Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Flash: Incongruent Angel

Lately the deception had eaten at Aaron. He drank more than he used to, and he spent more and more time volunteering with the at-risk kids. Anything to keep the welling panic contained. The desperate pull in the muscles of his back and the equally intense clenching of his stomach was there all along though, every single time he didn’t know where one of the Morris’s was—though it was difficult to separate the old underlying fears and panic he felt every day from the shiny new fear that he’d be the very thing to drive Travis away. Aaron could not afford to lose his last piece of Timothy and his only piece of Travis by letting his ridiculous desire show anymore than it already had. Maybe—
“We’ll need these as well.”
A lean, tanned but battered hand reached around him to slap down a huge bottle of lube and a jumbo box of condoms on the pharmacist’s counter. Warmth climbed the length of Aaron’s spine as Travis slipped a strong arm around his waist and snuggled up to his back. The clerk at the counter, giggled. Aaron stared straight ahead.
“We’ll need them, Aaron. Maybe not tonight, but soon.” Travis’s voice rumbled through Aaron’s back and into his lungs. He closed his eyes. Travis nudged his hips against Aaron’s ass and the hard length pressed along Aaron’s backside had his mouth open and words tumbling out before Aaron had time to process.
“Ring them up with the scripts please.”
Travis opened his mouth over the back of Aaron’s neck. Aaron jerked forward, hitting his knees against the counter as he suddenly slumped, synapses normally used by his brain to keep him upright firing erratically.  Low laughter sounded behind him.
“Nice. I love how responsive you are. ”
The girl behind the pharmacy gasped. Another chuckle rolled over Aaron. Lean hips pushed forward into Aaron’s again. “Please forgive us, miss. We just got engaged, and I can’t seem to keep my hands off him, especially after the car accident. I think we just need time to touch each other enough to believe it’s all okay, that we’re both still alive, and that we won’t ever let each other go.”
Her scandalized expression softened into—“Awww, that’s so sweet.”
Aaron turned and rolled his eyes at Travis. “Brat, leave the nice lady alone.  

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