Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday--Time to start the Countdown!

Pretties first.

Yeah, so there should just have been two, for Tuesday, but...they were so yummy I couldn't stop.


Today is Tuesday, and my book, The Soldier & the State Trooper comes out on Friday.


So the count-down really needs to start, right?

I'm going to be posting some clues on the blog between now and Saturday, August 6th, which is the book launch date at Author Island www.CyberLaunchParty.blogspot.com ...and since the book actually goes live on Friday the 5th, in addition to offering a free ebook as a prize that day, I'll be offering an autographed copy of the print edition for the lucky person who correctly answers three story-trivia questions that I'll post during the Launch party. That contest, the print book one, will run for a week after the launch party. :)

Stay tuned for more info...
ummm, and pictures of smexy men. 

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  1. Congrats! Can't wait for Friday to get here. I am so happy for you. ::hugs::


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