Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday--Thank you, Kris Jacen

This little offering came to me while I was sleeping last night...and must be sung to the tune of a song from the famed musical, Fiddler On The Roof.

Can you guess which song it is?

Kris Jacen
Kris Jacen
Make me a match
Send me an editor who’s not a hack
Please make my editor
Discerning and wise
And for the love of words—
Please give to them
All seeing eyes
I want an editor
Who knows my brain
Better than I do
Yet is never a pain
Please make my editor
Sensible too
Not willing to let me say
Oh that story will do
Give one to me who—
Demand the best writing
I’ve ever done
Cracking their whip
When I am a bum
Oh Kris Jacen, Kris Jacen
Make me an author worthy of praise
With an editor wise
In publishing’s ways…

Obviously, I am one of her success stories...because my story editor?

Rocks out Loud.

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