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Book Blast Blog Tour for Storming Love: Flood

It's today, it's today!! Woo-hoo! 

I may have forgotten to check...erm, you know, dodgy brain and all that, to see if the various blogs even HAVE comment sections....

So, if you read a blog of mine, or heck, for any of the Storming Love:Flood authors, and want to comment but don't see a comment section? Simply get yourself over here to the Writing Cave, leave a comment HERE, and we'll call it kosher. Just make sure to leave these things in the comment section:

1) Which Blog you are commenting for. Yes, name it by the actual blog NAME and Author Name in the comment.

2) Your contact Information. This means a working email address. If you want to enter but don't like leaving your email address where peeps you don't know can get to it, then say, IN THE COMMENT, "Will pm you on Facebook/tweet you a direct message/email you directly Cherie" *whichever of those apply* I'll leave my links at the bottom of this post. Heh. It'll even say, "my linkys" or something like that, so it will be super easy for you to find.

3) An actual comment. Say something about what you read, what you're hoping to see in the stories, what you ate for breakfast...just say something that will interest and or amuse me. I'll be giving away a bonus prize for the most *according to moi* intersting/amusing/intriguing comment I read today. That bonus prize is ONLY for peeps who comment today, Friday 24 April 2015. 

Hehehehehe. And you are welcome to tell everyone there is a bonus giveaway on my blog. 

Right then, on to the actual talking about the stories from the Storming Love: Flood Anthology...they rock. No, seriously. I had the pleasure of beta reading N.j. Nielsen's and as usual, she rocked my socks right off. Jambrea, Pelaam, AC Katt, and Jenn Dease also joined this fun anthology, and are all such favorites of mine as authors that I pretty much have them on auto-buy...and getting the opportunity to write in an anthology with them has been both an honor and a privilege. 

Did I mention that they are all quite brilliant?

So, here's an excerpt from my story, Patric & Sam, which will publish on May 8th. 


Patric and Sam 

Chapter One 

Sam’s first indication that the damnable duo of Céleste and Delphine Touchet-Smith were plotting about his love life—again—came during Sunday dinner. The twin terrors of Copper Creek, Texas, a.k.a. his beloved maman and mostly tolerated sister, couldn’t go more than six months without interfering in les affaires de coeur, or if you wanted it in plain English, matters of the heart. Sam’s heart to be precise. They called it trying to get him settled. He called it a damned lot of tom-foolery. Seeing as Maman and Del were well into their eighth month without any shenanigans, Sam let himself get a touch too comfortable. He couldn’t help it. He liked the lack of what his maman called—and good Lord did the woman ever lay on the French accent thick as anything when she said it—eligible bachelors showing up out of the blue for Sunday dinner. He really should have seen it coming, though.

Sadly, he didn’t. Instead he tumbled through the weather beaten door of the hundred year old farmhouse where he’d grown up with only seconds to spare—if he was lucky—before his maman decided he was late. Lord help him if that happened, because then she’d start to think up ways to punish his “lack of proper decorum”. His mind firmly fixed on the delicious meal in his immediate future, Sam hot-footed it into the house blind as a new kitten and innocent as a fluffy little baby chick. With his mind more on squeaking in under the wire than being alert to signs and symptoms of meddling, he was ripe for their not-so-subtle machinations.

His wind-milling arms and rubber-chicken legs were half excessive speed on the well waxed floorboards of the front hall, half pure nerves, and one hundred percent Sam. He thanked his lucky stars he wasn’t in Del’s line of sight when he came in, because that would have been fuel for her to heap on the bonfires of their lovingly antagonistic sibling rivalry. She got plenty of mileage out of his clumsiness as it was. His whole life had been plagued by the same trademark lack of grace–it happened anytime he got too nervous. Today’s occurrence made perfect sense in light of his late arrival and the possible revocation of all beignet and crawfish étouffée privileges for a full week. Sam whimpered at the thought.

While enduring a longer span of time than seven days without Maman’s famous étouffée caused severe mood swings, more than three days without beignets might well be a death sentence. That was Sam’s philosophy on the matter and he saw no reason to ever risk such a dire outcome. So he zipped out of his Jeep, sprinted across the front porch, and then yes, tumbled through the front door with no thought to who or what might be on the other side.

Maman and Del’s chattering voices flowed from the kitchen, echoing back and forth down the hall. Paying them all his attention, he tripped over Cletus, otherwise known as Cletus the Lazy, Maman’s old brindle mess of long legs, floppy ears and slobber. Maman insisted he was an example of canine perfection. If you asked Sam the mutt was far from achieving the pinnacle of dogdom. In point of fact, the disreputable lump spent ninety percent of his time masquerading as a throw rug in the front hall—directly in the path of anyone coming in the door. Therein lay the problem. The dog too, or Sam might have gotten all the facts quicker and hightailed it out of Maman’s front door before he got caught in her matchmaking scheme.

All Sam knew in the moment was that he was sweating like a whore in church and praying Maman was in a good mood. Then, he swore he heard Del saying his name with intent as stepped forward to shut the front door. He tip-toed along like a ninja or a spy—at least in his mind—but was foiled by Cletus. The mange infested throw rug yelped out a piteous aaaarrrhhh—oooo—wee and followed that up with a snuffle-whuffle and the doggy sad-side-eye. All sounds from the kitchen ceased. A weighty beat of silence passed, and then Sam’s maman called out. Her dulcet tones dripped false innocence as they echoed along the passageway. Good Christ, he really should have known.

“Samuel, cher, we’re just finishing up in the kitchen. You go on mon fils, wash up now. We be through to the dining room in a moment.”

Sam rolled his eyes. “Maman, we ain’t in de Louisiana bayou no more. You gotta use English. Proper American-style English. I know you speak it, what with all the times you done tanned my backside for not speaking proper when I was in school.”

A choked off snort followed by a thwapping sound came from the kitchen. Then the amusing melody of his sister’s indignation. “Maman, you didn’t have to smack me with the spatula. You got to admit, Sam talking his personal proper Texas-American style language is pretty damn funny.”

Another thwap echoed down the hall. Sam snickered. Del yelped, louder than Cletus had, and then Sam’s maman was talking. Her tone, all edge of the bayou Creole haughty with a dash of pure southern belle temper made it clear he’d gone and stepped in a heap of trouble. Between her conciliatory tone, the lack of reprimand for stepping on Cletus, and her handling of Del, the handwriting was on the wall. It was too late for him to escape altogether, but he stood a fair chance of mitigating the damage if he could figure out what the heck those two half-crazy bayou belles were plotting. Waiting in silence should push one of them to fill the void. Maman’s long, soft vowels and deliberate Parisian-style French warned him. Whatever they were planning, he was gonna be madder than a twice baited bull.

“Ah, we-el, mon fils, je suis tres desole. No matter. I will do my best to speak only the finest King’s English, no?”
Delphine appeared around the edge of the kitchen door before Maman stopped speaking. Her soft brown eyes huge in her little heart-shaped face, she hissed at him. Waving her hands back and forth like angry birds picking at a scarecrow, she advanced.
“Oh my gosh. Sam, I swear Maman dropped you on your head every day you was a boy! Lock up your lips tout de suite before Maman kicks us both out without supper. Just think about it. No more homemade beignets, no crawfish étouffée…and a whole week long to wait for another chance at them.” 

Narrowing his eyes, Sam sniffed and pointed at his sister. “I can make my own red beans and rice, little cat, so put your claws away. And…ah, hell, get out of the way so I can go apologize to Maman.”
His vain attempt to camouflage the utter terror of going so long without Maman’s beignets only caused his sister to smile, flip the long tail of her braid over her shoulder, and murmur as she sashayed around him. “Suck up.” 

Sam grunted. “You’re damn skippy I am, cher. Ain’t a body on Earth can cook like Maman…I plan on staying in her good graces forever.” 

Del laughed, just like he knew she would. Warmth spread through his chest. Sisters. Shaking his head, Sam curled one side of his mouth up and flicked the end of her braid. He never got tired of being able to predict how she would react. Chuckling quietly, Sam ambled through the kitchen door. Spreading his arms, hanging his head and gazing up through his lashes, he gave his best little boy grin. “Sorry Maman. I didn’t mean no disrespect.” 

Céleste tossed a small kitchen towel over one shoulder. “Hmmpf.” Sam snuggled up to her, bending down to hug her tight. “Je suis tres desole, Mamam. Ne soyez pas en colère contre moi.”

Laughing, Céleste pushed him toward the dining room doorway. “Delphine is right. You are a suck up. You sit down, cher. I still be serving crawfish étouffée, you terrible boy. Non, non, you were late getting here, Sam, and you think I did not notice? On second thought, you get right back up. Go help your sister set the table if you want to earn your way back into my good graces.”
They waited until he was stuffed fuller than a suckling pig destined for the table before dropping the bomb. When Del met his eyes directly, and Maman cleared her throat twice in a row, Sam froze in place. Del’s smile wobbled ever so slightly as she began to speak.
“Now, Sam, we done paid already, and there’s no refunds possible.” 

Eyes closed to mere slits, Sam waited her out.
“The thing is, you been working too hard. Everybody says so. And wel—”
Maman folded her napkin with small, neat motions, and Sam dropped his head forward to rest his forehead in the palms of both hands. “Just tell me what the two of you have cooked up besides the delicious étouffée I done just ate too much of?” Del turned beseeching eyes toward Maman. The elder Touchet-Smith woman at least had the grace to get a splash of red in both cheeks. “Samuel, cher, we done booked you a little hiking trip. With Carselowey Tours. You work so hard taking care of us, ever since your père et grand-père, ah, father and grandfather passed. We just wanted to say thank you.”

Sam choked, coughed, and sprayed a mouthful of étouffée across the table, missing Delphine by inches. The bright smile Maman wore as she spoke dimmed. She and Delphine both stared down at their plates. Del grimaced. 

“Oh, Sam, it was such a good deal, but because we booked so close to the departure date they can’t offer a refund. Well, except in case of death or extreme medical emergency. And I’m pretty sure bull-headed refusal to take a vacation don’t count.” 

Closing both eyes, Sam sucked in a steadying breath before giving in as gracefully as he could.
“Ah. I guess that clears up the issue of what to do with my vacation days this year. When do I leave?”
Delphine cornered him in the front hall after he’d made his farewells to Maman and before he made good on his bid for freedom. Wrapping a strand of her curly brown hair around one finger, she plunked her back against the front door and pressed both little palms against the center of his chest. “Listen, you hard head—I been hearing some things. I want you to promise me to go on this trip. I know you got some kinda powerful dislike for Patric Carselowey, but Maman put down a heap of money she had put by for something else just so’s you could take some time away from that store. I—just you promise to go, you hear me? Go. And maybe find out if there might have been some reason he did whatever made you come all over fulla hate for him so quick. Can you do that for me, cher?” 

Sam glared down at Del. “You so fulla yourself. One day somebody going to throw a little magic your way bayou girl, and we see how you like that.”
Del huffed out a breath. “I never!”
“Ha. I’m going on this trip. For Maman. But you? Best admire those eyebrows while you still got them.” Sam backed away as he spoke, knowing Del would do the same thing as always in three-two-one…
“I’m gonna tell Maman you threatening my eyebrows again!” she screeched and lunged toward him. Sam dodged around her, jerked the front door open and ran like the wind. He laughed his fool head off all the way to his Jeep, too.

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Slow week

So it's been a slow week here. It's starting to get hot in GA & my AC is broken & I'm having a hard time with getting anyone out to take a look at it & get an official diagnosis. Luckily we have a little money in savings so we can afford to replace it if necessary, but since we plan to be out of here in a year, I hate to spend the money. I'll be honest; I hate to spend the money anyway, but it's really necessary -- I've had at least three massively ugly headaches over the last week due to the heat/humidity combination.

Also, it's Stanley Cup Playoff time! And my beautiful beloved Penguins got in by the skin of their teeth, almost literally! They beat 30th place team the Buffalo Sabres in their final regular season game, AND Boston Bruins lost *their* final game, either of which clinched us that spot, but had they both gone the other way, we would be done. But I'd probably still be watching all the games. As I write this, I'm watching the final period of game three in the Montreal-Ottawa series; Chicago beat Nashville earlier today to put themselves up 2-1 in that series, and the NY Islanders beat the Washington Capitals to bring their series 2-1 Islanders. Later tonight, Vancouver & Calgary play their game 3, and tomorrow, the other 8 playoff teams play game 3s. I just really love hockey.

Also, hey, if you're not already aware -- there's an awesome webcomic about hockey and college and a sweet Southern gay figure skater-turned-hockey player called Check, Please! It's more-or-less on the live timeline; there's also a Twitter account that goes along with it. Hit "Start the Comic" to read the main comic in chronological order (including some informational comcs illuminating hockey lingo) and then go back through the whole tumblr for extras & Q&As. Learn hockey while crushing on the adorable Eric Bittle (and his pies!) and Jack Zimmerman. And if you're already a hockey fan, and you have any recommendations for me, books, comics, whatever -- COMMENT! Let me know! That stuff is like catnip for me!

I'm trying to get Cherie into hockey, partly because she's up there near Buffalo (despite everything, I think the Sabres have a pretty good cast of characters & if they can capitalize on their #2 overall draft pick position this year, maybe they can move up the ranks), and partly because it's just full of possibilities. & she said something about a plot bunny involving hockey but she's gonna have to learn at least a little about the sport to be able to write it. I'm collecting helpful info, and honestly, this last season is really opening my eyes to the extent of the really toxic attitude hockey has toward injury -- players playing through injury on their own (Pascal Dupuis) despite the life-threatening nature of their illness, getting touted for it as "showing leadership" (Jamie Benn)... I just. No. Not Good! How many of these guys are going to find themselves knocked out of their sport early because they've damaged themselves beyond repair, when if they'd just not played through it, they could have healed before it reached that point?

Anyway. Ranting is over.

Lots of love; gimme all your hockey!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday's Minion is...still in recovery mode, kind of...

I feel like I'm a bit lost, still, Trying to figure out what to do and where to go and how to prioritize my list. None of it quite seems to gel.

Loss does that to you. My family lost an important part of our makeup a little over a week and a half ago when my mom's father died. He was the rock that a LOT of us leaned on -- he had four children, 13 grandchildren, 25 great-grandchildren... and we've reached the scattered stage when we're more likely to all be in the same place for a funeral than for any other event.

But anyway. Everyday stuff like "What should I blog about on x date?" seems to have fallen a bit by the wayside. So, let's see...

I know there's a blog tour coming up sooner-than-soon-ish; shall have to make sure I have full details so we can get up a "Find Us HERE" type post.

Revised editions of all the Rescue Twinks books are going up apace; The Counterfeit Claus is available in an expanded version for $0.99 at AllRomanceeBooks and Smashwords. Book Two is Worth a Thousand Words, also available at AllRomance and Smashwords. Book Three is By Any Other Name (AllRomance|Smashwords), and up next should be Glitter and Shamrocks!

In the meantime, I'm going to start getting better at keeping myself on schedule, remembering to keep up with my bullet journaling (surprising no one, this is far more helpful when one doesn't lose the journal under the sofa for a month...), crocheting (and keeping Obnoxious Small Dog from sleeping *in* the various bags that hold various parts of several in-process projects), and trying to decide what cake I want to make for my upcoming birthday. Apparently, DinoBoy thinks that I should let him & Girl-child make a cake for me; in theory I'm fine with this but in all honesty I'm not sure I can ever be actually prepared...

Friday, March 13, 2015

Fabulous Friday: The Party Continues!!

If you're keeping track, this is an all day party. We had Louise Lyons kicking things off in the early morning hours... she's still here *points up* so go take a look, babies. 


*I may be a tad excited about this next bit o'fabulosity*
Worth A Thousand Words 2nd edition released this morning. You can pick it up at Allromanceebooks

There's a sweet deal going on for the next week. 15% off the normal price. Heh. Get them while the gettins good, babies. 

The next rescue twink novel is releasing a week from today, so I've got to get in the cave and writing. Talk with you soon.

Oh, and btw? I'm putting 100% of my sales this month towards getting the kidlet to her Galapagos Conservation course with Sustainable Summer. Just thought you might like to know. :)

Fabulous Friday: Double Release Day Party!!

Today at the Cave, we have a double release day party going on. First up we have Louise Lyons, and I couldn't be more pleased. Welcome, Louise. Glad we could have you here.

One Snowy Night – Individual Release from Wayward Ink Publishing


                                Originally released within Wayward Ink Publishing’s anthology Stranded, in October 2014, my short story One Snowy Night is now available as an individual short story.
One SNowy Night
One snowy night, Keith Brambles learns that appearances can be deceptive.
After yet another disastrous date, Keith drives home much to fast for the snowy conditions. When his car skids and crashes, he thinks he’s going to spend the night freezing in his car, until a man in a white van stops to help him. But Keith fears his rescuer may not appreciate his rather obvious preference.



Another half hour went by, and at last Keith heard the sound of an engine. As he looked out of the window, headlights blinded him, and he blinked and squinted. He unfolded his arms and legs, and groaned as he tried to put his feet down on the floor. His limbs had stiffened and everything hurt. He fumbled for the door handle with numb fingers. As he struggled, suddenly the driver’s door jerked open, and a face appeared.
Keith stared at the hulking figure, stooped over to look into the car. He could make out a moustache and goatee, and bright eyes, but the rest was obscured by a beanie and the collar of a heavy winter coat.
“You alright, mate?” a gruff voice asked.
“Y-y-y-yes,” Keith stammered. He was shivering so badly, he doubted he could utter another word.
“No injuries?”
He shook his head in response.
“Can you get out?”
“I…d-d-d-d…” Keith meant to say I don’t know. He shoved the other door open, and extended one leg, until his foot reached the snowy ground outside. He groaned as he tried to move the other leg. His knee was locked and he couldn’t feel his foot at all.
“Fuck. Wait there.” The driver’s door slammed and seconds later, the man appeared at the other side of the car. Large arms reached out and scooped Keith up. He clutched at the thick neck of his rescuer, as he was plucked from the Audi and carried to a waiting white Transit van. White Van Man. Keith cringed, and hoped the man wouldn’t recognize him. His type probably wasn’t very tolerant. Then again, it wouldn’t really matter whether he knew who Keith was or not. Keith was wearing a purple silk shirt, heeled boots, earrings and eye makeup. He thought his preference must be fairly obvious.
“There you go.” White Van Man managed to pull open the passenger side door of the van and hoist Keith up onto the seat without much effort. He slammed the door closed, went around the other side, and climbed behind the wheel.
The heating in the van was blowing at full blast, and Keith leaned forward and placed his frozen hands over one of the vents. The interior of the vehicle was like a furnace, and he knew he would thaw out quickly, but painfully.
“What happened?” White Van Man asked.
“Um…I…um…I came up to the bend too fast and braked. Stupid.”
“Are you sure you’re not hurt?”
“Bruised, maybe, from the seatbelt. The airbag went off. I’m okay, just frozen.”
“How long have you been there?”
“An hour and a half, or thereabouts. Thanks for stopping.” Keith glanced at the man, as he unzipped his coat and pulled the beanie from his head. He had thick, dark hair and dark eyes. Keith could see something on his skin above the neckline of his T-shirt, which could have been a tattoo. Oh, God, White Van Man is probably a biker or a head banger as well.
Keith looked down, and took the plastic cup from the man’s hand. It held strong black coffee. Keith hadn’t noticed him pick up the flask and pour it.
“You’re Kent Brambles,” his rescuer said; a statement rather than a question.
Shit. “Uh…yes. Keith, actually. Kent’s just my…um…my…”
“Stage name?” The man grinned, but then grimaced a little.
“Yeah. I’m guessing my…uh…my music isn’t your cup of tea,” Keith said nervously.
“I’m into my rock and roll.” He smiled again and extended a large hand. “Mike Talbot.”

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Monday, March 9, 2015


Looks like we're getting back on track here; we have actual NEWS!

If you were paying attention, Friday marked the re-release of a newly edited and expanded edition of the first Rescue Twinks book, The Counterfeit Claus! It's currently available at Smashwords and ARe in a multitude of formats for $0.99. Go forth! Enjoy!

Here's the cover &  blurb for you:

On an average day at the local mall's Christmas Village there's an elf shortage, no manager in sight, and an unknown person hiding behind a big white beard. Still, everything is under control. Mostly. Sort of...sure. Right until the klutziest elf of all slips onto the scene in slick bottomed, pointy-toed shoes...and slides right into the waiting arms of the Counterfeit Claus. But when the big white beard and elf-a-go-go shorts are swapped for broken in jeans and clean shaves, can the men beneath the disguises find some sweetly common ground? 

We're working on getting all the books in this series shined up and updated, and if you follow Cherie on FB, you might have noticed that it's all going to culminate in April with a gorgeous paperback omnibus collection of all the stories! So keep your eyes peeled!

Next up in this series is Worth a Thousand Words. More details and updated covers & blurbs as they become available.

(Now this Minion needs to go back to bed; it's been a series of late nights and early mornings between Minioning and kids and spending Saturday doing Mother-Daughter day w/ the Girl-child, starting at the mall and ending at the ballet -- we saw Cinderella, as performed by the Columbia (SC) City Ballet -- and hockey. My beloved Penguins are on a western road trip, which means 4 straight games that start at 10 pm Eastern time, which means if I want to watch I have to stay up till 1 am. I did that Friday and Saturday, and was up well before 9 both Saturday and Sunday; I was happy to see two wins, but I think I'm gonna skip tonight's meetup with San Jose because kids & school. So, business as usual around here.)

Friday, March 6, 2015

Fabulous Friday: Prepare to be Saved

It has begun.

The Rescue Twinks are back...  

It all starts with the glittering re-issue of The Counterfeit Claus. 

Over six thousand new words added...

Glitter's about to get real up in here...


So go on.
Get you some.