Friday, August 5, 2011

Fabulous Friday: Five Reasons to Jump for Joy

1) The Soldier & the State Trooper releases today at Mlr Press, and if that ain't reason enough to get jazzed, let me cook up four more...
2) There's a contest starting today right here in the Writing Cave that continues through next friday. The prize will be a signed copy of the book. All you have to do to enter is find my blog about Wishes of the Heart, and respond in the comment section. Be sure to also send me an email at cherienoel @ (without the spaces) so I have a way to contact the winner.
3)The official release party over at AuthorIsland is tomorrow...and there are prizes to be won there as well!
4)I have today achieved on of the wishes of my heart...I'm now a published Author. Yes, it did need to be in caps! LOL.
5)My next book will be out (tentatively) August 19th.

Guess that's enough reason to jump for joy, yeah? So get to looking for that blog, and then answer the question it asks. It's easy-peasy, and fun. I'll be in and out until 11am, then I'll be ready, steady, fully present until just before 5pm.

So, see you in the funny pages!


  1. Jumping for joy with you! Congrats Cherie! xox Andi

  2. Hugs Andi! I just saw that S&ST is #25 on Amazon's Romance list!!

  3. So...The Soldier & the State Trooper is currently @ #25 on Amazon's Gay & Lesbian romance List...and @ #14 on the Hot New Release List!!


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