Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday's Mayhem and Foolishness: Getting Jiggy with the Real World

So today I had the most amazing breakfast with my best friend. She has this habit of dropping random, short and wise sayings into our conversations. Another friend of mine calls those sayings Bon Mots. I call them Liz-isms. Today's went like this:
Liz:, I work a lot lately. I'm full time at the VA now.
Me: Mmmmm?
Liz: Yeah. Because, you know, the high school.
Me: Was that English? 'Cause I have zero idea what you just said.
Liz: *laughing* I'm full time. To pay for school for the boys. 
Me: Oh, shize. They're all going to private school this year.
Liz: Yep. *she pops the p at the end of the word with an awful lot of enthusiasm for a single mom of five who is sending all of her kids to private school*
Me: Um, okay. 
Liz: So the boys say to me, 'Ma, why you killin' your self? Can't you just chill. We don't need some snotty school if you gotta work so hard to put us there. 
Me: *just listening*
Liz: Yeah. So I say to them, yeah, I do gotta work that many hours. Because... not to put you in some high-brow school, but because I really believe this school will set you up so when you're done, you never have to work a day in your life. 
Me: *kinda stunned silence*
Liz: So the boys just looked at me, til the youngest one says... huh?... and I kinda smile at him. I say. I have been blessed to not work many days in my adult life. See, if you love what you do, then you're never going to work. You're just going to do that thing you love, you feel me?
Me: *stunned and awed* You're a fucking great mom. They got it, huh.
Liz: *kinda smiling* Yeah. Yeah, I think maybe they did.

I have the coolest friends, yes? And that thing she said? Is sooooooo going in one of my stories. Probably the one I'm working on right now. 

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