Monday, August 29, 2011

Manic Monday

So, first up on Manic Monday...I gotta give a shout out to my peeps over at Riptide Publishing cause I've seen the opening line-up and wowza. Also, Mark Alder's has a free read called Pyrogasm which can be found by clicking on the's posted over at Goodreads, on the M/M romance groups Hot Summer Days event. If you like it, then you can also check out Mark's book, Mageolescence which you can find out tons of stuff about
on Mark's blog. Loads of good reading to be found there.

Next...I really and truly am a bit manic this week. I've got until Wednesday to finish work on my two Christmas shorts for Silver *meep* a jittery kidlet to wrangle, a carnivorous hamster to care for, and ...I was smart and wrote my Silver Flash for Wednesday already.

*sly grin*

Go me.

The short stories are intended to be 15k each, which means I need 19,516 words by Wed.


Totally doable, right.


I know.

Insane to even try, but a happy kinda crazy for me.  Only 6,505 words a day. LOL.

Well, I'm gonna try.

Ready, Steady, Go, go, go.

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