Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday: Work in Progress--er--Transition

Um... I thought today I'd try something a little different.

You guys get a vote in this. All three of you.
I'd like to try posting a 500-1500 word installment of a brand new blog story here every Wednesday... and have it be just a freebie.

What do you guys say? Wanna give it a whirl?


  1. Sure, why not?!

    *humming along with iPod*



    1. Silly one, that is already promised to MLR. *grins*
      It's going to be done sooner than I'd planned too. :)

    2. I've just been waiting forever for it! & I love the song so I listen to it a lot...

  2. Blog stories are fun. :) My current one is quickly coming to conclusion. Then I'll have to start another.

  3. Tracy, I know. That's why I bumped it higher on the list and have been sneaking in writing on it whenever I get the chance. :)

    West... I love your blog stories. LOVE. Eventually I want a print copy of several of them in a West Thornhill Antho. :D


What's your take?