Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday Triumph

Finished a pre-edit job for a friend today. 67,283 words in the finished edit. Started with just over 76k. The story is brilliant, and I am looking forward to the day when my friend Jamie gets her first contract. It's coming soon.

There's tons more I'd like to post, but I'm way behind on my own writing, and have to get hopping if I want to get everything done on time.

Er, back to work, me!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sweet Sunday Excerpt: A Word about Today's Post

Due to an emergency editing task, today's Sweet Sunday Excerpt has been postponed. We'll get a double post on Monday, the excerpt, as well as a Manic Monday update. :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Fabulous Friday Five: Five Reasons Why Friday Is Fabulous

1)Somebody gave me two cannisters of good coffee today. For free. O_o
2) I so got to sleep in
3) John Mayer is singing on my computer...*sigh*
4) My second round of edits are done and sent back to my brilliant story editor
5) Did you see the amazing cover Lex Valentine did for The Soldier & the State Trooper once I stopped mouth-breathing over her shoulder? Oh, and when I said the first mock-up was hideous, that had nothing to do with her mad skills or artistic ability...that was all me trying to mirco-manage in an area I knew NOTHING about. And she's one of my favorite authors. You can find her stuff here. Don't miss her Darkworld series. Seriously, folks are gonna be reading her books a hundred years from now and talking about how she was ahead of her time. I love Lex's work.

Fabulous Friday Five:Andrej Pejic Again...because, damn the boy is sexy.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Think Tank: Why Lex Valentine is Amazing

Today I want you to think about using resources wisely. I'm a writer. I know from creative doodling. The rest can be learned, or delegated to subject matter experts. What I know about the publishing process, however, might fill a thimble. 

If it happened to be a very small thimble. 

So, my first attempt at writing a cover art request was a flop. Don't bust out the hankies for a sob fest yet though. This is the part where --*thank you mum for teaching me it's okay to be wrong or ignorant as long as I'm working to change that*-- I get to show my intelligence by admitting I was out there flapping in the wind...

The very talented Lex Valentine of Winterheart Design tried to follow my very exacting *read as ridiculous* cover art request, and the result was hideous.

But glory and hallelujah, I'm not too proud to say I've mucked things up, and Lex is...well, amazing at what she does. I shot off a bunch of  rapid *read as half crocked* ideas about how to fix it at her in a flurry of emails. 

Lex outlasted my bit of panic. She didn't get petulant when I told her I didn't like the cover, opting instead for the wholly professional route of explaining some of the perimeters of the medium she works with so I could have a better grasp of what was possible. Then she gave me some suggestions. 

I listened, cause Lex knows way more than I do about cover art, and how to put it together. Then she selected about a hundred photos for me to look at as possibilities. Let me tell you, it was a blast to be able to tell a friend who called last night that I was working when I was cruising through pics of yummy pretties.

Looking at pictures of beautiful boys as part of my job is so not a hardship, lol. Just nice work if you can get it.

I picked one of the ones she'd given me to chose from as my favorite, and told her I loved it. In fact, I think I told her I thought it was smoking hot, and reminiscent of Christie & Robert's "Sex at Symphony" scene. She agreed it was hot, and then within a matter of hours had cooked up the beauty of a cover now on display. 

Lex is truly a joy to work with, patient and accommodating without being afraid to tell an author what she really thinks. She was the one who told me what I was originally asking for was just too busy visually to be hot. Smart, smart lady.

Not unlike my story editor, another resource I am learning to use wisely. But that's a different story. Today is dedicated to the wonder of my lovely cover, and the brilliance of Lex Valentine the cover artist who created it. 

And a little bit about how she gracefully taught me something new about publishing.

Thanks Lex. You really do rock.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday Whip

Work on new stuff is at a standstill until my second round of edits are finished. Got them tonight, and am awaiting a clarification from my editor about Chapter Seventeen.

So, Eight more chapters to go.

*very tired grin*

I've been at it since 9am. Work in general, not the edits. Just got those at 7:30pm (that's 1930 for all you military cats out there) ...I really wanted to finish my first run through of them tonight. Meh.

Eh, I'll get them polished up tomorrow so I can get back to writing new stuff.

Night all, I'm off like a dirty shirt. :)

Work in Progress Wednesday-An Unedited Excerpt from: When in Rome

Carol paused beside the car, pulling her cell phone from her pants pocket.
“Excuse me for just a moment…I, ah, need to make sure my big brother knows I got off to the airport okay.”
Alessandro nodded calmly and stepped back, presumably to give her privacy. Carol hastily called Brendan. After four rings, Brendan’s deep, sleep riddled voice washed over the line.
“Carol, this better be good little girl!”
“Um, yeah B, I—ah I just thought I should let you know I got picked up by Mr. Alessandro Feliano from the law office’s branch office in Dallas.”
Brendan’s voice came back hesitantly.
“Ah…Carol? This is news because?”
Carol could see him in her mind’s eye, rolling his hand in that annoying ‘get to the point’ motion he had perfected. She lowered her voice and took another step away from Alessandro.
“Um, B, I know I was supposed to meet with him this morning…but something strange is going on. He and the driver were just talking in Italian, and they both seem to agree that I belong to Mr. Feliano!”
Silence greeted her declaration. Then Alessandro and Brendan began speaking at the same time.
“Ah, piccolina, forgive our rudeness. Marcello overstepped by commenting about you, and I only sought to reprimand him for this. We have made you uncomfortable, si? Would it help you to see our employee identification cards from Signore Jacobsen’s firm?”
Carol gulped and whipped her head around. She could hear Brendan demanding she answer him, but all her attention was riveted on the stunning man leaning insouciantly against the side of the limousine. Alessandro had one arm outstretched, holding what was clearly his id card balanced on his big palm. She put her cell back up to her ear and spoke without ever removing her eyes from Alessandro’s face.
“It was a misunderstanding B…I’ll call you when I get to Italy, okay? Bye.”
Brendan was still sputtering when she flipped her phone shut. Carol eyed Alessandro, noting the way he appeared so relaxed…and yet not. He reminded her of a big cat lazily sunning itself on a branch while it waited patiently for its prey to come within striking distance. He let the card slide down his hand until it rested on his fingertips. Pinning it in place with his thumb he gestured coaxingly with the small square of plastic. Carol’s breath grew shallow.
“Come, piccolina. Look at the card. If you would like, I will give you Signore Jacobsen’s direct line. He won’t be in the office yet, but you can reach him in his car. It pleases me that you are cautious, piccolina. Anyone could say they were from the firm. You are wise.”
Blood pounding in her ears, Carol stepped forward to pluck the id card from Alessandro’s hand. He captured her wrist, holding it with lazy strength. Before she could do more that drop her mouth open in preparation to scream, Alessandro had pulled a small silver case from inside his suit jacket. He extracted a business card from it and put in Carol’s hand with his id.
“There you go piccolina. Signore Jacobsen’s private line is on the bottom right of that card.”
He released her, and Carol stepped back on trembling legs. She dialed the number on the card, taking her eyes from Alessandro only to check that she entered the correct digits. The chauffer came down the stairs with her bags and started to walk toward where she stood. Alessandro barked out an order.
“Stop—Arrestare! Marcello, you have frightened la signorina with your talk. Stay where you are until la bella piccolina is assured we are not trying to kidnap her!”
The chauffer froze in his tracks, and a wash of red colored his bronze skin. He cautiously set Carol’s bags on the ground. Once his hands were free, he fumbled a pack of cigarettes out of a pocket, absently patting himself and looking to Carol as he spoke.
“Mi scusi signorina, va bene se fumo?”        
Carol shook her head. Alessandro snorted. Turning her head to look over at him, Carol found him with his head buried in his enormous hands.
“Bene, molto bene! Stupido! Speak English to her!! Uomo idiota! You talk about her like cattle, and then ask permission to smoke?”
Alessandro dropped his head back into his hands with a loud huffing sound. Carol couldn’t repress a tense giggle at his theatrics. Alessandro looked up, a crooked smile stealing across his face. Carol felt the tension melting away from her shoulders under the influence of that crooked grin. The hand holding the phone to her ear started to descend.
“Ah-ah-ah, piccolina! You still need to check with Signore Jacobsen, and call your brother back! You mustn’t become careless with your safety just as you are leaving for a strange country!!”
His crooked smiled tipped just a bit farther to one side, and he arched a well delineated brow at her. Carol’s heart pumped harder, her breath stuttered, and a zing of electricity seemed to jump right from his wild forest eyes to race across every inch of her skin. She pressed her thighs together to suppress the sudden aching emptiness she felt between them. A slow blooming warmth slid sinuously along her veins and her panties grew damp.
The phone stopped ringing. Mr. Jacobsen’s familiar voice came over the line.
“Hello? Miles Jacobsen here.”
Carol startled at the sound of his voice, nearly dropping her phone. She gripped it tightly, raising it completely to her ear.
“Mr. Jacobsen? This is Carol Caruso—”
The senior lawyer cut across her apologetically.
“Miss Caruso I’m coming up on my destination and I’m afraid I won’t be able to talk once I get there until after my meeting is over. The client is very particular about security. Is there something I can do for you before Alessandro and you catch your flight to Italy?”
“I—oh! You sent him to take me all the way to Italy?”
Mr. Jacobsen’s voice came back sounding completely perplexed.
“Of course Miss Caruso. Your case is quite complex and we would be doing you an injustice if we sent you over to Italy without adequate representation. Did I not make it clear that Mr. Feliano would be accompanying you?”
Carol shook her head, and then realized there was no way the lawyer could know what she was doing.
“I…no Mr. Jacobsen, I’m afraid I didn’t understand.”
Jacobsen spoke rapidly.
“I’m afraid I’ve arrived Miss Caruso. Is there anything else I can help you with? You really are in very good hands with Alessandro. He’s one of my best young lawyers, and the only one I have who is licensed to practice in both Italy and the United States.”
Carol’s eyes shot to Alessandro. He was looking down, appearing fascinated by the state of his cuticles. Reminded of how acute his hearing had proved during her conversation with Brendan, she narrowed her eyes at him speculatively.
“No, no Mr. Jacobsen, that’s all I needed to clarify. I will…put myself firmly in Mr. Feliano’s capable hands on your recommendation.”
Watching as closely as she was Carol couldn’t miss the flaring of Alessandro’s nostrils, nor the way he shifted slightly as though seeking to ease a sudden constriction in his pants. Carol smiled, a sensation of power sweeping through her. She bit down on her bottom lip. It looked like the trip to Italy just got a lot more interesting.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday Teaser

Just a little tease. That's right.


Because the back cover print might be too small to read... here's what it says:From The Soldier & the State Trooper.

Career soldier Christie Collins figured out early that love could be lost in the blink of an eye, leaving an empty place that was just another pothole on life’s rocky road. The detours of sudden single fatherhood and a nosy best friend who won’t let even death stop her from interfering in every date leave Christie convinced that finding a partner is next to impossible.
State Trooper Robert Lindstrom catches Christie speeding along the stretch of highway he patrols and a routine traffic stop turns into love lights flashing and instant attraction for these two men in uniform. It looks like smooth sailing to their happily ever after until an unexpected deployment sends Christie into danger. Can their love survive both bombs and the betrayal of Christie by his closest comrade in arms?

Tuesday's Triumph

The lovely and talented Lex Valentine turned her rather talented hand to producing a cover image for my upcoming publication with MLR Press...

and I for one think she did a lovely job!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Manic Monday Update

So, just another Manic Monday. No, really. Today I'm working out issues concering cover art for my upcoming release of The Soldier & the State Trooper @ MLR press ...and no, I don't have a release date yet.

I'll let you know as soon as I do.

I'm also working on setting up a more concrete writing schedule for 2011. Well, at least for the second half of the year, okay?

If I can stick to the writing schedule, I should be able to write one new novel every month. So, that would mean only waiting a max of two months inbetween series releases.


That is of course, after the first stories start coming out. :) I'll post more info about all that as I get it worked out.


Friday, May 20, 2011

Five Hot Pics

Okay. In case you're wondering, that's a boy. Yep. Andrej Pejic is so lovely, more than one company with a major product to push has hired him as a model...both menswear and ladies clothing. And the boy makes it all look good.

Those eyes.
Those lips.
The gorgeous hair.

Sexy? Yeah, I can roll with that.

Friday Five

But...five what?

Pics of hotties? Sentences from an ongoing novel? Things that made the day fabulous?


All of the above?

Alas, if only I could with regularity remember how to post pics to the blog...

Well, I do have a webmistress guru genius lurking about...I bet I can get her to teach me how, or I can figure out the blogpost function on my word doc stuff.

Heh. Listen to me get all techy.

I will, as soon as I can figure it out, commence with Fabulous Friday Fives...

5 Hotties
5 Smoking Sentences
5 Reasons to glory in the day

Now, doesn't that make you eager for next Friday to roll around?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Work In Progress Wednesday

Today finds me eyeball deep in a new short. This one is inspired by Heather S., one of my peeps from over at Goodreads M/M Romance group http://www.goodreads.com/group/show/20149.M_M_Romance . You can find her photo pick and story prompt here http://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/554004-dear-author-heather-s-grabbed-by-cherie-noel though be warned...it's definitely NSFW and you may singe your eyeballs. Plus, you may have to be a group member to view that second link. If so, I strongly encourage you to join. We're a pretty friendly bunch over there, and always willing to meet and greet a new friend.

Right, so it's WIP Wednesday...but what I'm working on right now I promised not to post anywhere until after it goes up on the Goodreads site. :)

So, I'll give you a little snippet of something else, and a rough look at all the wips I have simmering.

On The Back Burner: this is a mostly complete list. I'm working with the lovely and talented TaylorV.Donovan to create actual counters for these guys.

Of Course, there's the short I'm working on. It's called Kiss and Tell...and that's all I'm telling about it till after it comes out over on Goodreads.

The Soldier & the State Trooper Contracted with MLR press-currently in edits
Common Grounds 1: Friends of Dorothy WIP-2,750 words
Common Grounds 2: Open Hand Way WIP-561 words
Common Grounds Seasonal Short: Halloween by the Bay WIP-1,494 words
Common Grounds Seasonal Short: Gung Hay Fa Choy TITLE ONLY-plot bunnies hatching

The Akanti:Luez WIP-16,500 words
The Akanti:Runan WIP-14,266 words
The Akanti:Aodhán WIP-plot bunnies hatching

Mother Earth Chronicles

Myths and Magic: Stories of OtherWorld
Myths &Magic 0: Jayne’s Day Off WIP -1,091 words
Myths & Magic 1: The Aye’s Have It WIP-100 words
Myths & Magic 2: Calling Odin TITLE ONLY- plot bunnies hatching
Myths & Magic 3: Northern Lights TITLE ONLY-plot bunnies hatching
Myths & Magic 4: Impossible You TITLE ONLY-plot bunnies hatching
Myths & Magic 5: The Tale of Reasel Nye TITLE/OPENING QUOTE-plot bunnines abound!
Myths & Magic 6: Hercules’ Hair Salon TITLE ONLY –plot bunnies hatching
Myths & Magic 7: Seventh Sun TITLE ONLY-plot bunnies hatching

Chasing the Sun- A tale of the Akanti Origins

Voices from the Spirit World WIP-111 words

Unedited Snippet: Be warned...this is a very short snippet...it's about some boys you'll meet in The Soldier & the State Trooper...in their very own story. I think it's just enough to whet your appetite. LOL.
Ryan saw the white knuckles and heard the shaking voice. He was out of his chair and at Little Hawk’s side in a flash. He got there just as the smaller man’s knees buckled.
“I thought I told you to stay in bed?”
Nikolina made a choking noise behind him. Little Hawk looked up at him with laughter dancing in his eyes. He cocked an eyebrow at Ryan. His voice was decidedly wispy sounding.
“I may not be able to stand on my own two feet right now, but last time I checked I was a full grown man.”
Ryan growled. He slid his hands down from their grasp at waist level to grip Little Hawk’s firm ass. He lifted the smaller man hard against his aching erection.
“I don’t think you’re a child. I think you’re a man I want better as soon as possible so I can fuck your sweet ass into a screaming orgasm.


Happy Wednesday everyone.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday Temptation

Late 6th Century Spartan Soldiers

Yum. Dontcha just wanna lick him?

Yeah, me too.
But hold onto your horses.
Be patient.
Soon, very soon, there will be a brand-new, hot and sexy story about this warrior featured over on Goodreads M/M Romance Group. It'll be written by none other than Aleksandr Voinov, and it promises to be a scorcher.
Keep your eyes open for this one.

Hot July Days.
Aleksandr Voinov.
If that's not a combination made in Heaven, I don't know what is.

I know he's gonna write the story cause I asked him to, and (glory of glories!) he said yes.

A few links that might help you out.

So, about the guy in the pic...I just have to say it again.

Yum. Dontcha just wanna lick him?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Another Manic Monday

It rained last night. I sleep really well when it rains. So well, in fact, that it becomes hard to haul my lazy keister outta bed the next morning. Sheesh.

So I started today behind the eightball.

Then I compounded my problem by goofing around on Goodreads all morning.

What am I, nuts?

Evidently, because, just as if I don't already have a 1001 irons in the fire, I went and signed up to write a hot little story based on a pic posted by Heather S.

Be warned, the pic is NSFW!!

You can see the pic here: http://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/554004-dear-author-heather-s-grabbed-by-cherie-noel and read a little about what all Heather S. has requested from the story.

I also promised myself that I'd get a significant amount of work done in The Soldier & the Starving Artist today. So, time to put my money where my mouth is ...Yeah...who ever thought of that saying anyway?


Time to get to letting my fingers fly. Yeah, I like that better. Tells it in a straight-forward manner. Here I go then, nose to the grindstone, attempting to write like the wind.

I really do have to. I was a lazy slug-a-bed this morning.
Eh, what can I say? It rained last night.

Friday, May 13, 2011

And I Live to Tell the Tale

My first round of edits are done.


My fiendishly clever editor has already pulled a better version of my story out of me, and made it feel like really good sex.

The kind you have in five minutes or less because you're both supposed to be somewhere else right then. You know what I'm talking about. When it's hot and almost painfully brutal up against the fridge...and by the time you're done the upstairs neighbors are thumping on their floor cause you both had screaming --heavy emphasis on the screaming--orgasmns? And 5/8 of the magnets you normally use to hold reminder notes and such to the door of said fridge are all over the floor and you're running back out the door to get somewhere with your shirt on backwards or inside out and your button-fly jeans are buttoned wrong and it doesn't matter that you're late to your gig with Matt Nathanson (no, really...you can ask Matt) because the whole fucking world just kinda glows?


Maybe that's just me.

So...I love my editor. Cause everything we do together makes me get that glowy feeling at the end.


My first round of edits are done.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday--Thank you, Kris Jacen

This little offering came to me while I was sleeping last night...and must be sung to the tune of a song from the famed musical, Fiddler On The Roof.

Can you guess which song it is?

Kris Jacen
Kris Jacen
Make me a match
Send me an editor who’s not a hack
Please make my editor
Discerning and wise
And for the love of words—
Please give to them
All seeing eyes
I want an editor
Who knows my brain
Better than I do
Yet is never a pain
Please make my editor
Sensible too
Not willing to let me say
Oh that story will do
Give one to me who—
Demand the best writing
I’ve ever done
Cracking their whip
When I am a bum
Oh Kris Jacen, Kris Jacen
Make me an author worthy of praise
With an editor wise
In publishing’s ways…

Obviously, I am one of her success stories...because my story editor?

Rocks out Loud.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Can I get a pat on the head?

I have a great editor.
...and growing pains.
...this being an author stuff is wildly exhilarating. It's also rather painful. Geez. I can't imagine going through it without my (okay, gonna squee here, cause she's mine!!) awesome story editor.
Today though?
It hurts.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Madness

Life is good.

I got so caught up in Mother's Day doings yesterday that I forgot to post a Sweet Sunday Excerpt. Meep.

Well, I guess I can forgive myself for that...I had a lovely visit with my daughter...er...conditionally that is.

Don't ask.


Really don't ask.

At any rate, The Day passed, there was more that was sweet to it than bitter, and here we are, mid-afternoon into the mayhem of Monday.

I walked six miles this morning.

And I smell like it.

So, I'm gonna stretch, shower, and then get down to some serious editing/revising/writing. I promised myself that I'd get this revision done by this Friday...I'm not sure if that's realistic or not, but I'm gonna give it my best shot.

I love being a writer.

Life is good.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Two Way Mirror into My Brain

Story editors rock.

If you've never worked with an editor, or at least never worked with one where the *fit* was right you may be unaware of their scary, magical ability to have a two-way mirror installed in your brain.

No foolin'.

I'm pretty sure my story editor had one implanted right after she saw the results of my revise and resub to MLR.

So, before I even knew I had a contract my editor had an unimpeded view of the inner workings of my twisty little brain.


Sorry about the mess Jen. Er, and some bits are still under construction.

Yes, I see that you have a hard hat for when you actually venture in.

It's a great relief to me that you do.

Because, trust me, not even I always know what's going to pop out of the shadowy corners and by-ways of that place. Tread with caution.


I'm starting to get used to you, and I'd kinda like to keep you.

Oh, and tell Kris thanks.

She's like a magical story/editor yenta.


I love having someone who loves my characters as much as I do helping me raise them up. Kids just do better when they have more than one concerned and loving parent looking out for them. Which is why I will say again and again that even though it hurts...the editing process hurts so good.

Story editors rock.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Constitution vs. Emotion: Things to Think about

So, while I'm all wrapped up in the art and theory of editing a manuscript for publication...

okay, gotta pause here for a little *squee*.

The Minnesota congress is talking about whether or not to alter their freaking Constitution to make gay marriage illegal.


Um, separation of church and state anyone?



Right then...as in far right...scary, can we move it to the left, to the left?

In the responses to a very cogent argument presented by Rep. Steve Simeon (which you can view here http://news.yahoo.com/s/yblog_thelookout/20110504/us_yblog_thelookout/minnesota-lawmakers-gay-marriage-defense-goes-viral  ) was one that I found particularily interesting. So I did the old copy and paste thingy. Check it out. I especially like the bits about how we don't live in a Theocracy (ummm...we don't? Sure starting to seem that way...) and that the Supreme Court would likely be too cowardly (my words, not the commentors) to take the case. Pffft. If they refuse I'll personally see about starting a grass-roots movement to make refusing pertinent cases cause for dismissal from the court. No fooling.
It will be interesting when this issue finally hits the Supreme Court. I expect it to be entertaining.

First, we do not live in a theocracy, so religious arguments are moot.

I am not a gay rights advocate; I support the US Constitution, and this IS a Constitutional issue. Gay couples (whether or not we agree with them, they ARE couples) are being denied the rights that we take for granted as married couples. The right to make medical decisions for an incapacitated partner, the tax policy benefits afforded married couples and the right to inheritance, for a few examples.

I support the US Constitution - ALL of it. I don't pick the provisions I like.

No State shall make or enforce any law which shall...deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

What part of "NO STATE shall make or enforce ANY LAW" or "DENY ANY PERSON" is unclear?

Gay couples do NOT have the same rights as married straight couples, thus the equal protection clause is being violated. Yes, they can go to a lawyer and have documents drawn up, but that imposes a financial burden on them that straights do not have to bear. Again, it violates the equal protection clause.

Also consider the full faith and credit clause - Article IV, section 1. All states must recognize the "public acts, records and judicial proceedings" of every other state. Since 5 states allow gay marriage, all other states are COMPELLED to recognize those. They don't have to allow gay marriage to take place, but they do have to acknowledge those from other states as legal. This is the same principle that allows people to run off to Vegas to get married and still be married when they return home. Full faith and credit. So if any of those 5 states do not have residency laws, we already have gay marriage by default.

I used to suggest civil unions to give the same rights as marriage, but “separate but equal” has already been struck down.

For those that claim this is a states rights issue, the Constitution is superior to any state law or state constitution. "This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; ... shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding." So if the Supreme Court rules that bans are unconstitutional, it does not matter what any state puts in their constitution.

So if/when this issue is taken up by the Court, I will find it entertaining, either watching a conservative court jump through hoops to find such laws constitutional, or watching the far right scream about "activist courts" if they actually follow the Constitution.

That's assuming they would even take it. It would not surprise me if they refused to take it.
1) The conservatives would not want to be on record as having to outlaw DOMA laws.
2) If the Supreme Court took it, any ruling would likely apply nationwide, whereas refusing the case leaves the ruling only applying to the states in whichever circuit court the case comes from; I would assume the California case is the most logical one at this point.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

An Unedited Nibble of Tian's Hero

Lewell’yn watched the little Akanti dance around the kitchen. Two weeks of watching the little man cook had equated to two weeks of shagging the hell out of him. The graceful, sensual way Tian moved while preparing food never failed to stir Lewell’yn to hunger for more than the next delicious meal. Lewell’yn had his cock in the little man’s arse every chance he got, and still couldn’t get enough of Tian.
Little fucker’s addictive…
The man…kept colour in the world. Lewell’yn had suspected, from the moment he got close enough to breathe in the sweetly musky smell that was uniquely Tian’s that the man was his. He’d known for sure when touching the man that first time had brought colour back into his vision.
… and it’s just about time for another hit.
Lewell’yn craved the stabilizing force Tian exuded more than the smoking hot sex. There were worse things to be addicted to. Lewell’yn had used most of them at one time or another.
One of the quirks of my questionable DNA that I actually enjoy is my inability to become physically addicted to any of those substances. This feeling Peaches gives me may fucking well be the exception to that rule though.
Lewell’yn knew he was a greedy bastard. As often as he had the gorgeous redhead, and as satisfying as it was to screw the man senseless he wanted more. He’d seen to Tian properly not twenty minutes ago and here he was with his cock trying to tear its’ way right out of his shipsuit.
The next time Tian wags his sweet arse at me I’ll—fuck-!-that tears it…
Tian had bent down to pull a heavy sauce pan from the drawer below the big industrial stove. Lewell’yn stalked over, snatched him up and flung him face down in the midst of the vegetables he’d just finished mincing. He managed this time to avoid ripping the little Akanti’s pants as he impatiently yanked them down below the man’s trim hips.
“Lewell’yn! Damn it! You’re gonna make me late with the meal again!!”
“Peaches, I warned you this morning not to wag that fuckable little arse at me. If you wanted to serve yer meals on time ya shouldn’t have been advertising for a quick an’ dirty shag.”


Tian gave a half annoyed huff as he tried to smack Lewell’yn with the closest weapon he found. Given that he was currently sprawled in the midst of his stir-fry ingredients the best he could do was to a bunch of scallions. Reaching over his head he managed to hit Lewell’yn with them three times before the man had his cock generously lubed with cooking oil and half-way up Tian’s arse. The words that had sounded briskly scolding in Tian’s head came out his mouth decidedly more breathy.
“Lewell’yn I-unnnh-I’m g-going to…oh, harder…I’m going to—unh—give you all the burnt food Jeram makes for the—Oh!—next week if  unnh you make me ruin ahh my  veg-oooh-tables.”  


Stormy grey eyes ran down the small, elegant length of the cook’s back coming to a stop on the firm curve of his arse. Lewell’yn pulled his hips slowly back until his cock slipped almost completely out of the velvety heat surrounding it. Leaning down, he thrust back in with carefully controlled violence. Lewell’yn used his mouth to push back the edge of Tian’s tunic. He nipped sharply at the juncture of shoulder and neck, where the Akanti’s clothing would hide the tell-tale mark.  
Every single thing has colour. Red hair, yellow peppers, the sweet dusky pink of his moaning lips. It’s so good.
Lewell’yn wanted all of Tian’s sweetness and all of Kayron’s sass and fire. Having constant access to Tian for the past two weeks had made him realize the little man wasn’t his only addiction. The medic gave Lewell’yn something darker, something he was beginning to realize he craved as much as what Tian gave him.
Plaguing hell, I don’t have time for this. Shite, I may not even be fucking sane enough to manage the rest of this mission.
The craving burned just under the surface of his skin, as irritating as a slowly spreading rash. It had become damned distracting. It flared up at unpredictable times. It drew his attention when he needed to bring full concentration to bear on this fucking impossible mission. Lewell’yn hissed in displeasure. It was a damned weakness to crave them both so much.  
For fuck’s sake, I haven’t got time for either of them right now.
Lewell’yn lifted Tian off the table, one arm across his lightly sculpted chest, the other around his tiny waist. He was slamming into the little man now, forcing gasps of pleasure from his lover’s mouth. He canted his hips just so, ruthlessly striking Tian’s prostate with each brutal thrust. The little man’s hole fluttered around Lewell’yns cock, warning that he was about to marinate the stir-fry in cum. Lewell’yn took a step back from the table, cupping his hand over the head of Tian’s slender cock just in time to prevent him from spraying his release over the vegetables.
I fucking hate Jeram’s biscuits. They’re hard enough to break teeth on.
Half a dozen ragged thrusts later Lewell’yn felt the inexorable approach of his orgasm. He bit down on the sweetly musky nape beneath his mouth, high, right at the hair line, muffling his shout of completion in damp silk of Tian’s hair. Lewell’yn pulled out, but waited until he was sure the little chefs’ legs were steady enough to hold him up before releasing his hold on the smaller man. Then he grabbed a cloth off the table to wipe himself down.
He tucked his cock away as he spoke.
“You may want ta put your pants back on Peaches. Jeram will be here to help you finish the meal up in about five minutes.”
Resuming his post against the far wall of the kitchen Lewell’yn continued to wrestle with his twin addictions.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Mea Culpa...Again


I dropped the blogging ball again. Dratted RL (real life) keeps interferrng with my self-styled status as a Goddess of Writing! LOL!!

So, mea culpa, my friends.

Forgive me please.

Today is a day full of shadows, and all the possiblities they bring. I adore rainy days for just this reason. Er, not that the sun is casting shadows on overcast days. Just that the whole world seems covered in a soft blanket of possibilities, and well, rather like an impressionist painting.


I do love the Impressionists.

Right then, since I missed my normal Sunday excerpt, I shall be posting one tomorrow for y'all.

In the meantime, have a lovely day, whatever that means to you.