Sunday, June 24, 2012

Incongruent Angel : the bliss of kissing

From the expanded version of my LiAW story. The stories all take place in and around the Bay Area. San Francisco, Oakland, Alameda, and San Jose will all be seen in one story or another! If you haven't read my 10 + word short that kick started this series yet, get over to Goodreads and check it out here: LiAW Stories. Then go to the main page and read some of the other stories. If you leave a comment here telling me which of the main characters you like best and why, I'll enter you for a free copy of the expanded story, (which is coming out next week)... and if you leave a comment over on Goodreads as well, I'll enter you twice. :) I just like to feel the lurve, you know?

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An Unedited Excerpt from Book One of the Liquid Sin series:

Aaron’s eyes shimmered a little in the dim lighting from the warehouse’s partially opened blinds. He nodded, slipping out the driver’s side door without speaking. Travis bit his tongue on a shout of frustration. Dammit, they needed to get past this point, but he was just too tired right now. Aaron pulled his door open, and waited while he clambered carefully from the truck.
“You got out on your own at the pharmacy.” Aaron’s gaze locked on something below the level of Travis’s knees.
“Yeah, well, I almost fell twice getting across the parking lot when I stepped on this fucked up ankle. Just put your arm around me and haul me up the stairs. And stop thinking so damn hard. The smell of shit burning is killing me.” Aaron glanced up sharply at that, and Travis didn’t even try to hold back his wicked grin.
“You peeled out of here in the Miata.” Aaron’s stated the words calmly, with a matter of fact—even keel sameness that belied the glint of humor in his eyes.
“Uh-huh.” Travis stuck his tongue out, winced as the move pulled at the split in his lip that kissing Aaron didn’t seem to affect in the same way at all. “Huh.” He stopped moving as a random thought struck him.
Aaron stopped too, raising a brow at him. “What?”
“Do you think Marvin Gaye knew what he was talking about?” Travis was only half-way joking.
Aaron threw his head back, his throat rippling with the force of his laughter. After a moment he stilled his mirth enough to form actual words again. “You were wanting to test out his theories on sexual healing?”
Travis shrugged one shoulder negligently as if that weren’t exactly what he was dying to do. “It did cross my mind. This doesn’t hurt when you kiss it.”
In case Aaron got confused, Travis ran one hand up his chest slowly and then lightly touched his bottom lip right where the split was. Aaron’s eyes flared, the unusually bright amber color making him look like he had bits of sunshine and honey trapped in his eyes. Travis’s pulse sped up. His breath came faster. He pressed closer to Aaron. “Please, Aaron. I know I said we’d just lie together, but I need.”
Aaron made a sound somewhere halfway between a strung out moan and hungry growl before he slid his arms around Travis, picking him right up off his feet and walking him back toward the stairs up out of the parking area. He nipped at Travis's lips and sucked lightly on the younger man's tongue. Travis slid his arms around Aaron’s neck, pulled his legs up until his knees rested against Aaron’s waist and he could lock his ankles behind the other man’s ass. Aaron’s hands slid down his sides, curved under his ass and dug in, fingers massaging and stimulating every nerve ending they touched. Travis whimpered, arms tightening around Aaron’s neck as he ground the hardening length of his shaft against the other man with a rolling motion of his hips. Aaron’s fingers clenched, pulling him impossibly closer and then rocking him in slight up and down motions. Travis shivered. He’d known Aaron was strong, but had underestimated just how strong the other man was. Aaron walked up the stairs, lifting him up and down in a motion that rubbed Travis’s cock against the other man’s firm stomach.  


  1. Hmmm, this is a toughie. Even though Aaron has so many points that would make me a goner (the thought of him as an angel ALONE), I really identify and empathize with Travis for that reason.


  2. I enjoy Aaron with his sexy angelic qualities. Thanks for the giveaway.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  3. Vitajex, Joder, you both won. Sorry about the delay, I've been over run with emergencies! Expect your book to be coming today. I'll email you both to find out what format you wish.

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