Minion Moments

Let's just take a quick look back, shall we, to Jan 2012, here on this very blog...

Wow, it's been nearly 2 years now.

It took us THAT LONG to get our shit together, Cherie, and really figure out what we're doing and where we're going. And we're kinda still figuring it out.

The truth is, being a Minion is a lot like herding cats. (Yes. I WENT THERE.) I spent a pretty good portion of GRL chasing after Cherie, making sure she was where she needed to be with all the things she needed to have with her. Or running off looking for someone she needed to talk to. Or, y'know. Things of that nature.

(This is not me & Cherie. It's Geno & Sid.
 Don't hockey players make adorable minions?)

And now I'm...not exactly taking over the blog, but at least trying to take some of the administrative parts of it off of Cherie's shoulders. And keeping track of deadlines. All fun stuff, lemmetellya, but it's basically like keeping track of my kids' schedules (which is thankfully pretty easy) and trying to remember to update my own blog only more interesting because. Well, because it's NOT MY SHIT that I'm trying to work through, and there are usually pretty pretty pictures of pretty pretty men to pet and drool over and whatnot...

I want All The Information to be here, but I don't want to turn this into a massive long thing, so... I'm gonna give you a little linky to my first official "Minion" post which includes a quick run-down of who I am.

I do need to add that I'm a hockey fan, primarily the Pittsburgh Penguins, but I will admit a weakness for the Chicago Blackhawks as well. Some mad skill on both those teams. Well, mad skills on all the teams, but I just can't handle more than that. It's hard enough keeping up when they're both playing the same nights, and when they play each other? I won't know what to do! (But, *shhhh*! Don't tell my hubby or kids; I'm pretty sure liking anybody other than the Penguins is grounds for divorce/disowning in this house!)

So... if you're wondering, I can be found around the web in various places:

I Tweet (this is where I live my "real life")

Facebook (This is *mostly* but not exclusively "family" stuff -- pics of my kids & pets)

Tumblr (Fair warning. There is a lot of hockey. A LOT of hockey. Also a fair bit of adorableness by way of kittens/puppies, and the occasional foodporn)

Goodreads (wherein I occasionally review books, but mostly interact on the Josh Lanyon Q&A)

my blog (where I occasionally review books, ramble on -- sometimes incoherently -- about whatever crosses my mind, and would maybe not be averse to another follower or two)

Oh, and clicking on my name (where it says "posted by" under a blog post) takes you to my mostly unused Google+ account.

Feel free to follow/add/friend me wherever, but please, only if you think we have something in common besides Cherie! I'm always happy for new friends, but this isn't *all* I do!

For now, I'm off in search of the next good book hangover!

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