts as it is.”
With that, she brushed past him to enter the kitchen. Ryan couldn’t stop a small smile from curving up the corners of his mouth. A sound at the top of the stairs drew Ryan’s amused attention back from watching her flounce toward the sturdy wooden table in the breakfast nook like a disgruntled teen. Little Hawk stood hesitating on the top step. The younger man’s golden hair stuck up from his head in a wonderfully messy way, and his eyes appeared merely sleepy rather than bruised as they had the day before.  He looked beautiful.
“I—hello—I’m sorry I didn’t take the time to say good-bye yesterday. I didn’t want to make Pretty—I mean Nikolina—mad.”
Little Hawk blushed as he spoke, and a surge of longing flooded through Ryan.
“Ah. Well, that makes sense. She’s rather fierce when she’s riled, and you were in no shape to deal with that.” Ryan’s mouth curved up as he spoke. He was remembering the story Christie had shared with him about exactly how the first meeting between Nikolina and Little Hawk had gone. His thoughts must have shown in the increase of his smile, because Little Hawk glared at him.
“Dammit, who told you about Nikki kicking my ass?”
Ryan snorted. “That story is pretty much sanctified local history. I’m fairly certain the seventh graders in Watertown are learning about how Nikolina took you down next week during their American Civilization course.”

Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday: Madness, Mayhem, Foolishness

Hey all...
I'm back. Yay. I do try to post regularly here, and will continue to do so, but sometimes I just get overwhelmed with life. Don't give up on me babies, cause I will always come back and give you all the info, love, smexy writing and whatnots that I am capable of. And that there is a rock solid promise!!

For now, in the interest of spending the max amount of time possible today in wip completion mode, I'll keep things here fairly brief.

I'm working on The Soldier & the Shaman (Evans' story from the Soldier of the 569th series), Changeless (for my dear minion), 1000 Cranes, and TEOL (Akanti #2) ... oh, and The Faery Curse (Tonawanda Faery Tales #3). Probably in that order.

Take care, have fun, and stay posted for updates. Tomorrow Tian will be resuming his Tuesdays with Tian Gig, and that means a fun time shall be had by all.

Later, gators...