Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Flash: Fire & Ice #2

These Bad Boys woke me up demanding some face time. Such pushy boys!

You guys play with them for a bit.

I've gotta get some edits done, and finish the first draft of a different story.


I know, I know. But it's wicked fun to tease you.

Fire & Ice #2


Josh and Ryan moved as one to catch the collapsing man. Ryan, moving a hair faster, scooped Simeon’s pale form into his arms. Once the unconscious elemental was secure in his arms Ryan strode into the open door.
Josh stood unmoving at the threshold. He clenched his jaw. His thick chest heaved as he took several quick deep breaths.
“Dammit, Rye, you have to ask me in. You know I have to be invited because of my Dad’s little snit.
He hit the wall just outside the doorframe with one balled up fist.
“Stupid celestial rules were designed to irritate me as much as possible.”
Ryan rolled his eyes before looking back over his shoulder to scope out Josh’s expression. The big baby was actually sticking his bottom lip out. Sheesh, Josh was such a drama demon. Ryan did forget the whole short end of the stick from both parents thing sometimes, but really, this particular situation was extraordinary.
“Yeah. Sorry, Josh. I give you permission to enter.”
The words rippled out, nearly visible as they crossed the threshold and fell against Josh’s skin.
The sandy haired demon shuddered.
“Shit. That feels so weird.”
Josh stepped forward as he spoke, wincing as he crossed into the house. Ryan cocked one dark eyebrow upward. He waited until Josh met his eyes.
“What feels weird?”
Josh shrugged.
“Well, it’s not your house, Rye. So even though you gave permission and I can enter, when I cross the line it feels like fine grained sandpaper swiping at every square inch of my skin.”
Ryan’s eyes dropped to Josh’s denim covered crotch.
Josh winced again before nodding.
“Yeah, lover, there too.”
Ryan’s eyes flashed upward.
“That sucks, Josh.”
Josh waved a hand toward Simeon’s limp form.
“Worry about that latter. Let’s get him comfortable first.”
Ryan grunted. Pulling Simeon closer to his chest he shivered. Speaking over his shoulder, Ryan switched destinations in mid-stride.
“Josh, he’s freaking icy. You’d better strip down to your skin and get under the covers with him. You’re hotter than I am. I’ll make something hot to drink and then join you.”
Ryan walked unerringly to the bedroom door, nudged it open with his foot and quickly deposited Simeon under the thick white comforter. He frowned as he took in the room’s lack of color. No wonder the elemental was in such bad shape. Nothing here fed the soul.
Josh’s hand landed on his shoulder, hot, heavy, and familiar.
“Go make some of that stellar tea of yours, babe. I’ll get our boy warm enough to wake up.”
Ryan nodded jerkily. He spun away from the bed, keeping his face averted.
Josh gripped his shoulder more tightly. The heat from his hand increased.
“Whoa. Don’t you go running out of here quite that fast, lover boy. Did you think this is your fault, Rye? You fucking well know better. I wouldn’t let you come by yourself.”
Josh pulled Ryan close, heat rolling off him in waves, soaking through Ryan’s clothes and warming the cold spot on his chest that Simeon had rested against. Christ almighty knew how good Josh felt against him. The boss’s son had told Ryan once that he could feel the love lighting up whatever corner of heaven Josh and Ryan were in when they were together, and that he’d back Ryan if anyone ever made a fuss about Ryan and Josh being together.
Jesus was really an okay guy. Ryan had his own ideas about the Son, but he kept those close to his chest. No need to get kicked out of Heaven. Not unless they tried to forbid Josh entry again. Ryan lost coherent thought then, Josh’s fiery pull on him melting any resistance he had.
Josh licked his way into Ryan’s mouth, tasting strongly of cinnamon, like the jaw-breakers some human children favored. Ryan moaned, pushing closer. Josh suckled his tongue before pulling away with one last nip at Ryan’s bottom lip.
Ryan whimpered.
Josh chuckled.
A firm smack against his ass had Ryan opening eyes he couldn’t remember closing.
“Get the tea, Rye.”
Josh’s topaz colored eyes sparkled at Ryan. The demon lifted his hand, running gentle fingers along Ryan’s cheek, wiping away the tears straying over them.
“It’s not your fault, Rye. He will be okay. We got here in time. Just—just make some of your special brew and get your fine ass back in here as quickly as you can. I can heal his body, but you have a more delicate touch for the soul stuff.”
Ryan nodded.
He could do that. 

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