Friday, June 24, 2016

Fabulous Friday: An Open Letter About Separating Author Life From Personal Life

Dear Everyone,

I keep hearing people say that writers shouldn't talk about politics or religion, or gun control, or reproductive rights. I write mostly m/m romance, so I get a lot of support around talking about LGBTQI rights. But if I can't talk about any of the other BIG IMPORTANT stuff in my life, I'm going to shut the hell up about that too.


Hold on.

Read through to the end before you write me off as a wasted of occupied space and breathable oxygen.

I'm going on record here.

You say it's going to destroy my career as a writer. Well, I'm not exactly in the big leagues with what little I've written thus far. I may never be. So, you know what?


I'll shut up.

Because all this talk is getting *nothing* accomplished.

It's time to do something instead.

I'm going to go write the hell out of characters experiencing all of the things. I'm going to let them do whatever they need to in support or opposition of the things I'm not supposed to talk about. Then I'm going to find the best damn beta-readers and proofreaders I can to help me.

And after that I'm going to publish as many books as I can before I die about ALL THE THINGS that no one is talking about but everyone is afraid of.


I'm going to DO all the things I think will bring a better world.

March in parades and protests.

Write letters to my senator.

Buy organic or work for organic food.

You know, whatever helps me be the changes I want to see.

And then I'll write stories full of those things.

You're not going to hear about me here.

I WILL talk about my characters, their worlds, and their dreams.

Expect loads of happy kitten videos and anything else I find beautiful in my Cherie Noel Author feeds (Twitter and Facebook) going forward. For now, I'll start you off with a snippet of me reading from my story Changeless.

May you be well,
Cherie Noel

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