Soldiers of the 569th

Soldiers of the 569th

An Excerpt from The Soldier & the State Trooper

What could be better or hotter than a man in uniform? Why two of them, of course. In the first soldier's story from this tantalizing series all about men finding love in the midst of war and chaos, you'll double your pleasure with to uber-hot men in uniform.

Enjoy the following excerpt from The Soldier & the State Trooper.

Robert kept one eye on the scanner as he perused the morning’s headlines. He couldn’t believe they’d finally passed the LGBT Civil Rights Amendment. It tickled him to no end to know he now had as much right as anyone else to marry in the country that he spent every day keeping safe. He tipped his Sugar Creek to-go cup toward the paper as if toasting it. He thought about texting his youngest sister and asking her to pick up a couple extra copies of it…and then realized she would do that without any prompting from him. Nikki was a goddess, or at the very least a demigoddess. Robert had unabashedly worshipped at her feet since the day his mother brought her home from the hospital. Even when she was manipulating him into spending his entire annual vacation babysitting his niece for the second year in a row.
A silver car blew past him fast enough to rattle the pages of his paper through the open window. His scanner clocked the little Neon at seventy-two. Idiot. The speed limits were there to keep people safe.
Robert flipped his lights and siren on as he pulled onto the road.
The Neon quickly maneuvering to the shoulder of the road mollified him somewhat. He ran the car’s plates through his computer, giving a cursory glance to ensure the driver had no outstanding warrants.
The car was registered in Gouveneur, NY to one Christie Collins, age twenty-six. Not reported stolen, no priors on the driver.
Robert unfolded himself from behind the wheel of his vehicle and placed his state trooper hat on his head. It was time to present Ms. Collins with the natural consequences of her actions. As he passed the rear of the car he saw a baby seat in the back of the car. Robert’s temper spiked again. He rapped on the driver’s side window, looking down as he finished filling out the handwritten portion of the idiot woman’s ticket. The window whirred down, and then a faint sniffling sound came to his ears—if she thought a few tears were going to get her out of a justly deserved ticket she was dead wrong.
“Ms. Collins, I’m appalled that you would drive so far above the speed limit with an infant in your vehicle. I need your license, registration, and proof—”
The baby started wailing.
Robert knew he’d spoken sternly, but he hadn’t intended it to be harsh enough to frighten the baby. The requested items were thrust at him even as she turned away toward the baby.
“I-I’m so-sorry officer. D-don’t cry Frankie, it’ll be okay. I promise it’ll be o-okay honey. It’s not the same as before. There w-wasn’t an accident sweetie. Do you remember the flashing lights? I remember them too, baby. ”
The voice wrapped around Robert as softly as the cashmere throws his Gran Olava used to put over him when he’d fallen asleep on her sofa. A warm heaviness invaded his groin.
Sweet Goddess, a woman was turning him on.
She had unbuckled her seat belt to twist her upper body thru the gap in the two front seats. In fact, she climbed half into the back seat, making shushing noises to her baby in between weepy sniffles and nonsensical babble. Her firm, round ass was in the air, wiggling back and forth until it ended up pointing straight at him as she bent over the driver’s side seat. Robert’s cock finished hardening in a rush. He whipped his trooper hat off to hold in front of his crotch.
“I-it’s okay honey, don’t cry. They can’t fire me from the Army. And if the first sergeant takes my leave away for being late signing out I bet the daycare will let you come back e-early. Don’t cry honey. I don’t think they’ll take you away b-because of o-one sp-speeding ticket…even if I can’t pay it. I’ll j-just get an article fifteen and…”
Robert felt about two inches tall. If she’d been in uniform he probably wouldn’t have started writing the ticket, but it was too late now with the way everything was computerized and every printed ticket needing to be accounted for. He sighed. The least he could do for her was to give her a clear explanation of how she could get out of having to pay the fine. Hell, Judge Wallace was such a big supporter of the armed forces he’d probably completely wipe the ticket off her driving record.
“Look honey, I’m sorry you’re late signing out on leave, but that’s still no reason to speed, especially not with the precious cargo you’re carrying. If you go to traffic court on the 17th, Judge Wallace has a rep for being extremely lenient with armed forces service members. Just explain to him what you were explaining to your baby there, and he’ll most likely waive your ticket.”
Robert walked back to his cruiser and printed the computerized section of the ticket off. After stapling it to the handwritten portion, he made sure to circle the part explaining how to contest the ticket. He highlighted the date and time of her court appearance. Satisfied he had done everything possible to help her, he walked back to stand next to her open window.
“Here’s your ticket ma’am.”
That got him a watery sounding chuckle. Robert looked up to assess whether she was becoming hysterical. What could end up being as much as a two hundred fifty dollar ticket, depending on the judge’s ruling, was nothing to be laughing over. His gaze slid up from her lush pink mouth and honed in on mesmerizing blue-green eyes. He could easily imagine those gorgeous eyes looking up at him while the full lips were wrapped around his cock and all that sexy stubble…Robert’s eyes flashed back to the stubble covered jaw.
Better than having to deal with finding himself suddenly bisexual at thirty-three years old. Robert knew he owed his dad a six pack of expensive German beer. It was stupid to bet against Robert Sr. when he started predicting how one of his kids would meet their ‘special’ someone. He’d told Robert he would fall in love at first sight.
Christie Collins. But he had a kid. No ring though…divorced? Widowed? Sweet Goddess, Robert hoped he was at least a little bent. It would be a waste if that man was completely straight.


Christie laughed nervously at the stunned expression on the handsome trooper’s face. It wasn’t the first time someone had taken a glance at him and mistaken him for a woman. It likely wouldn’t be the last. He made a valiant attempt to corral his careening thoughts.
His laughter trailed away when the state trooper resettled his uniform hat on his head. The action revealed the prominent bulge the man was sporting. Christie nervously licked his lips.
The trooper had obviously seen something he liked while Christie was bent over leaning into the back seat. Christie hoped he didn’t get angry about it now that he knew the person he’d gotten turned on by was a man.
“It’s okay officer. I get that a lot. I hated my name when I was younger. I was gonna change it, cause there’s already enough confusion over how I look. My mom really loved it though. I promised her I wouldn’t change it before she died.”
Christie glanced up at the trooper again. The flashing lights of his patrol car shone in the edges of Christie’s vision. He gestured in their direction.
“She was killed in a car wreck. Drunk driver. That’s why I hate the lights. Flashing. Umm, I won’t change my name. That’s what I meant. I keep it even though it causes me trouble sometimes. Once a guy didn’t believe I was a man until I actually showed him the goods…er, sorry. That’s probably not appropriate. I-I talk too much when I’m nervous. Umm. Could I have my ticket now? I really need to get to post.”
The man, Trooper Lindstrom according to his name badge, gave Christie what looked like a half-lustful/half-incredulous look as he handed over the ticket. He then briskly popped his mirrored shades back on, silently tipped the round brim of his beige hat and strode back to his car. Christie watched the man’s powerful looking thigh muscles bunch and release as he strode away.
After the trooper pulled out and around him, Christie sat for a few minutes, resting his hands on the steering wheel as he took slow, calming breaths. He tried biting his lip, but the pain wasn’t enough to put him back together this time. He let his mind wander to the gorgeous trooper who had just screwed any chance he had of getting to the base before 0900.
Christie must have mistaken that look.
It couldn’t have been lust.
The gorgeous trooper was probably straight.
What a waste.