Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tuesday Newsday: All the News...that didn't happen?

so about that news stuff and nonsense.
I have nothing to report today.
Maybe next week will be more exciting.


Monday, February 15, 2016

Monday's Mayhem and Foolishness: Apropos of Not a Damn Thing

So I set a schedule. 
No, really, I did. And then I flubbed, and didn't follow it. 
Story of my life really. Heh. 
And then I set another schedule, and tried like hell to stick to it...
Failed again.
Lather, rinse, repeat. 
For the past two...no, six odd years, though it's been especially brutal for the last two (post last head injury).

Sheesh, what's a gal gotta do to keep herself in check, hire a big muscly guy with a heavy spanking hand...
*oh, never mind, that's for playtime, not for schedules*

Anywho, back to importantish stuffs and nonsense.
I'm trying to be serious as a Sneech here. Or maybe a Starbelly. 
Schedules make the world go round. Just ask any editor, publisher, formatter, or literary agent anywhere. 

BIG IMPORTANT STUFFS, that's what schedules are made of. 
And mine was maybe a little rigorous. 

I'm still going to keep my day's of the week themes. 
Monday-Mayhem & Foolishness
Wednesday-Work in Progress
Thursday-Think Tank
Friday-Fabulous Funday
(Sunday's are leftover's. You get to catch up on anything you missed in the week, and I get a day to catch my breath.)

I'm fairly sure I'll improve if I write a little each day. 
So...bear with me. 
It's gonna be slowish to start. Probably silly in places, ranty in others, but occasionally you may find a precious gem in the rough.

For the sake of all we both hold holy, *Starbucks Italian Roast for me, and you can fill in your own holy item below in the comments for a chance to win a free ebook in March* don't keep it to yourself if you find something nifty and readable. 
Tell me.
Tell your friends. 

Who knows, I might be able to replicate the fun and then we could all have a big ole belly laugh together. Or a cry. Or an oh-la-la moment. And wouldn't that be fun?

Oh, yeah. Keep an eye out for those hidden giveaways. I will always honor them if you read through and pick up on them. 

And in the meantime, until we get to have some Mayhem and Foolishness together again, go on and park your happy ass in the weirdo, nerdy geek spot on your sofa-car seat-office chair-wherever. Everybody else might be squabbling over the cool kid spots, but those of us in the know realize the nerdy geek spot is generally: 
1) Closer to the beverage station.
2) Closer to the toilets.
3) Has a better view of that thing that cracks you up.

And hey, why give up all the fun to join in someone else's Mures, Gens Magna?

*that's latin for race of the big rats...*

Bye, sweet babies. 
May the sun shine upon your face, 
May the wind be always at your back, 
And may the road rise up to meet you, 
Until we meet again.

**also, ugh. I would have put in a ton of really cool pics, but blogger and I are having difficulty playing together, apparently**