Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday, Mania and doing the Dance

Yeah, so I thought you'd like a little something to kickstart your Monday. I've just finished the first draft of The Faery Tree, book one of The Tonawanda Faery Tales, the series I'm writing with Vicktor Alexander *may his star continue to rise*... and I'm jumping right into the remodeling of Incongruent Angel to expand it into a full length novel. Not a lot of time to chat, but I'll whet your desire for these books with another peek at the fabulous covers. :)

 Incongruent Angel will be the first of a series centering around the band Travis and Aaron play in, Liquid Sin. I really thought the title was luscious! And Vicktor has given me an equally luscious cover to match!

I love Aaron, Travis, and Travis's whole crazy family. Must go write more about them!
Happy, happy sigh. This cover for The Faery Tree is absolutely perfect. Let the Snoopy dancing commence.

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