Sunday, August 28, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

So, my minions, *heh, I love saying that*, I've decided to try something new on Sundays.
Six Sentences.
Yep, that's it. Just six.

I promise to make them good ones.
And if you're still craving more? I've got a linky-dinky that will take you to the land of plenty.

Plenty of other yum-nummy writers all doing six sentences of their own.

Got it?

Right, then, here are the first six sentences of my upcoming Christmas story feature the boys from Kiss & Tell...ready, steady, go:

“Neil, we’se got a problem.”
Neil looked up from the freshman Art History term papers he currently causing both his red marking pen and his eyes to bleed.
Tony stood in front of Neil’s desk, naked from the waist up. Flecks of red in various shades dotted his torso. Neil smiled. The spatters of red paint on his lover’s body were a damn site easier to look at than mutilations of history most of his freshman class had handed in.   

If you want more...I'll be publishing this little gem for Christmas. And I'll keep you up to date with details of where and when. Don't forget, you can go straight to Six Sentence Sunday's main site to find loads of other authors all doing the same thing today. 


  1. As a college teacher, I so relate to the red ink bit. I'd sure enjoy a distraction like that while I'm grading papers.

  2. For a moment I thought Neil had taken the pen to him! LOL

  3. Lex, you so crack me up!! Christa, glad to see I got the tone right for the prof.


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