Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Not Monday, but here's the Mania...

Quick rundown of all the stuff I meant to tell you all about yesterday, but got so caught up in writing I forgot, and then I have to dash over to today's post before Tian blows a gasket. The little guy is interviewing Cedric MacKinnon, and seriously, he is all aflutter about it. Which, of course, has Lewell'yn in a mood, and Kay trying to keep the peace. I mustn't leave the boys on their own for too long.

Yesterday's meanderings and mania:
Last weekend was jam-packed with fun family times. We had a 1.8k Kids Run with the kidlet on Saturday morning, and then a full six hours or so at the Buffalo Zoo... and it wasn't til after we were there that I found out it was Vic's first time to the zoo. Any zoo at all! Geez, I'd have taken more pictures if I'd realized earlier on what a momentous occasion it was.
I did manage to snap a few shots of the family as they took a brief rest in the Rainforest Exhibit, and the one here to the left is my favorite. The kidlet gesturing excitedly, and Uncle Vic listening patiently? Yep, that's an accurate representation of their common interactions. Love and tropical birds, that's what I found in this photo. Not a bad combination if you ask me.

After the zoo, we staggered to the bus stop and after a mid-length ride, up the stairs to our apartment. The kidlet slept like a rock, and Vic and I put our barking dogs--er, feet that is--up in not so quiet relief. :)

The very next day, Sunday, was Buffalo's Pride March day, and we went out to see the parade, and then over to the Festival. You can find pics and even video over on Vic's Website (click on the words 'Vic's Website). It's a wonderful little look into the the nutty world of Vic and Cherie.

Yesterday I was writing. Writing. Writing, and writing. I managed just over 5,000 words. I've nearly finished the second story I picked up for the LiAW event over at the M/M romance group on Goodreads (you can find my first story HERE. Please be sure to leave a comment if you go check it out. Every one who comments between now and the end of June will be automatically  entered to win a free copy of the full length novel by the same name coming out this month. Be sure and spread the word about that as well. Okay, I know I missed some things, but I've got to get over to today's post and make sure Tian doesn't get himself into trouble. :)

Ciao, babies. Make today magic. Or as Damon Suede says, 'Do something Extraordinary. You might be dead tomorrow.'


  1. *jumps in front of picture and turns everyone away* Nothing to see here ladies and gentlemen. Turn and walk away. Just turn and walk away.

    Congratz on the writing! I'm proud of you.

  2. lol - it's a very sweet photo :) And yes I do remember a certain aversion to being called 'sweet' :)


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