Monday, May 16, 2011

Another Manic Monday

It rained last night. I sleep really well when it rains. So well, in fact, that it becomes hard to haul my lazy keister outta bed the next morning. Sheesh.

So I started today behind the eightball.

Then I compounded my problem by goofing around on Goodreads all morning.

What am I, nuts?

Evidently, because, just as if I don't already have a 1001 irons in the fire, I went and signed up to write a hot little story based on a pic posted by Heather S.

Be warned, the pic is NSFW!!

You can see the pic here: and read a little about what all Heather S. has requested from the story.

I also promised myself that I'd get a significant amount of work done in The Soldier & the Starving Artist today. So, time to put my money where my mouth is ...Yeah...who ever thought of that saying anyway?


Time to get to letting my fingers fly. Yeah, I like that better. Tells it in a straight-forward manner. Here I go then, nose to the grindstone, attempting to write like the wind.

I really do have to. I was a lazy slug-a-bed this morning.
Eh, what can I say? It rained last night.

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