Friday, May 27, 2011

Fabulous Friday Five: Five Reasons Why Friday Is Fabulous

1)Somebody gave me two cannisters of good coffee today. For free. O_o
2) I so got to sleep in
3) John Mayer is singing on my computer...*sigh*
4) My second round of edits are done and sent back to my brilliant story editor
5) Did you see the amazing cover Lex Valentine did for The Soldier & the State Trooper once I stopped mouth-breathing over her shoulder? Oh, and when I said the first mock-up was hideous, that had nothing to do with her mad skills or artistic ability...that was all me trying to mirco-manage in an area I knew NOTHING about. And she's one of my favorite authors. You can find her stuff here. Don't miss her Darkworld series. Seriously, folks are gonna be reading her books a hundred years from now and talking about how she was ahead of her time. I love Lex's work.

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