Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday Triumph

I've got a lot to shout about lately.

My first release The Soldier & the State Trooper is still hitting in the top 100 of 3 separate Amazon Bestseller lists.You can find it over there in Kindle format ...just remember to like me over there!!

I received a contract from Silver Publishing for the first novel of my sci-fi series, The Akanti, and am currently working on edits for that novel, Tian's Hero. I'll have a little excerpt for you tomorrow for WIP Wednesday.

My free read , Kiss & Tell, (on Goodreads in their M/M Romance group's Hot Summer Day's event) has had a lot of positive responses, and sparked the inspiration for a sequel...and I love my boys from this little story, and am thrilled to be spending more time with them. 

So, a few things to shout about.

What's your triumph today? Big or small, let me know so we can celebrate it together!

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