Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday Work in Progress

The latest and greatest?

Riptide Publishing asked me to submit...based on this:

Impossible You
Thomas Dempster, shy and short and—well, a little bit pudgy—spends his days facilitating hundreds of potential romances as an IT specialist for He spends his nights alone, dreaming of finding his own impossibly perfect match.
Ryan Skeezix, furry and ever so slightly flea-ridden, spends his days shifted into his alley cat form, hoping like hell he doesn’t end up in the pound, and his all too human nights brawling for the right to a lousy back-alley housing one decent garbage can, and a whole lotta bricked up doors leading to nothing.

An ordinary Tuesday, a barely there seismic ripple and a snarky put down by a dreamy club-boy conspire to tangle the two in a scorching, slightly inebriated episode of lust run amok. But will Thom and Ryan manage to open their eyes enough on the dreaded morning after to see past their own iron-clad expectations to the perfectly imperfect way they fit together? 


And that? Is exactly what I am currently working on. Because Riptide? Is hot, hot, hot, and their ideas about what should be published are amazing. I definitely want to get this little story into their hands...asap!

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