Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wicked Wednesday: Unveiling the Silver Flash Sweetness

Today is the first day of Silver Flash Sweetness here at the Writing Cave. So get ready for a new treat each and every Wednesday, er, unless our regularly scheduled broadcasts get interrupted.

Like, say, Brad Pitt dumps Angelina


I know, right?

Anyway, here it is. Just a nibblet. If you want to read the story from the start, scroll to the top of my page, go to the buttons at the top and click on Fire & Ice. Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy.

Silver Flashing: Steampunky Prompt :)

Simeon blinked.
Joshua reached into the pocket of his charcoal grey suit jacket. The play of light across the back of Josh's hand mesmerized Simeon. Josh's lips curled up on one side as he flicked open an antique pocket watch.
Simeon craned his neck.
There were words written inside the lid.
It figured they were in German, one of the few languages he didn't speak.
Joshua chuckled.
"Come on Simeon, we have to get going. I don't want to miss watching the launch."
What was Josh talking about?
Josh shook his head slowly, his smile kicking up a notch. He reached out with one hand to tap a hot finger against Simeon's nose.
"Come on, luv, grab a parasol so you don't burn your pretty nose."
The bigger man turned away, pausing to look over his shoulder and quirk a brow at Simeon.
"You do still want to see the Zepplin launch, don't you? I had to give up an entire week's time to my father's whims to garner tickets to this, luv, so let's not miss it, shall we?"
Simeon nodded.
He had no idea what the other man was blathering about, but he'd do almost anything to stay close to the intense heat pouring off Josh's skin. He was always so damn cold. Except when Josh was close.
Simeon hurried to the door. He paused at the tall brass vase next to the portal, plucking out a red umbrella. He didn't own a parasol, but figured this would do in a pinch.
Josh held the door open, glancing at Simeon with something wicked in his grin.
"Better grab the binoculars too, my sweet. We wouldn't want to miss catching sight of Rye fluttering about in the altogether."
Simeon nodded yet again, starting to feel a bit like a bobble-head. Yes, that was what those silly dolls were called. He'd seen them on the film about the museum where things came to life. Simeon liked that one nearly as much a Elf.
Josh's voice broke through his musings.
"Stay focused Simeon. I need you to stay with us, luv. We'll get you warm in no time."
The umbrella's handle grew soft in Simeon's hand. He whimpered. Sunlight stabbed down at him, fiercely bright but cold. That was wrong. Sunlight should be warm.
"Rye, get in here. He's going into shock. I think this is going to take both of us."
Another voice sounded from somewhere behind Simeon, this one...well, it sounded like butterscotch tasted, smooth, golden, sweet, and slightly burnt. Not charred, mind you. Just...heated.
"Josh, the tea's nearly ready. I need a few minutes more. Do whatever you have to, and I'll square it with JC later, okay?"
Simeon listened for the answer. He quailed away from the cold, surging forward into Joshua's fiery embrace. Long lean arms closed around Simeon, and he was flying.
Simeon opened his eyes.
"I'm sorry we missed the Zepplin launch, Josh. Will your father still make you pay? It's my fault, I know--if you want, I'll pay in your stead."
Josh sucked in a sharp breath. He spoke quickly, words rushing out of his mouth so fast they tumbled over the tops of one another.
"No. No, Simeon, I can't let you pay. Not ever. I don't mind missing the launch. We'll see another one, luv. Later, when you're well."
Simeon shook. A wave of cold swept over him, and he closed his eyes again.
His own voice sounded far away and weak to Simeon.
"Shh. Yes, luv, I promise."


  1. I really want more of this. Love it.

  2. Welcome to Silver Flash Cherie! Nice snippet from your story. :)


  3. Cherie,
    Loved the addition to Fire & Ice. This story is so much fun. Hope you give us more of this next week. I confess I was wondering how you would work in the items listed. Hee hee. Well done!

  4. Welcome to the Silver Flash group. I have to read your story in order to follow your characters. But I liked what you wrote

  5. Thanks, Lily. There are only two prior "flash type" posts in the story. I wasn't yet a Silver Author when I started the story, but I was intrigued by what West was doing, and wanted to emulate it. Now that I'm a SP author, and a flasher (heh) I decided to let the boys move over to the new digs as it were. They're very excited. LOL.


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