Monday, June 16, 2014

I just wanna...

Honestly? I kinda want to go to the store and buy ALL THE GLITTERS and make a Glitter Chart.

I've been rereading all the Rescue Twinks stories (because...well... *reasons* *shifts cagily*) and now I just wanna play with glitter.

Sometimes, I think I'm really still like 6 when glitter was the highest honor you could bestow on that Mother's Day card or whatever...

Speaking of glitter crafts, we used to have this cat named Cottlestone who was the most *imperious* little thing ever. Anyway, when my sister was about 5, she was going through a glitter phase in her artwork, and she had these creations all over the front porch. They were still wet when Her Majesty the Cat decided to sit on one. When we pulled the paper away from her backside, she was glittering for a week...

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tuesday is for News...

It's been a while since I posted truly newsworthy news on a Tuesday, so I'm going to do a little back to the future type review for y'all, okay? Okay. First of all, I have to apologize to all of you sweet babies who take the time to read my blog, or come to check out what's going on with the books, etc, etc. I mentioned once that I've been ill this year--eh, pretty much since mid-December of last year actually. I was an icky-sicky sad sack who did more lying about in a dark room moaning than anything else.


No, really. Well, in April I decided that all that shize needed to come to a screechtastic halt so I could get on with my normal fabulosity. This required taking the old pat and turner mobile (my feet, attached to the rest of my person) in for an extensive tune up. 

Turns out there aren't really viable salvage parts for some of these older model chassis like mine.  Who'da thunk it? Fortunately, I lucked into a great mechanic--er, surgeon, who made it clear I didn't really need the part I was thinking was vital. Kinda like Kaylee did in Mal's flashback to how she joined the crew of the Serenity. Just after she and the prior ship's mechanic get... interrupted by Mal, she fixes Serenity by removing a malfunctioning part that was only gumming up the works. See what you can learn from Firefly? Sometimes you really don't need those extra parts. Especially not when though great and fully functional when you first got your 'ship', they stop working right around the same time the ship stops being all shiny and new. Then, due to poor design, substandard fuel, or what have you, that part gets all gumed up and all of the sudden, the whole damn ship is grounded. Then, until you can either replace the part (not bloody likely with this piece of antiquated gossa) or you can pull the broken part out, rewire and reconfigure around where it used to be, you can't get the whole she-bang sailing again... so, yeah. Long way around the barn to say that's what my doc did. Afterwards, the doc, the one inept nurse in the entire medical team that took care of me up at the VA and I had a convo that went a lot like this:

Bestern (part read by inept nurse): What did you do?
Mal (heh, I get to play Mal): She fixed it.
Kaylee (the genius mechanic--er, I mean surgeon): Well it wasn't really broke.
Mal (yep...never gets old to say, hey, I'm Mal) : How'd you learn how to do that, Miss?
Kaylee (and he was just as cute and earnest as Kaylee too) : Just do it, that's all.

Hold on to your britches. I'm getting to the newsy part. So, I was pretty much like a ship that's dead in the water til I had that surgery, and then it took nearly two months to get everything rewired as it were, and have all systems up and running. 
But,   *HERE'S THE NEWSY PART*  I was still running some systems in the background. And as a result, I can now say I've landed a contract for Tian's Hero with Wilde City Press. Now that is downright shiny. I hope you won't be offended if I don't hang about to celebrate with you all though. I've got something vital to attend to. No, really. 

For now, keep flying and stay shiny. 
And I'll see you in the world.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday's Mayhem and Foolishness: Getting Jiggy with the Real World

So today I had the most amazing breakfast with my best friend. She has this habit of dropping random, short and wise sayings into our conversations. Another friend of mine calls those sayings Bon Mots. I call them Liz-isms. Today's went like this:
Liz:, I work a lot lately. I'm full time at the VA now.
Me: Mmmmm?
Liz: Yeah. Because, you know, the high school.
Me: Was that English? 'Cause I have zero idea what you just said.
Liz: *laughing* I'm full time. To pay for school for the boys. 
Me: Oh, shize. They're all going to private school this year.
Liz: Yep. *she pops the p at the end of the word with an awful lot of enthusiasm for a single mom of five who is sending all of her kids to private school*
Me: Um, okay. 
Liz: So the boys say to me, 'Ma, why you killin' your self? Can't you just chill. We don't need some snotty school if you gotta work so hard to put us there. 
Me: *just listening*
Liz: Yeah. So I say to them, yeah, I do gotta work that many hours. Because... not to put you in some high-brow school, but because I really believe this school will set you up so when you're done, you never have to work a day in your life. 
Me: *kinda stunned silence*
Liz: So the boys just looked at me, til the youngest one says... huh?... and I kinda smile at him. I say. I have been blessed to not work many days in my adult life. See, if you love what you do, then you're never going to work. You're just going to do that thing you love, you feel me?
Me: *stunned and awed* You're a fucking great mom. They got it, huh.
Liz: *kinda smiling* Yeah. Yeah, I think maybe they did.

I have the coolest friends, yes? And that thing she said? Is sooooooo going in one of my stories. Probably the one I'm working on right now.