Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Finding the Other Flashers



I've got a list of the other flashers.

Sweet, right?

So, go. Go. Get outta here after you finish my flash (which is the next post down), and go read theirs. Some are m/f, some are m/m. Go. Enjoy. And remember to leave comments. Happy Reading!

Victoria Blisse (m/f)
L. M. Brown (m/m)

Cherie Noel (m/m/m)  <<<virgin>>>

Ryssa Edwards (m/m) 

Wicked Wednesday: Unveiling the Silver Flash Sweetness

Today is the first day of Silver Flash Sweetness here at the Writing Cave. So get ready for a new treat each and every Wednesday, er, unless our regularly scheduled broadcasts get interrupted.

Like, say, Brad Pitt dumps Angelina


I know, right?

Anyway, here it is. Just a nibblet. If you want to read the story from the start, scroll to the top of my page, go to the buttons at the top and click on Fire & Ice. Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy.

Silver Flashing: Steampunky Prompt :)

Simeon blinked.
Joshua reached into the pocket of his charcoal grey suit jacket. The play of light across the back of Josh's hand mesmerized Simeon. Josh's lips curled up on one side as he flicked open an antique pocket watch.
Simeon craned his neck.
There were words written inside the lid.
It figured they were in German, one of the few languages he didn't speak.
Joshua chuckled.
"Come on Simeon, we have to get going. I don't want to miss watching the launch."
What was Josh talking about?
Josh shook his head slowly, his smile kicking up a notch. He reached out with one hand to tap a hot finger against Simeon's nose.
"Come on, luv, grab a parasol so you don't burn your pretty nose."
The bigger man turned away, pausing to look over his shoulder and quirk a brow at Simeon.
"You do still want to see the Zepplin launch, don't you? I had to give up an entire week's time to my father's whims to garner tickets to this, luv, so let's not miss it, shall we?"
Simeon nodded.
He had no idea what the other man was blathering about, but he'd do almost anything to stay close to the intense heat pouring off Josh's skin. He was always so damn cold. Except when Josh was close.
Simeon hurried to the door. He paused at the tall brass vase next to the portal, plucking out a red umbrella. He didn't own a parasol, but figured this would do in a pinch.
Josh held the door open, glancing at Simeon with something wicked in his grin.
"Better grab the binoculars too, my sweet. We wouldn't want to miss catching sight of Rye fluttering about in the altogether."
Simeon nodded yet again, starting to feel a bit like a bobble-head. Yes, that was what those silly dolls were called. He'd seen them on the film about the museum where things came to life. Simeon liked that one nearly as much a Elf.
Josh's voice broke through his musings.
"Stay focused Simeon. I need you to stay with us, luv. We'll get you warm in no time."
The umbrella's handle grew soft in Simeon's hand. He whimpered. Sunlight stabbed down at him, fiercely bright but cold. That was wrong. Sunlight should be warm.
"Rye, get in here. He's going into shock. I think this is going to take both of us."
Another voice sounded from somewhere behind Simeon, this one...well, it sounded like butterscotch tasted, smooth, golden, sweet, and slightly burnt. Not charred, mind you. Just...heated.
"Josh, the tea's nearly ready. I need a few minutes more. Do whatever you have to, and I'll square it with JC later, okay?"
Simeon listened for the answer. He quailed away from the cold, surging forward into Joshua's fiery embrace. Long lean arms closed around Simeon, and he was flying.
Simeon opened his eyes.
"I'm sorry we missed the Zepplin launch, Josh. Will your father still make you pay? It's my fault, I know--if you want, I'll pay in your stead."
Josh sucked in a sharp breath. He spoke quickly, words rushing out of his mouth so fast they tumbled over the tops of one another.
"No. No, Simeon, I can't let you pay. Not ever. I don't mind missing the launch. We'll see another one, luv. Later, when you're well."
Simeon shook. A wave of cold swept over him, and he closed his eyes again.
His own voice sounded far away and weak to Simeon.
"Shh. Yes, luv, I promise."

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday Triumph

My Christmas Short featuring Kevin, Tony and Neil from Kiss & Tell is done and submitted. Keep your fingers crossed!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Manic Monday

So, first up on Manic Monday...I gotta give a shout out to my peeps over at Riptide Publishing cause I've seen the opening line-up and wowza. Also, Mark Alder's has a free read called Pyrogasm which can be found by clicking on the's posted over at Goodreads, on the M/M romance groups Hot Summer Days event. If you like it, then you can also check out Mark's book, Mageolescence which you can find out tons of stuff about
on Mark's blog. Loads of good reading to be found there.

Next...I really and truly am a bit manic this week. I've got until Wednesday to finish work on my two Christmas shorts for Silver *meep* a jittery kidlet to wrangle, a carnivorous hamster to care for, and ...I was smart and wrote my Silver Flash for Wednesday already.

*sly grin*

Go me.

The short stories are intended to be 15k each, which means I need 19,516 words by Wed.


Totally doable, right.


I know.

Insane to even try, but a happy kinda crazy for me.  Only 6,505 words a day. LOL.

Well, I'm gonna try.

Ready, Steady, Go, go, go.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

More Sunday Fun: A Sunday Snog

Unedited Excerpt from When In Rome.

When the lovely Carol turned to speak with the customs agent, Alessandro chanced to look up at the man’s face.
The bastado was eyeing la piccolina’s legs as though he wished to lick them. Alessandro felt his teeth beginning to extend.
He could not allow the change to take him here.
Carol was not ready.
And Alessandro’s father, the Count, would have his head if Alessandro were gauche enough to allow the change to take him while surrounded by humans.
Alessandro strode forward.
“Ah, piccolina, forgive me again. I must taste you now.”
Carol’s mouth rounded into a perfect ‘O’ of surprise, and then began to widen. Oh, no. Alessandro could not allow her to deny him, not now, with the change so close. He swooped down, gathering her curvy body tightly against his own.
Carol punched his shoulder.
He nibbled on her lips.
She kicked his shin and opened her mouth.
Alessandro eased his tongue inside, kissing her as deeply as he dared in public.
The customs agent cleared his throat.
"Signore. Singorina, mi sentirete sicuramente questo bacio ancora quando mi sdraio nel cimitero, ma potresti almeno un passo avanti? Ho timbrato il vostro passaporto. La linea e lunga, e il mio supervisore e un diavolo senz'anima, che non si cura che si e innamorati. Per favore. Si muovono lungo."
Alessandro tore himself from the inviting paradise of Carol’s lush mouth.
“Piccolina, the customs agent asks that we move along.”
The man had said much more than that, but those were the relevant words.

for more Snogging Good Fun, Visit Victoria Blisse and the home of the Sunday Snog.

Six Sentence Sunday

So, my minions, *heh, I love saying that*, I've decided to try something new on Sundays.
Six Sentences.
Yep, that's it. Just six.

I promise to make them good ones.
And if you're still craving more? I've got a linky-dinky that will take you to the land of plenty.

Plenty of other yum-nummy writers all doing six sentences of their own.

Got it?

Right, then, here are the first six sentences of my upcoming Christmas story feature the boys from Kiss & Tell...ready, steady, go:

“Neil, we’se got a problem.”
Neil looked up from the freshman Art History term papers he currently causing both his red marking pen and his eyes to bleed.
Tony stood in front of Neil’s desk, naked from the waist up. Flecks of red in various shades dotted his torso. Neil smiled. The spatters of red paint on his lover’s body were a damn site easier to look at than mutilations of history most of his freshman class had handed in.   

If you want more...I'll be publishing this little gem for Christmas. And I'll keep you up to date with details of where and when. Don't forget, you can go straight to Six Sentence Sunday's main site to find loads of other authors all doing the same thing today. 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Satuday, and a walk in the park...

The munchkin (who is nearly as tall as I am) and I took a walk in the park today.

Sunshine, moderate temps and cool breezes...lovely. We made some fun discoveries along the way.

Did you know that seagulls don't run away if you say hi-hi-hi-hi-hi repeatedly to them?

Or that there are some (v.weird looking) birds that seem to spend more time under water than above it? No, I'm not talking about penguins. I think this one was some sort of heron or egret. Beautiful in a rather otherworldly way.

The clincher which made our walk miraculous today?

The little veteran's monument for four home-town boys. Mind you, brothers. We read this on the little plaque located there. O_o V. Cool.

"The Niland Brothers were four American brothers from Tonawanda, New York, serving in the military during World War Two. Of the four, two survived the war, but for a time it was believed that only one, Frederick Niland, had survived. Frederick was sent back to the United States to complete his service and only later learned that his brother Edward, missing and presumed dead, was actually a captive in a Japanese POW camp in Burma. Steven Spielberg's film, Saving Private Ryan, is widely believed to be based  on the brothers' story."

All in all, a most enjoyable time.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Five: UmYumUmYum

Had a thought today. All those pics we ooh and ahh over on different blogs...they belong to someone. A photographer, a model.


Today, how about we skip the piccy's, and talk about Five Reasons friday is Fabulous?
Here's my five:
1)Got Army-Sister's other Sister's Cover letter re-tweak done. Yay...go me.
2)Only need 3,700 more words to meet today's goal.
3)I just ate fresh baked Chocolate-Chip muffins.
4)The sun is shining.
5)I'm a full time writer. So, for me every day is friday. *grin*

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday Think Tank: Writing around the Chaos

I'd love to write something brilliant, pithy, and worth quoting ad nauseum. 

Er, reality check, mija's y mijo's. 

This is still me we're talking about. 

So I'm just gonna shoot straight from the hip, and hope a word or two hits the target.
I love what I do. Dreaming up characters, or sometimes just sitting still and being a conduit for them to tell their stories. It's amazing. I get to look at pics of hot people and legitimately claim to be doing research. 

How cool is that?

But that's not the whole picture.

Because I have a family.

And family = chaos.

Cause everyone has different needs, and slightly different rhythmic patterns they move to. I think the difference keep life spicy. 

So, spice is good. 

Anyone who has ever spent time in a kitchen can tell you that. 

Put the wrong spices together though, and the result can be wretched. And by wretched, I mean abso-freaking-lutely NASTY TASTING.

Not quite how one wants life.


I write around the chaos. I get up early. I break the writing into bits and pieces. I take the vignettes that my family provides me and weave them into my stories. 

And, Ta-Da *sings that part*, I have a story. And a family that sees me, and is part of my everyday rhythm. Some days we flow together smooth and tasty as Jiffy extra-creamy peanut butter and Nutella (if you don't know what this is I weep for you). Some days, we're way more Fish and Bicyclish. 


I just keep going. I love what I do, and I love who I am...mother, singer, writer, etc.

Like I said, not especially clever today. Just kinda heart-full and hoping.   

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday Triumph


I finished my edits.

Well, okay, the brain melted a bit there toward the end, but I did get them done.

Now I just gotta make sure I fine tooth the next set.

And don't let my brain melt again.


I'm off to seclude myself in the writing cave. Tony, Neil and Kevin have a Christmas adventure to get through. :) Plus I gots a hot alley-cat shifter to write about!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Madness

146 pages into first edits on newly contracted book.

Book is 244 pages long.

And it seems to be growing. O_o

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday, what shall I do about you?

I'm deep in edit-land my lovely ones. This draft should be ready to go out to the editor tomorrow, and then it's back to our regularly scheduled programming.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday at the Library

I have to be brief.

The library closes in a few minutes.

And my home internet is spotty at best until after the 1st.

Keep enter the contest here and over at Goodreads.

I will find a way to check in!!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday-An Unedited Excerpt in Real Time

What I'm working on right now?


More edits.

And a super secret story.

No, lips are sealed.


So instead, how about a real life story?

True story.




I got nothing.

My brain is melted, and I think Rhino the Carnivorous Hamster just finished sucking down the gooey remnants.


Creepy visual.

I'll whip up something in the morning, after I grow a new brain.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Manic Monday

I haven't forgotten the contest...internet woes and family drama have been making it hard for me to keep up with things here...but I think I have a plan to make that all better!! This week is bound to be a doozy though, as I have edits due to Silver, a story submission due to Riptide, and loads of stuff to get the kidlet ready for school. :) So, I'm off to work on my edits, going dark, going deep into the cave. I'll see you later, once those are done. I'll check the posts later today, when I need a quick break from edits, and let you all know who won the contests, as well as who is in the running for the month long contest.

Until we meet again, have a good read!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Flash: Fire & Ice #2

These Bad Boys woke me up demanding some face time. Such pushy boys!

You guys play with them for a bit.

I've gotta get some edits done, and finish the first draft of a different story.


I know, I know. But it's wicked fun to tease you.

Fire & Ice #2


Josh and Ryan moved as one to catch the collapsing man. Ryan, moving a hair faster, scooped Simeon’s pale form into his arms. Once the unconscious elemental was secure in his arms Ryan strode into the open door.
Josh stood unmoving at the threshold. He clenched his jaw. His thick chest heaved as he took several quick deep breaths.
“Dammit, Rye, you have to ask me in. You know I have to be invited because of my Dad’s little snit.
He hit the wall just outside the doorframe with one balled up fist.
“Stupid celestial rules were designed to irritate me as much as possible.”
Ryan rolled his eyes before looking back over his shoulder to scope out Josh’s expression. The big baby was actually sticking his bottom lip out. Sheesh, Josh was such a drama demon. Ryan did forget the whole short end of the stick from both parents thing sometimes, but really, this particular situation was extraordinary.
“Yeah. Sorry, Josh. I give you permission to enter.”
The words rippled out, nearly visible as they crossed the threshold and fell against Josh’s skin.
The sandy haired demon shuddered.
“Shit. That feels so weird.”
Josh stepped forward as he spoke, wincing as he crossed into the house. Ryan cocked one dark eyebrow upward. He waited until Josh met his eyes.
“What feels weird?”
Josh shrugged.
“Well, it’s not your house, Rye. So even though you gave permission and I can enter, when I cross the line it feels like fine grained sandpaper swiping at every square inch of my skin.”
Ryan’s eyes dropped to Josh’s denim covered crotch.
Josh winced again before nodding.
“Yeah, lover, there too.”
Ryan’s eyes flashed upward.
“That sucks, Josh.”
Josh waved a hand toward Simeon’s limp form.
“Worry about that latter. Let’s get him comfortable first.”
Ryan grunted. Pulling Simeon closer to his chest he shivered. Speaking over his shoulder, Ryan switched destinations in mid-stride.
“Josh, he’s freaking icy. You’d better strip down to your skin and get under the covers with him. You’re hotter than I am. I’ll make something hot to drink and then join you.”
Ryan walked unerringly to the bedroom door, nudged it open with his foot and quickly deposited Simeon under the thick white comforter. He frowned as he took in the room’s lack of color. No wonder the elemental was in such bad shape. Nothing here fed the soul.
Josh’s hand landed on his shoulder, hot, heavy, and familiar.
“Go make some of that stellar tea of yours, babe. I’ll get our boy warm enough to wake up.”
Ryan nodded jerkily. He spun away from the bed, keeping his face averted.
Josh gripped his shoulder more tightly. The heat from his hand increased.
“Whoa. Don’t you go running out of here quite that fast, lover boy. Did you think this is your fault, Rye? You fucking well know better. I wouldn’t let you come by yourself.”
Josh pulled Ryan close, heat rolling off him in waves, soaking through Ryan’s clothes and warming the cold spot on his chest that Simeon had rested against. Christ almighty knew how good Josh felt against him. The boss’s son had told Ryan once that he could feel the love lighting up whatever corner of heaven Josh and Ryan were in when they were together, and that he’d back Ryan if anyone ever made a fuss about Ryan and Josh being together.
Jesus was really an okay guy. Ryan had his own ideas about the Son, but he kept those close to his chest. No need to get kicked out of Heaven. Not unless they tried to forbid Josh entry again. Ryan lost coherent thought then, Josh’s fiery pull on him melting any resistance he had.
Josh licked his way into Ryan’s mouth, tasting strongly of cinnamon, like the jaw-breakers some human children favored. Ryan moaned, pushing closer. Josh suckled his tongue before pulling away with one last nip at Ryan’s bottom lip.
Ryan whimpered.
Josh chuckled.
A firm smack against his ass had Ryan opening eyes he couldn’t remember closing.
“Get the tea, Rye.”
Josh’s topaz colored eyes sparkled at Ryan. The demon lifted his hand, running gentle fingers along Ryan’s cheek, wiping away the tears straying over them.
“It’s not your fault, Rye. He will be okay. We got here in time. Just—just make some of your special brew and get your fine ass back in here as quickly as you can. I can heal his body, but you have a more delicate touch for the soul stuff.”
Ryan nodded.
He could do that. 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday Think Tank: Who do You Love

Can you hear Morrison? On one of his less drunken tour dates?
Say...Vancouver? Singing his heart out.
Fans are still making tributes to his memory. Hooking them together, amazing music and  rare footage of his routine mayhem and foolishness.

So, yeah, we loved him.

Which brings us right back to the main question.

Who do you love?

And do they know?

Because nothing, luv, nothing is guaranteed, neither tomorrow, nor even the next moment. And in a hundred years, who's gonna care if you followed the rules dictated by society?

I'm not saying go all stalkery and psycho.


Just if you do, and you can look into the mirror at midnight, stone cold sober and say, "Oh, hell yeah, I love that f***ing fool.", then tell them.

They may be waiting, and just possibly, wishing they had the courage to do the same.

Go on. Grow a pair.

Cause the only real regrets?

Are things you never attempt.


I love  a whole lotta folk, in a whole lotta ways. Love my daughter. Love her dad too, not in a "in love and starry-eyed" kinda way. Naw. More a "Oh hell somebodies gotta!" kinda way. Because beneath all the bullshit he routinely throws between himself and the world is something of worth. Just glad I don't ride the train to crazy town with him. Love my sister, even though she pisses me off on the regular. Love my Army-brother and his wife, and all three of their girls. Love my Balthazar. Shit, even love my daughter's stinky little dwarf hamster, Rhino. Damn smelly little fucker.

Not in love with anyone at the moment.

But me?

Takes about a second to fall.

And the next time I do?

Gonna say so.

Cause there just aren't any guarantees, are there?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday Work in Progress

The latest and greatest?

Riptide Publishing asked me to submit...based on this:

Impossible You
Thomas Dempster, shy and short and—well, a little bit pudgy—spends his days facilitating hundreds of potential romances as an IT specialist for He spends his nights alone, dreaming of finding his own impossibly perfect match.
Ryan Skeezix, furry and ever so slightly flea-ridden, spends his days shifted into his alley cat form, hoping like hell he doesn’t end up in the pound, and his all too human nights brawling for the right to a lousy back-alley housing one decent garbage can, and a whole lotta bricked up doors leading to nothing.

An ordinary Tuesday, a barely there seismic ripple and a snarky put down by a dreamy club-boy conspire to tangle the two in a scorching, slightly inebriated episode of lust run amok. But will Thom and Ryan manage to open their eyes enough on the dreaded morning after to see past their own iron-clad expectations to the perfectly imperfect way they fit together? 


And that? Is exactly what I am currently working on. Because Riptide? Is hot, hot, hot, and their ideas about what should be published are amazing. I definitely want to get this little story into their hands...asap!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday Triumph

I've got a lot to shout about lately.

My first release The Soldier & the State Trooper is still hitting in the top 100 of 3 separate Amazon Bestseller lists.You can find it over there in Kindle format ...just remember to like me over there!!

I received a contract from Silver Publishing for the first novel of my sci-fi series, The Akanti, and am currently working on edits for that novel, Tian's Hero. I'll have a little excerpt for you tomorrow for WIP Wednesday.

My free read , Kiss & Tell, (on Goodreads in their M/M Romance group's Hot Summer Day's event) has had a lot of positive responses, and sparked the inspiration for a sequel...and I love my boys from this little story, and am thrilled to be spending more time with them. 

So, a few things to shout about.

What's your triumph today? Big or small, let me know so we can celebrate it together!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Manic Monday

Still Manic.

Does it ever change?

I sure hope not. I like to stay busy.

Today I'm reminding everyone that the contests are still running, trying to separate my personal FB page from my Author/Writer FanPage, writing letters, setting up ways to donate to charity, writing emails...on and on it goes.
And I have to squeeze in time to write and edit, lol.

Did I mention how much I love this job?

So here's the deal for the day.
Leave me an post in the comments section of THIS post. Earn points towards the month-long contest. Or go to the wishes of the heart blog and respond in the comment section for that post to enter for a chance at the signed print version of The Soldier & the State Trooper. Good times, right?

Yeah, yeah. I know. Easy-Peasy.

I do aim to please.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Contests are still running...

Don't forget to add to your points for the month...stop by  and leave a comment. Easy Peasy.

What? Sunday Again?

I adore rainy days.

Well, usually.

Not so much when it's a roaring 42 degrees Fahrenheit, I have a rad case of strep on steroids, and my First Sergeant has a "case of the ass" and sends me out to stand on a corner, in said rain to direct traffic. For eight hours.


Good times, good times.

Okay, I can hear you squawking in the background.

Yes, oh impatient one, there will be an excerpt today.

Can't a girl be a wee bit nostalgic on a rainy day? Especially when she thinks she might have accidentally found by far the coolest squad leader she ever had?





Then how about a sneaky peaky at an unedited excerpt of my upcoming story?

unedited, uncensored...and hopefully uncommonly intriguing.

Patrick eyed the other men in the room, thick clouds of tension radiating out from each one as they all struggled to stop vibrating hard enough to rattle their own teeth out. Shit. They were all a sorry bunch of junkies, and he loved every one of them. Leon had saved Patrick’s life more than once as he struggled to get clean. Patrick squeezed the hard plastic chit in his hand. He looked down, because, damn it, something was in his eye, and he didn’t want any of the fuckers to think he was some kind of pansy assed punk, crying over a cheap piece of plastic.
He might be a little moved by the whole six months of being clean bit. But he still wasn’t going to let the fuckers see him cry. He snorted. They’d never let him live it down. Leon especially would rag him about it. Patrick looked up through his eyelashes at his mentor who currently had a wide white smile plastered on his very black face.
He definitely saw the sheen of moisture in Patrick’s eyes. A cool shiver whispered up the big red head’s spine as the small dark skinned man continued to watch him with knowing eyes. Patrick blew out an aggrieved breath. Nothing could be done at this point to stave off the inevitable teasing. Patrick squared his shoulders and raised his head.
Leon’s grin changed to one of approval.
Patrick stood up.
“Hi. I’m Patrick, and I’m an addict. Um. This is my sixth month—”
Leon interrupted him.
“Damn boy, tell them the truth. You almost seven months clean now. Ain’t it ‘bout time you start in telling the truth full time?”
The older man’s eyes were fathomless pools of black. Patrick swallowed hard. He didn’t have a chit for seven months yet. It felt like lying to say that. He firmed his chin.
“I’m not all the way there yet, Leon. I don’t take credit for almost anymore.”
Leon nodded, his eyes warming until Patrick could feel the embrace they carried.
“I’m an addict, and I’d like to start today by making amends to the men of this group. I lied to some of you…and I stole from Leon. Twice. And he never gave up on me. He took me to the hospital twice when I overdosed. And he lets me call him when I wanna use, no matter what time it is. So…I’m sorry Leon. And I want to find a way to pay you back…for…um…for everything.”
Words stopped coming, so Patrick sat, his hands clammy, and sweat rolling down the side of his face. Holy Christ, that was harder than he thought it would be.
He could only imagine how hard it would be to make amends to Tony and Kevin.
He pushed that thought to the back of his mind. He’d wait until he had a chance to talk his strategy over with Leon. Then he’d approach the two men he’d hurt the most, even though the thought of doing so made his stomach clench and burn.
Patrick focused on welcoming the next man in the circle.
“Welcome Henri.”


Leaving the coffee shop after his private meeting with Leon, Patrick realized he’d forgotten to buy toilet paper earlier in the week. He was down to his very last roll. Rolling his eyes at his absent-mindedness, he turned his Izuzu Trooper toward the grocery story.
Ten minutes later he was in the paper product aisle when a sultry voice caressed his ears.
“Are you gonna spend all day looking, sugar, or are you gonna move along so the rest of us can get to the good stuff?”
Patrick swung his head around quickly. A slender man with pink gloss on his plush, fuck-me-hard lips and bold black guy-liner all around his eyes was standing just behind him, eyeing him up like the last piece of chocolate on earth. He swallowed hard around the boulder that was suddenly lodged in his throat, and tried to keep his imagination from playing out all the parts of himself he’d like to rub the guy’s long, silky black hair across.
The man’s mouth quirked up in a half smile.
“Sugar, I know as fine as you are you have to have had an incident of homo-jayzus-those-jeans make me wanna put you in my grocery cart for dinner before today, hmm?”
Patrick’s mouth dropped open. He couldn't think of a thing to say.
And really?
He could think of far better things to do with his mouth than talk.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


I just wanted to take a moment out to thank everyone who makes it not just possible, but fun to do what I do.
Jason, Lori, Jen, and Juniper from the M/M Romance Group on Goodreads; Laura, Kris, and (squee, I love my editor) Jennifer over at Mlr Press, the lovely and talented folk at Winterheart Design, and of course, all those who encourage my writing with words and deeds, my readers, friends, betas and honest (yes,you Bubbles!) reviewers. You guys rock out loud.

And always, always. To the wizard who set my sorrowing heart free from the restraints that held it bound to the ground and taught it to soar. Thank you my Balthazar. You're the bestest Patric ever, ever...ever.


Get to the Island!!
Get to the party and win-win-win with a side of winning!

Saturday, on the Island

AuthorIsland that is, where the promo goddess is working her magic to get you babies here where you can win FABULOUS prizes!!

Cause today is the kick-off of some month long goodness and goody getting for those in the know!! There are three prizes up for offer...and they all relate to my sweet and hot new novel, The Soldier & the State Trooper : one an ebook, one a signed copy of the print version, and one....(this one is my fave) the right to co-create a character for Robert & Christie's next adventure!


So here's the rules my lovelies:

Today's contests is easy-peasy.
Just go to www.CyberLaunchParty.blogspot.​com and leave a comment. That's all. No fuss, no muss. At the end of the day we'll randomly draw  a name from those entered and send your ebook winging on it's way to you.

The week-long contest is for a signed copy of the print version of the book.
Still pretty easy, my lovelies. Just find the "Wishes of the Heart" blog post and respond to it (preferably in that blog's comment slot, so I don't get confused). At the end of the week we'll use or some such to draw a name from all those who've entered, and then you'll have to look on the website for your  name to appear as a winner, and send me an email with your contact info so I can send you a signed copy of the book.

The month long contest (again, my personal fave!) is for the right to co-create a character for Robert & Christie's next adventure/life episode! 

How cool is that?

You can earn a point for every day that you comment on the blog posts, a point for reviewing the book on Goodreads, five points for reviewing it on Amazon, a point for liking it on Amazon, and a point a day for responding to that day's post on my FB page (that will be specific to the contest) by emailing me the answer. Also, whomever can find the post either on FB or on TalesFromTheWritingCave where I explain what a Dragon Soldier is and tell me after reading it what Christie and I have in common in relation to that post can earn 25bonus points. At the end of the month, the person with the highest number of points can co-create a character with me to be written into the next Robert & Christie story. It can be someone you create, just a name, or even yourself. If there's a tie for points, we'll have a drawing of those with the same high # of points! 

How's that sound?

Friday, August 5, 2011

Fabulous Friday: Five Reasons to Jump for Joy

1) The Soldier & the State Trooper releases today at Mlr Press, and if that ain't reason enough to get jazzed, let me cook up four more...
2) There's a contest starting today right here in the Writing Cave that continues through next friday. The prize will be a signed copy of the book. All you have to do to enter is find my blog about Wishes of the Heart, and respond in the comment section. Be sure to also send me an email at cherienoel @ (without the spaces) so I have a way to contact the winner.
3)The official release party over at AuthorIsland is tomorrow...and there are prizes to be won there as well!
4)I have today achieved on of the wishes of my heart...I'm now a published Author. Yes, it did need to be in caps! LOL.
5)My next book will be out (tentatively) August 19th.

Guess that's enough reason to jump for joy, yeah? So get to looking for that blog, and then answer the question it asks. It's easy-peasy, and fun. I'll be in and out until 11am, then I'll be ready, steady, fully present until just before 5pm.

So, see you in the funny pages!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday Think Tank: Chasing the Muse

Today I'm chasing the muse.

The fickle thing slips in and out, whispers in my ear, and then disappears. I get glimpses of the shape my story should take, and the characters are set to holler if I get it wrong...but the spirit of inspiration slides away with only the slightest of winks in my direction.


So I'm chasing the muse.

What do you do when the muse slips away?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday Whip

Well then.

I thought I was going to be over at LRC (Love's Romance Cafe) today, chatting and generally cutting up with a whole slew of the Mlr Press authors...sadly, not enough of us were available today to make it viable, so it got cancelled.

And now I'm late posting the Wednesday Work in Progress.

Again, mea culpa.

So sorry, my lovelies.
Friday is release day for The Soldier & the State Trooper, and there will be prizes and contests, both here the week of the 5th through the 12th and over at AuthorIsland during my launch party on Saturday the 6th. The prizes and contest will be different, so be sure to check out both events.

Okie, dokie. On to the Whip. Lol. Really more of a WIP today, very little kink involved.

Eh, maybe a little bit.

Unedited Excerpt from Touch & Go

Tony was so excited he couldn’t stop bouncing on his toes. They were going to the fair today. With rides and everything. And then, tomorrow, Neil and Kevin were taking him to the arts show and they were all going together and it was so exciting he just had to bounce on his toes again a couple of times.
He was waiting by the car, and he was following the rules. Well, he wasn’t breaking any rules. Not really. They didn’t have a rule for when you could get up, or how early it was okay to go wait by the car.
So he was almost completely sure it was okay.
Kevin didn’t get mad when he guessed, unless it was about danger stuff. If he guessed about danger stuff then Kevin’s face got red, and a little muscle in his jaw jumped, and…sometimes he would cry. Because of Tony. Kevin got scared that people would be mean to Tony and it made him cry. Tony had a note in his own writing to remind him of that. Cause it was important.
Tony’s eyes got stingy, and he had to sniffle a couple of times.
He didn’t like it when Kevin was scared.
But he was pretty sure this was okay. He was still in the house. Kind of. The garage attached to the house, and he left the door open. But he didn’t want to wake Kevin and Neil so early. They didn’t get as excited about things like the fair. They got excited about “sleeping in”, and “a nice night out”.
            Tony would take the fair any day. He bounced again.
Cotton candy, rides that made his stomach flip and whirl…and the faces. All those faces he could soak in, and then paint later, when they seeped back out of him.
A bird started to sing outside the garage.
Tony lifted up on his tippy-toes, very slow. It was not what he would call a bounce.
Birds meant Kevin and Neil would be up in an hour or so.
Tony’s stomach rumbled, and he decided he might have time to eat before they got up. He walked backwards into the kitchen, pulled down his special cereal bowl (pink like his phone) and poured a third of the box of Captain Crunch into it. Then he very sneakily added some of Neil’s Vanilla Flavored coffee creamer to his bowl, topping it off with the 2% that Kevin said was healthy. He thought maybe they wouldn’t catch him about the Vanilla Creamer this time, because he even wiped off his finger prints like the guy from CSI.
Tony grinned and ate his cereal. Then he ate another bowl, because the first one tasted so good, and by the time Neil and Kevin got up he had finished off both the Captain Crunch and all the special Coffee Creamer. That was how Neil said it, with capital letters. Very particular.
Neil started the coffee, and Tony was glad even though it brought the finding out of him using up all the creamer closer, because making the coffee was on the list. He wasn’t allowed, because when was working on a project one time he forgot and put macaroni in the filter. The canisters were right next to each other, and Tony was too busy thinking about all the shades of red and gold he would need to paint Neil’s hair to pay attention, and somehow between him and the macaroni the and the wandering off to mix paints in the studio, the “whole damned coffee machine” got ruined.
Those were Neil’s exact words. He was late to a very important lecture that day, but he still remembered to kiss Tony good-bye and tell him to paint from his heart that day. So, anyways, they made a new rule, and Tony didn’t make the coffee cause he didn’t want to ruin another “whole damned coffee machine”. 
Kevin laughed every time he said those words, and he made Tony laugh too, but he still insisted on the rule. He said Neil got cranky without his morning coffee. Tony and Neil eyed each other and silently agreed that it was Kevin who got cranky, but it was okay. Everybody had their cranky buttons.
Tony started to sidle out of the kitchen when Neil realized the Vanilla Creamer bottle in the fridge was empty, and he lifted his big head of shaggy red hair to lift a red and gold brow as his sky blue eyes cut a hole in all Tony’s defenses.
Tony thought that maybe he shoulda remembered that one of Neil’s cranky buttons might possibly be to run out of his very special Vanilla Creamer for his coffee.
 “I’m sorry Neil. I didn’t mean to use it all up. It just tasted so good and with the Captain Crunch it made magic in my mouth—”
Neil’s gaze dropped to Tony’s mouth. The edges of the professor’s mouth turned up in a little smile. His eyes lifted back to Tony’s, full of a twinkling light that Tony knew meant the older man was amused.
“Eh. I can certainly vouch for the magic in your mouth, Tony, and don’t worry about the creamer. I have more.”
Tony lifted his tee-shirt and scratched absently at his stomach.
“Really? Because I’d sure like some in my coffee.”
Neil laughed out loud as his gaze strayed to Tony’s rock hard abs. He pulled a bottle of creamer from somewhere in the depths of the fridge, and handed it to Kevin, who took it with a silly smirk on his face. Kevin’s eyes were still on Tony’s stomach, even though the tee-shirt was back down over it.
“I told you he drank it all, Neil. You so owe me a foot-rub when I get home from work.”
Neil pointed to the counter where he’d put out three coffee mugs.
“Pour, Florence, we have pigs to see and money to lose on rigged games.”
Tony bounced again, just once, with a really big grin stretched across his face.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday--Time to start the Countdown!

Pretties first.

Yeah, so there should just have been two, for Tuesday, but...they were so yummy I couldn't stop.


Today is Tuesday, and my book, The Soldier & the State Trooper comes out on Friday.


So the count-down really needs to start, right?

I'm going to be posting some clues on the blog between now and Saturday, August 6th, which is the book launch date at Author Island ...and since the book actually goes live on Friday the 5th, in addition to offering a free ebook as a prize that day, I'll be offering an autographed copy of the print edition for the lucky person who correctly answers three story-trivia questions that I'll post during the Launch party. That contest, the print book one, will run for a week after the launch party. :)

Stay tuned for more info...
ummm, and pictures of smexy men. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Manic Monday

Just another day with the Bangles, right?


Running to register the kidlet for a new school district, and then on to more mayhem and foolishness.

I'll try to stop in later to write something pithy and wise.

I may cull it from someone else.