Fire and Ice

What’s a lonely frost elemental to do when the nights get too cold and long? Simeon takes up pen and paper, drawing page after page of the two hot men he dreams about. Little does he realize that Josh and Ryan are as real as he is, and that the three of them are headed for a steamy collision from hearts to minds to hands, lips and all parts south of the tips of their heads.

Fire & Ice

Simeon watched the tail lights disappearing into the distance with a sinking sensation in the pit of his stomach. Carl was nice. He’d professed comfort with Simeon being a little on the cool side. They had several fun dates where they met up at the local ski-lodge, and then went cross-country skiing or snowmobiling. Simeon did everything in his power to hide his…differences.
He liked having a boyfriend. They’d only kissed a couple of times, and Carl started to push for more after the third date. Simeon thought he could hold it together, keep his power under wraps. He’d overestimated his control.
They had dinner, and then moved to the living room. Simeon put one of his favorite videos in. Will Ferrell was so funny in it. That was where things started to go wrong.
Carl’s voice blew straight past disbelief to incredulity.
“Uh, yeah. I love this movie…don’t you think Will Ferrell is funny in it?”
Carl shook his head. It didn’t look like a negation so much as though he were trying to clear it.
“You actually want to watch Elf?”
Okay. Simeon was starting to get nervous now. Carl said that like…there was something wrong with liking the movie.
“Uh…we can pick another movie if you’d like. I just thought this one would be fun…and well, it’s my favorite so I wanted to share it with you.”
Carl blinked at him.
“Just how old are you Simeon?”
Crap. Simeon couldn’t lie, and he was pretty sure that either way he answered Carl wasn’t going to like.
“I-uh-I’m 19. Sort of. Or 319.”
Simeon smiled weakly at Carl.
Carl blinked again, and got up from the couch with his jacket in hand. Patting Simeon on the shoulder he said, “Kid, you should probably call your counselor or whoever helps you get your meds adjusted. Clearly, it’s time to get them checked again.”
Then he was out the door.


Warm lips kissed up each shoulder, one pair circling around to the front of his throat and then moving up his jaw line toward his mouth. The second pair settled in at the juncture of his neck and shoulder on the left side, nipping and sucking and flat-out driving him insane. Simeon was burning up. He could feel the steam rising from his skin. He’d never felt like this before. A hot hand slid down his chest to tease along the crest of one hip. The further down it moved, the hotter it felt against his cool skin. By the time the long fingers and strong palm encircled the base of his diamond hard cock, Simeon was gasping with need.
“Please. Please.”
A low, dirty chuckle sounded in his ear.
“Why Ryan, I do believe our boy is trying to ask you for something.”
“You know Josh, I think you might be right.”
As the second voice spoke the hand around Simeon’s phallus began to move, stroking him with firm, even, and purposeful strokes. The deliberate motion combined with the steadily growing heat pushed Simeon higher and higher in a vortex of desire until he was flung, shouting, from the highest precipice.
Simeon jerked awake, his throat raw and his sheets sticky.
This was the fifth time he’d dreamed about Josh and Ryan, their hot hands and hotter mouths roaming his body. He sat up in bed and reached for his sketch pad. A frisson of sorrow passed through him.
“If only they were real.”
He laughed at his own whimsical thoughts, and then turned back to his drawing. He’d gotten Josh’s lips right in the last attempt, but he still wasn’t satisfied with Ryan’s eyes. Sticking his tongue out to touch the corner of his lips, Simeon lost himself in the soothing motions of the colored pencils slipping over the page.
After a while, Simeon gave a grunt, throwing the sketchpad down. Ryan’s eyes still weren’t right. The shape was better this time…but something was missing from the expression. They weren’t wild enough, or hot enough. Crap. He knew he could get it right if he had an actual person to draw from.
“Even a photo would help.”
The ringing of his doorbell shattered the early morning stillness.
Who could that be? Simeon racked his brain, but couldn’t think of anyone who had reason to show up at his house this early. He hadn’t even ordered anything from online. Maybe he should. The Ups guy was nice, and it gave him someone to talk to.
The buzzer sounded impatient this time.
Simeon fell out of bed, dragging his robe off the back of the closet door and shoving his sock clad feet into a fuzzy pair of snow white bunny slippers.
A heavy knocking started.
Simeon scampered down the hall, sliding to a breathless stop against the front door.
“J-just a minute.”
A rich, dark, smoky voice rolled through the door.
“I don’t care Josh. He needs us now. My father owes me a boon for what I did last Michaelmas, and I’m calling it in for this. We won’t get in trouble.”
A lighter tone rang out like the belling notes of a tombone played by a master. If he called out-
“Okay, Rye. Tell him to open the door before he freezes right to the floor. Geez, who ever heard of a frost elemental who couldn’t take the cold?”
A sharp smacking sound thudded through the door. Simeon stared at the thick wooden expanse with wide eyes. It couldn’t be. He. He’d dreamed them. His heart beat faster and faster until he was gasping. Simeon flung the door open.
His vision narrowed to a black tunnel. At the far end of that tunnel he saw them framed in an oval of purest white, his Josh and Ryan. And now he knew exactly what he’d gotten wrong in the picture.
“Too cold—”

Fire & Ice #2

Josh and Ryan moved as one to catch the collapsing man. Ryan, moving a hair faster, scooped Simeon’s pale form into his arms. Once the unconscious elemental was secure in his arms Ryan strode into the open door.
Josh stood unmoving at the threshold. He clenched his jaw. His thick chest heaved as he took several quick deep breaths.
“Dammit, Rye, you have to ask me in. You know I have to be invited because of my Dad’s little snit.
He hit the wall just outside the doorframe with one balled up fist.
“Stupid celestial rules were designed to irritate me as much as possible.”
Ryan rolled his eyes before looking back over his shoulder to scope out Josh’s expression. The big baby was actually sticking his bottom lip out. Sheesh, Josh was such a drama demon. Ryan did forget the whole short end of the stick from both parents thing sometimes, but really, this particular situation was extraordinary.
“Yeah. Sorry, Josh. I give you permission to enter.”
The words rippled out, nearly visible as they crossed the threshold and fell against Josh’s skin.
The sandy haired demon shuddered.
“Shit. That feels so weird.”
Josh stepped forward as he spoke, wincing as he crossed into the house. Ryan cocked one dark eyebrow upward. He waited until Josh met his eyes.
“What feels weird?”
Josh shrugged.
“Well, it’s not your house, Rye. So even though you gave permission and I can enter, when I cross the line it feels like fine grained sandpaper swiping at every square inch of my skin.”
Ryan’s eyes dropped to Josh’s denim covered crotch.
Josh winced again before nodding.
“Yeah, lover, there too.”
Ryan’s eyes flashed upward.
“That sucks, Josh.”
Josh waved a hand toward Simeon’s limp form.
“Worry about that latter. Let’s get him comfortable first.”
Ryan grunted. Pulling Simeon closer to his chest he shivered. Speaking over his shoulder, Ryan switched destinations in mid-stride.
“Josh, he’s freaking icy. You’d better strip down to your skin and get under the covers with him. You’re hotter than I am. I’ll make something hot to drink and then join you.”
Ryan walked unerringly to the bedroom door, nudged it open with his foot and quickly deposited Simeon under the thick white comforter. He frowned as he took in the room’s lack of color. No wonder the elemental was in such bad shape. Nothing here fed the soul.
Josh’s hand landed on his shoulder, hot, heavy, and familiar.
“Go make some of that stellar tea of yours, babe. I’ll get our boy warm enough to wake up.”
Ryan nodded jerkily. He spun away from the bed, keeping his face averted.
Josh gripped his shoulder more tightly. The heat from his hand increased.
“Whoa. Don’t you go running out of here quite that fast, lover boy. Did you think this is your fault, Rye? You fucking well know better. I wouldn’t let you come by yourself.”
Josh pulled Ryan close, heat rolling off him in waves, soaking through Ryan’s clothes and warming the cold spot on his chest that Simeon had rested against. Christ almighty knew how good Josh felt against him.
The boss's son had told Ryan once that he could feel the love lighting up whatever corner of heaven Josh and Ryan were in when they were together, and that he'd back Ryan if anyone ever made a fuss about  Ryan and Josh being together. 
Jesus was really an okay guy. Ryan had his own ideas about the Son, but he kept those close to his chest. No need to get kicked out of Heaven. Not unless they tried to forbid Josh entry again. Ryan lost coherent thought then, Josh’s fiery pull on him melting any resistance he had.
Josh licked his way into Ryan’s mouth, tasting strongly of cinnamon, like the jaw-breakers some human children favored. Ryan moaned, pushing closer. Josh suckled his tongue before pulling away with one last nip at Ryan’s bottom lip.
Ryan whimpered.
Josh chuckled.
A firm smack against his ass had Ryan opening eyes he couldn’t remember closing.
“Get the tea, Rye.”
Josh’s topaz colored eyes sparkled at Ryan. The demon lifted his hand, running gentle fingers along Ryan’s cheek, wiping away the tears straying over them.
“It’s not your fault, Rye. He will be okay. We got here in time. Just—just make some of your special brew and get your fine ass back in here as quickly as you can. I can heal his body, but you have a more delicate touch for the soul stuff.”
Ryan nodded.
He could do that.

Fire & Ice #3

Simeon blinked.
Joshua reached into the pocket of his charcoal grey suit jacket. The play of light across the back of his hand mesmerized Simeon. Josh's lips curled up on one side as he flicked open an antique pocket watch.
Simeon craned his neck.
There were words written inside the lid.
It figured they were in German, one of the few languages he didn't speak.
Joshua chuckled.
"Come on Simeon, we have to get going. I don't want to miss watching the launch."
What was Josh talking about?
Josh shook his head slowly, his smile kicking up a notch. He reached out with one hand to tap a hot finger against Simeon's nose.
"Come on, luv, grab a parasol so you don't burn your pretty nose."
The bigger man turned away, pausing to look over his shoulder and quirk a brow at Simeon.
"You do still want to see the Zepplin launch, don't you? I had to give up an entire week to my father to garner tickets to this, luv, so let's not miss it, shall we?"
Simeon nodded.
He had no idea what the other man was blathering about, but he'd do almost anything to stay close to the heat pouring off Josh's skin. He never felt cold when Josh was close.
Simeon hurried to the door. He paused at the tall brass vase next to the portal, plucking out a red umbrella. He didn't own a parasol, but figured this would do in a pinch.
Josh held the door open, bestowing a wicked grin on Simeon.
"Better grab the binoculars too, my sweet. We wouldn't want to miss catching sight of Rye fluttering about."
Simeon nodded yet again, starting to feel a bit like a bobble-head. Yes, that was what those silly dolls were called. He'd seen them on the film about a museum where things came to life. He liked that one nearly as much as Elf.
Josh's voice broke through his musings.
"Stay focused Simeon. I need you to stay with us, luv. We'll get you warm in no time."
The umbrella's handle grew soft in his hand. Simeon whimpered. Sunlight stabbed down at him, bright but cold. That was wrong. Sunlight should be warm.
"Rye, get in here. He's going into shock. I think this is going to take both of us."
Another voice sounded behind Simeon, this one...well, it sounded like butterscotch tasted, smooth, golden, sweet and just slightly burnt. Not charred but...heated.
"Josh, the tea's nearly ready. I need a few minutes more. Do what you have to, and I'll square it with JC, okay?"
Simeon listened for the answer. He quailed away from the cold, pushing forward into Josh's fiery embrace. Long, lean arms closed around Simeon, and he was flying.
Simeon opened his eyes.
"I'm sorry we missed the Zepplin launch, Josh. Will your father still make you pay? It's my fault, I know--if you want, I'll pay in your stead."
Josh sucked in a sharp breath. He spoke quickly, words rushing out of his mouth so fast they tumbled over the tops of each other.
"No. No, Simeon, I can't let you pay. Not ever. I don't mind missing the launch. We'll see another one, luv--later, when you're well."
Simeon shook. A wave of cold swept over him, and he closed his eyes again.
His own voice sounded far away and weak.
Hot hands pulled him back against acres of silky skin.
A warm puff of air touched his ear.
"Shh. Yes, luv, I promise."


Fire & Ice #4

"Jus' 'nother minute."

A hard hand clamped down on his left hip, pulling him into full contact with the heated form at his back.
Simeon sighed.
“So warm…”
The deep, rich voice he recalled from earlier fell like liquid sunshine against Simeon’s ears. He shivered, an electric prickle sweeping across his skin.
“You see, Rye? I told you it needed the both of us.”
The other voice spoke from in front of Simeon. A second, equally strong hand gripped Simeon’s hip, just above the first. His leg was lifted, and a muscular, hair roughened thigh pressed between his. Amusement laced the hypnotic tones of the man’s lilting voice.
“Yes, yes, Josh. You’re right again. Be a love and give me a sip of the tea so I can feed it to him.”
Simeon heard a muffled clink, followed by a slurping sound, then blazing hot lips were pressed to his. He pressed forward, his mouth opening under the gentle pressure exerted against it. The voice behind him sounded right against his ear.
“Get ready to swallow Simeon. Rye is giving you a sip of his special tea. Nasty stuff, but it’ll help you feel better.”
Laughter echoed in the voice.
Warm liquid poured into Simeon’s mouth.
This was ambrosia.
It tasted like the tea Simeon had once when—
He opened his eyes, swallowing the delicious sweet and salty fluid in his mouth.
Simeon’s mouth opened again.
“You’re an angel.”
He blinked at the being in front of him.
Feathery softness brushed his cheek. Simeon turned his head, breaking eye contact with the angel. Arching above him in a sheltering arc were two huge wings. One pure white, the other so black hints of blue gleamed iridescently along the curve. Simeon reached up, running wondering fingers over both.
“Angels? What are angels doing in my bed?”
A sharp crack of laughter boomed out behind Simeon. The callused hand at his hip ran up his side, over his shoulder and around his neck. Long fingers curled around his chin, pulling him further around. Simeon looked into the eyes he’d yet to properly capture in a drawing.
“Oh, Sweetness, I’m no angel.”
Simeon’s heart hammered in his chest.
He feasted his eyes on the most wickedly beautiful face he’d ever beheld.
No. This was no angel.
A hand reached over his shoulder to smack the speaker sharply on his shoulder, just where a star shaped tattoo graced it. Simeon wanted to lick that tattoo. His mouth watered.
“Ow! Dammit, Rye, I’ll ask JC to revoke your angel status myself if you keep beating me!”
Husky laughter answered that outburst.
Simeon leaned closer, wiggling around to fully face the black winged creature.
“W-what are you? You look like…a dangerous angel.”
A burning, knowing smile insinuated itself on the beings face.
“I’m an incubus my pet. Part angel, part demon.”
Simeon swallowed rapidly.
“That explains the dreams then.”
Fingers ran up Simeon’s spine. A soft kiss brushed the nape of his neck.
“Joshua, stop trying to frighten Simeon out of falling in love with you. He won’t be able to help doing so any more than I could, and speaking from experience, life is a whole lot more pleasant when you don’t.”
Joshua’s eyes flared, filling with flashes of yellow.
He turned them back to Simeon, and the little ice elemental thought he might faint again.