Friday, June 29, 2012

Fabulous Friday:Loooking forward... and looking fabulous

I'm writing like the wind, babies, trying to keep my awesome editor in her happy place.I'll post a snip up for you later today... I've returned to the world of The Soldier and the State Trooper , this time to tell the story of Evans, Christie's best friend--and the man who nearly broke up  Christie and his one true love, Robert.

Don't worry, Evans is every bit worthy of having his very own HEA. Though, as confused about life, his sexuality, and everything as the boy is... your guess is as good as mine at this point as to how the poor dear is going to get from Christie's wedding festivities to his very own HEA.

I'll be writing for a few hours still, and may not have time later to post the snip before it gets very, very late... So I'll just leave you with a picture of the Fabulous Andre Pejic. Enjoy!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday Think Tank: By Any Other Name

I dropped the ball! I didn't have a sweet contest for the release of Incongruent Angel~ the expanded version... so that's what I'm doing now.

And it's easy, peasy!

Just pick three words (yes, you can use the same word more than once) one to describe me, one to describe  my writing, and one to describe the boys from INCONGRUENT ANGEL. You don't have to buy the book first... you can get the first half of it free over at the Goodreads LiAW event. Put those three words in your comment and you are entered to win a free copy! Easy, Peasy... Lemon Squeezy.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wicked Wednesday: Better Late...

Sorry, babies, running the feet off today. No, really. I honestly can not even remember what all I did... ummm... final edits on six books. Ah, formatting stuff, child wrangling, assorted nursing duties...

and I got to make pancakes for dinner. It was a good day.

The expanded version of Incongruent Angel went live today over at ARe, after having over 15,500 words added to it. Yay! Here's a pic of the cover...

You can still find the original (much shorter ) version over at the LiAW event on the M/M romance group's page. It's just over 10,000 words... and leaves off at a sweet HFN spot.

So, seriously? If you're tapped for cash right now, read the free story. But remember the full length story is waiting for you at ARe, and it is just the start of a fun Rocker Series called Liquid Sin.

Yeah, I so said fun times are ahead. There are three more beautiful rocker boys to get to know from the band.

Such questions as: why didn't any of the band members show up at the hospital (?) will be answered in the next book.

Night all.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I Haz A Winner!!

The winner is Chrissy! You've won a free ecopy of The Faery Tree!

Congrats, and please drop me a note at to let me know what format you'd like your book in. :)

For everyone else, I have a consolation prize. He will be making the rounds, so be patient... there's plenty of him to go around.

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Portal has Opened...

The Portal Has Opened...

Go and read about the summer fling I could have with the sexy Fae Prince of The Faery Tree. Come back and leave a comment. Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy. To enter twice leave a comment at both blogs. :) Prize? A free ecopy of The Faery Tree.

Go on. Get you some.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Incongruent Angel : the bliss of kissing

From the expanded version of my LiAW story. The stories all take place in and around the Bay Area. San Francisco, Oakland, Alameda, and San Jose will all be seen in one story or another! If you haven't read my 10 + word short that kick started this series yet, get over to Goodreads and check it out here: LiAW Stories. Then go to the main page and read some of the other stories. If you leave a comment here telling me which of the main characters you like best and why, I'll enter you for a free copy of the expanded story, (which is coming out next week)... and if you leave a comment over on Goodreads as well, I'll enter you twice. :) I just like to feel the lurve, you know?

And do NOT FORGET to get thee to the Blisse Kiss by the Sea to find loads more good snogging excerpts and chances to win free stuff that is awesome covered in awesomesauce! Just Do Eeeeeet!

An Unedited Excerpt from Book One of the Liquid Sin series:

Aaron’s eyes shimmered a little in the dim lighting from the warehouse’s partially opened blinds. He nodded, slipping out the driver’s side door without speaking. Travis bit his tongue on a shout of frustration. Dammit, they needed to get past this point, but he was just too tired right now. Aaron pulled his door open, and waited while he clambered carefully from the truck.
“You got out on your own at the pharmacy.” Aaron’s gaze locked on something below the level of Travis’s knees.
“Yeah, well, I almost fell twice getting across the parking lot when I stepped on this fucked up ankle. Just put your arm around me and haul me up the stairs. And stop thinking so damn hard. The smell of shit burning is killing me.” Aaron glanced up sharply at that, and Travis didn’t even try to hold back his wicked grin.
“You peeled out of here in the Miata.” Aaron’s stated the words calmly, with a matter of fact—even keel sameness that belied the glint of humor in his eyes.
“Uh-huh.” Travis stuck his tongue out, winced as the move pulled at the split in his lip that kissing Aaron didn’t seem to affect in the same way at all. “Huh.” He stopped moving as a random thought struck him.
Aaron stopped too, raising a brow at him. “What?”
“Do you think Marvin Gaye knew what he was talking about?” Travis was only half-way joking.
Aaron threw his head back, his throat rippling with the force of his laughter. After a moment he stilled his mirth enough to form actual words again. “You were wanting to test out his theories on sexual healing?”
Travis shrugged one shoulder negligently as if that weren’t exactly what he was dying to do. “It did cross my mind. This doesn’t hurt when you kiss it.”
In case Aaron got confused, Travis ran one hand up his chest slowly and then lightly touched his bottom lip right where the split was. Aaron’s eyes flared, the unusually bright amber color making him look like he had bits of sunshine and honey trapped in his eyes. Travis’s pulse sped up. His breath came faster. He pressed closer to Aaron. “Please, Aaron. I know I said we’d just lie together, but I need.”
Aaron made a sound somewhere halfway between a strung out moan and hungry growl before he slid his arms around Travis, picking him right up off his feet and walking him back toward the stairs up out of the parking area. He nipped at Travis's lips and sucked lightly on the younger man's tongue. Travis slid his arms around Aaron’s neck, pulled his legs up until his knees rested against Aaron’s waist and he could lock his ankles behind the other man’s ass. Aaron’s hands slid down his sides, curved under his ass and dug in, fingers massaging and stimulating every nerve ending they touched. Travis whimpered, arms tightening around Aaron’s neck as he ground the hardening length of his shaft against the other man with a rolling motion of his hips. Aaron’s fingers clenched, pulling him impossibly closer and then rocking him in slight up and down motions. Travis shivered. He’d known Aaron was strong, but had underestimated just how strong the other man was. Aaron walked up the stairs, lifting him up and down in a motion that rubbed Travis’s cock against the other man’s firm stomach.  

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Flash: Incongruent Angel

Lately the deception had eaten at Aaron. He drank more than he used to, and he spent more and more time volunteering with the at-risk kids. Anything to keep the welling panic contained. The desperate pull in the muscles of his back and the equally intense clenching of his stomach was there all along though, every single time he didn’t know where one of the Morris’s was—though it was difficult to separate the old underlying fears and panic he felt every day from the shiny new fear that he’d be the very thing to drive Travis away. Aaron could not afford to lose his last piece of Timothy and his only piece of Travis by letting his ridiculous desire show anymore than it already had. Maybe—
“We’ll need these as well.”
A lean, tanned but battered hand reached around him to slap down a huge bottle of lube and a jumbo box of condoms on the pharmacist’s counter. Warmth climbed the length of Aaron’s spine as Travis slipped a strong arm around his waist and snuggled up to his back. The clerk at the counter, giggled. Aaron stared straight ahead.
“We’ll need them, Aaron. Maybe not tonight, but soon.” Travis’s voice rumbled through Aaron’s back and into his lungs. He closed his eyes. Travis nudged his hips against Aaron’s ass and the hard length pressed along Aaron’s backside had his mouth open and words tumbling out before Aaron had time to process.
“Ring them up with the scripts please.”
Travis opened his mouth over the back of Aaron’s neck. Aaron jerked forward, hitting his knees against the counter as he suddenly slumped, synapses normally used by his brain to keep him upright firing erratically.  Low laughter sounded behind him.
“Nice. I love how responsive you are. ”
The girl behind the pharmacy gasped. Another chuckle rolled over Aaron. Lean hips pushed forward into Aaron’s again. “Please forgive us, miss. We just got engaged, and I can’t seem to keep my hands off him, especially after the car accident. I think we just need time to touch each other enough to believe it’s all okay, that we’re both still alive, and that we won’t ever let each other go.”
Her scandalized expression softened into—“Awww, that’s so sweet.”
Aaron turned and rolled his eyes at Travis. “Brat, leave the nice lady alone.  

...And the Winner IS:

Michelle!! Congratulations to you, Michelle. You should have already received your copy of The Faery Tree. :) Enjoy!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday Think Tank:The Art of Balance

I've been thinking a lot about balance lately. 
It's a commodity we all need, and those you see displaying mastery of balance in their lives often make it look so very easy to achieve.

A pretty fairytale, but for most of us about as realistic as suddenly being able to hold poses like the one these boys are rocking so hard. 

So what are we to do then? I can't speak for everyone, but I can tell you a little about my struggles, stumbles, and successes in the ongoing quest to bring balance into my life. 

My kidlet is what some would call challenging. Hah. Those poor fools don't live with her. She is exhausting, frustrating, brilliant, inspiring and perfect just as she is. Oh, and she happens to have bi-polar disorder. Every day she makes me proud. Every day she tests the very limits of my patience. And every single day she gives me the gift of herself. I'm not sure she realizes how much good she brings into my world... it's hard for her to hear the good things I say. Any chastisement hits straight home, a rocket fueled arrow to her heart. It's a soul shredding job some days, being her mum. Some days it's the greatest high in the world. Most days it's both all mashed up into a complicated pile of manure with the best smelling roses in the world growing out of it.

I wouldn't change being her mum for the world. 

I am more than just a mum though. I'm a woman. I'm an author, a publisher, a friend, a sister, and a hundred other things. So my writing schedule is a little odd. I write around when she needs me. I sleep when I get the chance, and every day I try to be a better mum by being a better me. Today that means working from the time she left for school until she comes home. Tomorrow it may mean putting my writing aside for a few hours and helping her play in the dirt, or clean her room. It may mean being strict or it may mean being lenient. I have to take that on a case by case basis. 

My brother Vic, pictured above with the kidlet, sometimes despairs of me. Well, not exactly, but I do get up on his last nerve with spurs on when I let the kiddo speak rudely. Vic doesn't roll like that. And really, neither do I. But sometimes, the best the child can do is tell me that she's trying... and tell me in a rude tone. 

I can't begin to imagine how difficult her world is, where she's faced daily with the knowledge that no matter what she does her condition will color every aspect of her life. I'm not happy she has to deal with this. I am supremely grateful that I don't have such a difficult path to walk. I think she and my brother Vic are both much stronger than I. For me, loving them and being there for them is all in a day's work/play for me.

I'm a bit of a clown, and that's okay for me. I don't always write enough, and I don't always spend enough time taking care of my family. I forget things. I overextend. And I get up every day and do it all again. I do my level best to be a little more balanced in what I ask of myself every day. The world is a shifty old place though, and I have to keep adjusting. So I take it day by day, and case by case. 

And I remind myself to approach everyday like this: Family first. Do what I love. Prioritize, cause there is no fecking way I can get to it all, and the ass-chewings sure to come my way for the balls I fail to keep up in the air. 

Eh, it's okay. I learned in the Army that ass grows back in about eight seconds. And really, I have a lot of ass to begin with. I'll be alright while I'm out here practicing my balancing act. :)

Tell me how you keep your balance, or how you get it back when you lose it. 

I read Stephani Hecht or JP Bowie or Megan Derr. They are my comfort reads, and always put me right back in balance. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Release Day~~The Faery Tree

Today is release day for the first book in The Tonawanda Faery Tales series, and I wanted to be sure to give a wee little shout out about it. Because I love this story. The characters are... well, not to sound crazed or anything, but they're kinda my pals.

Especially Thomas, that adorkable nut. If you guess why, whether you get it right or not, I'll enter your name in the contest twice.

Leave a comment here within the next twenty-four hours, along with a contact email and I'll enter you in a little giveaway to win a free copy of The Faery Tree, or if you've already purchased it, I'll substitute with the next book in the series which is due out at the end of next month.

Lator, Gators. I'm off to watch a funny film with my kidlet. :)

Work in Progress Wednesday: More from Incongruent Angel

Travis cracked open his eyes. He was really starting to worry about Aaron. He usually made fun of Taylor for suggesting that everyone needed therapy, but Travis couldn’t help feeling in this particular case the sentiment would be right on the money. He squeezed his eyes shut. God, what had happened to make Aaron so sure he was at fault for Timothy’s death? He let out a shaky breath. He just needed to get home and get some decent rest. Then he’d be in some kind of shape to tackle this. Right now all he could think about was the soft press of Aaron’s lips against his face. He wanted to feel that again.
Watching the front door of the little pharmacy, Travis wondered how Aaron even knew this place was still open when he hadn’t lived around here for years. The Morris’s lived over Noe Valley. Aaron had lived here with his folks before they sold their little electronics company to a bigger company for a lot of money.  After that they’d moved to a beautiful home up in Sea Cliff, and bragged a lot about how they lived right down the street from Robin Williams.
Timothy had once said to Travis that it was funny how that stupid symbol of their status was so much more important to them than the well being of their only child. Right afterward he’d shrugged, dismissing the matter and going on to ask if Travis wanted to come hang out with Aaron and him. Travis, of course, said yes. He hadn’t thought of that conversation in a long time.
The glint of sun against the front door caught his attention. Aaron strolled out of the pharmacy, the late morning sun gilding his face. Travis rolled his eyes. He really needed to stop thinking of Aaron in the angel costume Wasserstein had dressed him in. Sheesh. He was too broken to do anything about the images that quickly followed the first glorious one of Aaron in the damp, skimpy white outfit he’d worn for the shoot. Aaron glanced up. Their eyes caught, and then Aaron’s whole face lit up.
The smile that flashed across his face was incandescent. Travis hadn’t seen one like it on Aaron’s face for years. Oh, he smiled for the cameras, and often grinned for the fans, but nothing like this. This smile came straight from his heart, and seemed to lead straight to Travis’s. He gulped in a huge lungful of air as an answering smile stretched his mouth wide. Reaching up, Travis pushed the hair off his forehead. Aaron reached the truck, glancing away long enough to unlock the driver side door and pull it open. Then his eyes were back on Travis. “Hey.”
Travis grinned wearily, inexplicably pleased to see Aaron, the silver tongued rouge of the entire Bay Area music scene rendered speechless by his presence. “Hey, yourself, goofball. Did they say how long it’s gonna take. I really wanna get to bed.”
A second after the words left his mouth Travis realized they sounded like a teasing come-on. “Oh, hey, I didn’t mean—but only because I’m too sore—I. Shit.” As Travis watched, Aaron’s eyes crinkled up at the corners.
“I know, T. Mr. Winthrop said he can have everything ready in about twenty minutes. If you wanna catch a nap, you can use my—”
Travis slithered down into a prone position. “Your lap makes a nice pillow.” A jaw popping yawn ended anything else Travis intended to say. He hummed low in his throat as his head settled into Aaron’s lap.
This place right here, exactly here was where he was supposed to be. Travis rubbed his cheek along Aaron’s thigh, a mutter of contentment escaping him. Aaron’s hand settled in his hair, stoking slowly from his forehead toward the back of his head. Travis let go, drifting into the softly red and orange place behind his eyelids where sleep met him every night. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday Triumph: It's a Rooster & Pig Publishing Thing

Is proud to present a new offering...
in addition to bestselling Author Vicktor Alexander, tomorrow we'll be able to offer you a new book by *drum roll please* Yes, you guessed it, moi.
And babies, I am thrilled. Just got done with the edits and formatting and oh yeah, oh yeah... this lovely cover... so, I'm off to make sure all the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed. See you in the funny papers... oh, and of course, over on the Rooster and Pig Website and ARe, of course...

Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday means...

I have a lot to do... work, work, play, play...
Two days left to work on Incongruent Angel and then I'm on to the next project.
I'd be funnier, but I'm low on caffeine this morning. Once I get up to speed there, I shall be deep in writerlandia and not coming up for air til around 2:45... if you're still here then, perhaps we can chat.

Oh, and did you go read the LiAW shorts yet? There's a zillion (hyperbole) good ones. Get thee there and read. Here's a linky dinky: go. Megan Derr's wowed me yesterday.


Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday: Flash postponed in favor of Advocacy

I don't have much to say today. Except this: go to this link.
Watch the video and read the article. And then if, like me, you feel it's wrong that this bright 5th grader's voice was muted because of other's perceptions of proper and improper--despite the fact the boy's speech is all about civil rights, and not at all about sex ed.--then go to this link and sign my petition:

And have a super Friday.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday's Tease

A Little More Incongruent Angel...

Travis eyed the empty doorway in bewilderment. The fuck? One second Aaron was breathing him in like he was the answer to an oncoming oxygen shortage and the next he was being watched by the crazy assed bass player like Aaron really was a lost angel and Travis was the latest incarnation of the Anti-Christ. Travis drew in a deep breath, counting to forty-seven. He didn’t have the patience to count to a hundred, and if Aaron ever pushed him that far he’d give serious consideration to quitting the band altogether. Even though Travis loved the band, he loved Aaron more. If he had to pick one of the two he felt no hesitation about which choice he’d make.
If Aaron cooperated they might have a fighting chance at being together. Travis bit into the meaty flesh on the inside of his bottom lip. He was gambling all his dreams on Aaron’s sincerity in wanting this, and his ability to change. Travis shrugged. Well, wherever the notes fell, man, that’s the melody they’d get. He didn’t have a choice in taking this shitty chance… if he tried to pack those damn saddle-bags one more time, he was pretty sure his damn heart would just stop beating entirely.
Lying back against his pillow, Travis contemplated what he could do if everything blew up in his face. He snorted. “I could join the circus I guess.”
A laugh at the door drew his gaze down from the ceiling. “Waste of a great guitar man. They only have those teensy toy guitars at the circus.”  The orderly from yesterday stood just inside the doorway. Travis wracked his brain for the guy’s name… shit. He’d never heard anyone call the guy by name. “What’s your name, man?”
The kid blushed. “I’m Jeremy. I—I’m sorry. I thought you got it yesterday. Hey, if you don’t remember me I can take off—”
“No, no, wait. Did you bring the tape?” Travis really wanted to hear this kid’s voice belting out one of Liquid Sin’s songs. Jeremy had something, a sweetly innocent rasp that would float perfectly on the layered sound Sin created with a crazy mix of traditional and non-traditional instrumentation. And if he could craft his own lyrics as well he’d be worth his weight in platinum.
“I downloaded some songs onto a data stick in MP3 format. I figured that would probably work.” Jeremy smiled, his head tipping down a little as he glanced up through his lashes at Travis.
“Yeah, man, that’ll be great.” Holy platinum-plated shit. The kid was adorkable. Shy and nervous… Travis hoped like hell his singing voice lived up to the promises his speaking voice made, because with that nervous newbie vibe and Hottie McHotpants look he had going added to the sultry look Aaron and Rafi brought and his own boy next door look… they’d hit every demographic in existence. “We’ll listen to it as soon as we get home. You got a card or something to go with it so we can give you a call once we give it a listen?”
Jeremy reached into the front pocket of the battered silver messenger bag he had slung over one shoulder. “Um, yeah, sure. I had my friend Liz help me make some up on this freebie deal and…” He bit his lip, a tide of red sweeping up his face. “I mean, yeah. Here you go.”
He reached out to hand Travis the data-stick and the card. Travis caught his wrist. “Hey. How old are you, man? No offense or nothing, but you look hella young. I just wanna be sure if we like your singing voice the lawyers know what kinda contract to draw up.”
Jeremy’s brown eyes got huge in his face, and he jerked back quickly, rubbing his wrist. “I—eighteen. I’m eighteen.” He kept rubbing his hand and wrist as he backed toward the door.
Travis raised both eyebrows. Oooookay. Somebody didn’t like to be touched. That was fine. “Alrighty then. We’ll give you a call tomorrow.”
Jeremy nodded. He started to pivot toward the hallway, stopped and looked sideways at Travis. “Thanks. I love the band. I’ll be waiting for your call.”

Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday, Mania and doing the Dance

Yeah, so I thought you'd like a little something to kickstart your Monday. I've just finished the first draft of The Faery Tree, book one of The Tonawanda Faery Tales, the series I'm writing with Vicktor Alexander *may his star continue to rise*... and I'm jumping right into the remodeling of Incongruent Angel to expand it into a full length novel. Not a lot of time to chat, but I'll whet your desire for these books with another peek at the fabulous covers. :)

 Incongruent Angel will be the first of a series centering around the band Travis and Aaron play in, Liquid Sin. I really thought the title was luscious! And Vicktor has given me an equally luscious cover to match!

I love Aaron, Travis, and Travis's whole crazy family. Must go write more about them!
Happy, happy sigh. This cover for The Faery Tree is absolutely perfect. Let the Snoopy dancing commence.

Friday, June 8, 2012

A little Something Every Writer Should Know: The In Between by Kris Jacen

You may or may not know who Kris Jacen is. You've seen her work though, even if you don't know her name. She's a muse, a goddess, a mother, the holder of an EDJ and the kick-ass Exec. Editor over at MLR Press.

The woman is a powerhouse.

I managed to persuade her (okay, I bribed with views of multiple hotties and a cool ass place to break her fast one day) to write a bit about something that plagues many a new and not so new writer, and robs far too many of us of far too many amazing stories.

The dreaded revise and resubmit letter.

Many see we regret to inform you and flee for the hills screaming and whimpering, fearing that they are merely being told politely that they, and their writing suck. Babies, it just ain't so... and Kris, the all powerful Smut Fairy and muse to many is just the one to tell us why. So, without further pandering or posturing from moi, here's Kris...


The In Between

With all the editing and formatting I do, I've gotten so far behind in my pleasure reading it's not funny. BUT I finally gave up and started listening to audiobooks for a few of the books that I so want to read but don't really have the time to read. Right now I'm listening to JR Ward's LOVER REBORN (I’m a huge fangrrl) and the main male character has lost his shellan (mate) and she's in the In Between—didn't go to their version of Heaven (The Fade) or Hell (Dhund); it's different for everyone and can be a desolate place. 
Now you're probably wondering where I'm going with this reference or thinking I've lost my mind (which is a possibility). Most authors at one point in their career go to THEIR version of the In Between. Yes, they do. When? When they see a revise and resub letter. They're so focused on "they didn't say yes" that they miss that "THEY DIDN'T SAY NO". That's right, they completely miss the entire letter.

Most publishing houses have three types of letters that they'll send to an author that has submitted a manuscript to them:

· Yes – here's a contract; we might want some edits and you'll work with an editor but we want it

· No – sorry but this just doesn't fit our needs at this time but thank you (and if the letter is from ManLoveRomance/Passion in Print/Featherweight there will be editorial feedback on your story – just FYI)

· Revise/resub – and this is the one that throws authors to their In Between; the house liked the bones of the story but wants to see: a) that you're willing to work on your story with them; b) that what the house thinks of as major changes are acceptable to you and that you'll change them; c) you've got the determination to work with an editor in a back and forth to put out the strongest book that you can

The whole point of a revise and resub and what most authors don't see when they read a revise/resub is that the house really wants to work with you but thinks the manuscript needs more work before it can go into edits. A house is not going to take the time to give you point-by-point feedback if they don't want you to do it and send it back to them.

The In Between for authors really isn't that bad a place – it just means that the editor wants you to do a bit more work before they send you and "yes, here's your contract" letter.

I know of what I speak (er, spoke?) as I was in receipt of a revise/resub letter from MLR... I nearly tossed it into my etrash until a wise writer friend told me it didn't mean no... it meant we'd like to but can't unless you change a few things. That story ended up being the first thing I ever published as a professional writer. 

Thank you Kris Jacen, and Mlr Press for taking a chance on me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

You can find more about the amazing Kris over at Mlr Press. 
You'll be looking at The Talent, which surely applies to Kris, and while you're there take a moment to poke around and find out a bit about the authors and artists listed there. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesdays with Tian

*Tapping microphone clipped to his shirt collar nervously, a very pregnant Tian waddles onto the set of his new semi-regular interview show. *

Tian: Hi. *blushing* Sorry I'm late. I was... a bit tied up. 

Growling noises are heard from off stage. Tian's blush deepens, and he quickly brushes his hair forward in a vain attempt to cover the lurid love bites covering both sides of his neck. The movement shows off the faint ligature marks at his wrists. Clearly, Tian was being quite literal when he said he was tied up, lol.

Tian: I'm afraid I missed the taping of the show, but I hear it was something spectacular, so let's roll the footage, and you can all enjoy seeing... *sighing* Cedric MacKinnion. 

more growling, and then the unmistakeable sounds of sexual congress happening echo through the little studio. Tian turns scandalized and intrigued eyes to the cameras. 

Tian: Oh, for the love of little quiches, turn the footage on now! I have got to see what Kay and Lewell'yn are up to. That sounds fun...

*Tian attempts to lift himself from the chair, fails, scoots to the edge and tries again, this time with success. The stunned cameraman pans after him, catching his cute rear switching off the edge of the stage toward an archway leading back into the manor proper. The camera pans around, and the slightly bemused face of a young, handsome blond man appears.*

Rian: Uh, hi. I'm Rian Collins, and I, uh, work the camera. Tian appears to be *loud moaning noises echo from off camera, and Tian's voice is clearly heard yelling out a litany of 'Yes, yes, yes, right there, that's the spot.' Rian blushes.* Ah. Right, then, here's the spot.

Hi, this is Cherie Noel. I'm standing in for Tian tonight... he couldn't get away from Kay and Lewell'yn to come talk with you himself right now, Cedric and Denise, but he did send along a list of questions. He was quite taken with Cedric, and he wanted to be sure I told Cedric that... um, without letting on to Lewell'yn or Kay until he confesses to them that he may have just a teensy crush on Cedric. He promises to tell them tonight though, so everything will be all cleared up by this evening. :)

(A tall, young Immortyl with a dancer’s body slinks into the room.  His attire suggests either an inter-stellar pirate or rock-and-roll front man.  His deep green shirt is open at the throat, revealing a bit of sculpted chest as pale and smooth as white marble, ornamented with swirls of henna tattoos.  On this tantalizing hint of flesh reposes a jade pendant of a Chinese dragon.  He throws back long auburn hair and takes his seat.  Up-tilted green eyes narrow as a wicked grin inches up his left cheek. His attitude is at once insolent and inviting.)
Good evening, love.  It’s fabulous to see you again.  I’m distraught not to see Tian.  I was so looking forward to…renewing our acquaintance.

*Cherie glances up at the camera with a startled look, and then, shaking out the papers in her hands, begins to read off the pre-written questions after clearing her throat.*

1)Um, do you like any real food anymore? Because I cook. I love to cook, and if you let me know what your favorite dish is, I bet I could learn to make it for you.
I do eat real food.  Some vampires experience food aversions early on, but I never did.  In fact, I was wolfing down curry my first night.  I love Indian food, but I must confess, while living in India, I longed for a cheeseburger.  However, I do like my meat very rare.  I would be honored if you’d cook for me.  A thick, bloody steak would be nice—that’s s-t-e-a-k, not s-t-a-k-e.  A misspelling could prove fatal.
2)You're so beautiful, Cedric. Are you in love? I can't imagine someone as lovely as you being alone... you mentioned something about having more than one partner when you hosted me on your blog, but honestly, dear, this pregnancy is making me lose my mind. *sigh* Would you refresh my memory?

My darling, how kind of you to say so!  You’re quite the beauty yourself—wherever you’re hiding, my shy sweet.
No, I’m never alone.  Am I in love?  Well…yes, but not with just one person.  I’m a bit like you in that respect.  I do like girls and boys, so it’s difficult to settle.  There are some needs that just one lover or gender can’t fulfill--if you get my drift.  My appetites are omnivorous and rather experimental.  I’m not really the monogamous type, but there are two lovers who compete to hold my heart captive.
There is my delicious Mia.  Mmm…she’s all voluptuous and juicy.  I like a woman with curves. You should see her in a leather cat suit.  Of course, she has a mate already, so our relationship is special.  Mia is the avatar of my patron Goddess Kali, in the form of Durga.  She’s a woman to contend with…quite the little dominatrix, although, she’d deny it in public.  I’m so happy to serve her in every way.  Kurt, her partner, isn’t thrilled about it, but he’s done his share of sleeping around with other boys and girls.  He’s my boss, and sometimes it’s a bit awkward.  If he’d lighten up and join in the fun, it might relieve tension, but after his and Mia’s little ménage with Arturo it’s a sore subject. 
Where was I?  Oh—my other grande passione, Lord Liu—Liu Li Cheng to his friends.  He’s wise, mysterious, deep and devastatingly sexy—long white hair and deep dark eyes. Hot body.  He was a warrior in the former Han Dynasty and related to the reigning emperor of his human lifetime, taught imperial princes swordsmanship—with a real sword-- one made of metal.  Okay, he had a long-running affair with one of the emperor’s sons.  It ended tragically.  Li Cheng has been looking for this lost love for two thousand years.  He says that I’m his prince reincarnated.  If he’s right, the Gods certainly have odd ways, reincarnating an imperial Chinese prince as a ginger-haired, Scottish Immortyl.  The Deva do seem to have strange plans for me. 
Oh, by the way, vampire is kind of a dirty word among our kind.  We’re the Immortyls, the semi-divine children of Kali Maa. 

3) How did you meet your lovers, and what sort of adventures are you getting caught up in lately?
*All I seem to do lately is sleep, eat, and hunt for my feet. I swear I haven't seen them in days*

 Well, I met Raj, my progenitor and former master, in the underground in London.  Beautiful bastard!  I’d been a rent boy for three years, since I was fifteen, and I’d become a statistic.  I was sick to death with something one of my former clients had passed to me.  I couldn’t work at my former profession, so I’d taken up busking--playing my guitar for change.   Raj took me back to his house and put me to an ordeal to prove my worthiness to serve Kali Maa as an adept of the ancient arts.  Well, to make a long story short, I trained to be a temple dancer and practitioner of tantric sex rituals.  The idea behind this is to confer blessings upon the recipient.  So I was still a whore, but this time I was a whore with a fancy name, a scared courtesan.  My “lovers” were chosen for me by the chief elder, Kalidasa.  I was a pawn in dangerous games of court intrigue.  Most of these blokes were a total drag—except Liu LI Cheng.  He knows how to treat a lad right—and gives the loveliest presents. 
There was someone else in India—my guru Sandhya. She was the Goddess in the form of Parvati, the consort of Lord Shiva.  She was lovely—but I don’t like to dwell on her fate.
When I got to New York, the first person of consequence I met was Mia.  It was divine intervention again.  I needed guidance to fulfill my mission, and there she was--my Goddess in warrior form.  Of course, I had to bide my time with her.  A woman of Mia’s stature is no pushover--but believe me, I pushed and pushed, until she succumbed.  And succumb she did—again and again.
Of course, there is the den.  There is a group of lovelies, nicknamed the denizens, who frequent the basement commons of our building, The Vampire State, looking for nightly trade.  Not that I ever pay for the privilege.  I just beckon to whatever boy or girl catches my fancy, or a combination thereof.  I hate sleeping alone. 
I must say, I never have to go far to meet someone who wants to shag me. I’m like the proverbial flame to all those eager moths.

4)Cedric, if there was one thing you could change in your life, what would that be?
I hope you don't say becoming a vampire. If you hadn't I might have never met you, and, well, you are just fascinating. I'd have missed something spectacular if I hadn't met you.
I don’t recommend this state of being to just anyone.  For some it’s a divine calling, but too many use the power as an excuse for anti-social behavior.  Our gift attracts far too many sociopaths.  I like the immortality part, staying young, beautiful and powerful and all that—but the bloodlust is worse than heroin addiction—believe me, I know of what I speak.  Your veins cry out to be fed, and it’s not fun.  I really have no choice in my path.  The Devi has plans for me.  It’s karma.  Shakti, the Great Mother, will decide my fate, no matter what schemes I devise. 
I do need to overcome some personal demons before I’m released from the cycle of death and re-birth.  That much I will say. 
5)Oh. *whispering* What does it feel like when a vampire bites you? I mean, not that I'm offering, because Lewell'yn would simply freak out, and Kay would give me that wounded look... but I've been wondering ever since I met you. Could you describe it to me? *fanning self*
(Cedric leans slightly forward and drops his voice to a low note that feels like teasing fingers running along one’s spine.  His grin creeps up his check some more, and his eyes become jade slits.) Well, it’s all shivery and orgasmic—if you’re a vampire getting bitten by a vampire.  If you’re human, it’s terrifying and usually fatal.  An Immortyl experiences his  partner’s ecstasy as well as his own.  You see inside the soul—if he has one that is.  Most of them are a void.  Mia sees full-blown visions—but then again, she is the avatar of the Goddess. 
I haven’t shared essence much with Lord Liu yet.  One as old and powerful as Li Cheng can enslave you far too easily.  I was Raj’s slave and I don’t care to go there again, even with someone I respect as much as Li Cheng.  I must be master over myself before I take the plunge with him.  We stick to shagging—amazing, world-moving, supernova shagging. 
Of course, you aren’t human, Tian, my love—I can control my hunger if I’ve fed recently.  I’m game if you are. I can make your dreams come true.  You have really beautiful eyes…  You were simply glowing when we last met.  Your skin, your hair just shimmer—and the scent of you is divine.  Your blood has a delicate bouquet, like honey made from lavender blossoms.  Or we could simply shag.  I never had alien before.  Mia believes our origins may be alien.  She’s a skeptical sort when it comes to religion. 
So, how does this hermaphroditic thing work exactly?  Who does what and what goes where?  I’m a versatile sort, so I’m open—or other—to possibility.  No one need know.  I’m the soul of discretion.  Believe me, a former courtesan knows things that could bring down governments.  So, how about it, love?

6)Cedric, would you tell us a little about the latest story of your adventures your friend Denise has put out? And how did you meet her? Cherie just stumbled into the holding area on the Pirate ship, kind of hiding behind Lewell'yn... and she's been around ever since. She's crazy as a bed-bug, but we've grown to love her. Your author seems far more level headed. It that true, or is she just as happily insane as our girl?
You obviously don’t know the old girl.  She’s eccentric, keeps six parrots and talk to herself.  Bursts into song at the drop of a hat--show tunes! Well, there is the occasional Bowie or Queen, I can forgive her that.  She puts me through hell!  I think she’s a bit of a sadist.  She claims I just burst out of her head like Athena one night.  As if.  Originally, I was conceived as a love interest for a character who is introduced in our current adventure, but that part of the saga is yet to be written.  I am a bit demanding.  I wanted center stage and the spotlight, so I simply took it. 
So, Servant of the Goddess--I’m the titular character in this book, but Mia is the POV.  They call our stories urban fantasy.  I suppose the fantasy part is the sexy stuff with me.  In this latest tale, I’m newly arrived in New York when she encounters me.  Well, an adept of the ancient arts is worth his or her weight in gold—or three times that in my case.  She and Kurt are faced with a gigantic headache in the form of yours truly.  I bring tidings up upheaval at court and the recently-crowned Rani Guilietta’s intrigues.  There are factions and more intrigues going on among Mia and Kurt’s followers and even government agents muscling in on the rights to the secrets of immortality.  Yes, there is a wee bit of science to all this.  Of course, Lord Liu makes an appearance.  There are explosions and gun fights and even a big chase scene!  Oh, and there is some steamy stuff--mostly with Mia this time around.  If you want the boy-on-boy variety, read my previous tale, My Fearful Symmetry.  
My darling Tian, I know you’re hiding behind some exquisite screen or other.  I can smell you, you know.  Don’t be shy.  Remember, I only bite if asked.  Let me show you, in the flesh, so to speak, how happy I am to be here tonight.  You’re missing out on the shag of a lifetime.  Immortyl princes have vied for my favor.  Liu Li Cheng was prepared to pay three times my weight in gold for my companionship.  It’s a religious experience with an adept of the ancient arts.  I’m a conduit of divinity—or so they say.  In view of your condition, I can be gentle.  Let me practice all of my tantric arts…  You can invite the other blokes.  The more the merrier, I say.  Well, in any case, the offer stands, if you get my drift.  Lovely to be here.  I just linger a bit until you show yourself. 
They always do.

A short note from DeniseVerrico:

Here you go, Cherie. You might want to keep a close eye on your boys, as Cedric is bound and determined to hook up with Tian.

To the Readers: My loves, each and every one of you will get a free ebook of our short tales, Annals of the Immortyls, simply by leaving a comment and contact email where the authoress may send the link and free coupon code.  Here is a question for you to comment upon:  Should vampires sparkle, or is that best left to the Guru of Glitter, David Bowie?

Denise Verrico can be found all over the web, but if you want a sure thing for finding her and Cedric both, thy over at the Immortyl Revolutions page:

Not Monday, but here's the Mania...

Quick rundown of all the stuff I meant to tell you all about yesterday, but got so caught up in writing I forgot, and then I have to dash over to today's post before Tian blows a gasket. The little guy is interviewing Cedric MacKinnon, and seriously, he is all aflutter about it. Which, of course, has Lewell'yn in a mood, and Kay trying to keep the peace. I mustn't leave the boys on their own for too long.

Yesterday's meanderings and mania:
Last weekend was jam-packed with fun family times. We had a 1.8k Kids Run with the kidlet on Saturday morning, and then a full six hours or so at the Buffalo Zoo... and it wasn't til after we were there that I found out it was Vic's first time to the zoo. Any zoo at all! Geez, I'd have taken more pictures if I'd realized earlier on what a momentous occasion it was.
I did manage to snap a few shots of the family as they took a brief rest in the Rainforest Exhibit, and the one here to the left is my favorite. The kidlet gesturing excitedly, and Uncle Vic listening patiently? Yep, that's an accurate representation of their common interactions. Love and tropical birds, that's what I found in this photo. Not a bad combination if you ask me.

After the zoo, we staggered to the bus stop and after a mid-length ride, up the stairs to our apartment. The kidlet slept like a rock, and Vic and I put our barking dogs--er, feet that is--up in not so quiet relief. :)

The very next day, Sunday, was Buffalo's Pride March day, and we went out to see the parade, and then over to the Festival. You can find pics and even video over on Vic's Website (click on the words 'Vic's Website). It's a wonderful little look into the the nutty world of Vic and Cherie.

Yesterday I was writing. Writing. Writing, and writing. I managed just over 5,000 words. I've nearly finished the second story I picked up for the LiAW event over at the M/M romance group on Goodreads (you can find my first story HERE. Please be sure to leave a comment if you go check it out. Every one who comments between now and the end of June will be automatically  entered to win a free copy of the full length novel by the same name coming out this month. Be sure and spread the word about that as well. Okay, I know I missed some things, but I've got to get over to today's post and make sure Tian doesn't get himself into trouble. :)

Ciao, babies. Make today magic. Or as Damon Suede says, 'Do something Extraordinary. You might be dead tomorrow.'