Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Two Way Mirror into My Brain

Story editors rock.

If you've never worked with an editor, or at least never worked with one where the *fit* was right you may be unaware of their scary, magical ability to have a two-way mirror installed in your brain.

No foolin'.

I'm pretty sure my story editor had one implanted right after she saw the results of my revise and resub to MLR.

So, before I even knew I had a contract my editor had an unimpeded view of the inner workings of my twisty little brain.


Sorry about the mess Jen. Er, and some bits are still under construction.

Yes, I see that you have a hard hat for when you actually venture in.

It's a great relief to me that you do.

Because, trust me, not even I always know what's going to pop out of the shadowy corners and by-ways of that place. Tread with caution.


I'm starting to get used to you, and I'd kinda like to keep you.

Oh, and tell Kris thanks.

She's like a magical story/editor yenta.


I love having someone who loves my characters as much as I do helping me raise them up. Kids just do better when they have more than one concerned and loving parent looking out for them. Which is why I will say again and again that even though it hurts...the editing process hurts so good.

Story editors rock.

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