Friday, June 29, 2012

Fabulous Friday:Loooking forward... and looking fabulous

I'm writing like the wind, babies, trying to keep my awesome editor in her happy place.I'll post a snip up for you later today... I've returned to the world of The Soldier and the State Trooper , this time to tell the story of Evans, Christie's best friend--and the man who nearly broke up  Christie and his one true love, Robert.

Don't worry, Evans is every bit worthy of having his very own HEA. Though, as confused about life, his sexuality, and everything as the boy is... your guess is as good as mine at this point as to how the poor dear is going to get from Christie's wedding festivities to his very own HEA.

I'll be writing for a few hours still, and may not have time later to post the snip before it gets very, very late... So I'll just leave you with a picture of the Fabulous Andre Pejic. Enjoy!!

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