Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thursday: NANO Day 1

I've just a moment to say I am both excited and scared to be doing NaNo again this year. I crashed and burned last year, and want to do better this year. At least this year I have a writing buddy... well, he's more tech support than anything else... 

I'll be posting snippets from the work, and bits and pieces about what the process is like for me here. 

Today at the Cave is: Cold. Rainy. Perfect weather for a serious (or goofy, haven't decided which yet) writing day. I'll stop back in later with a word count, but for right now it's at zero for the event, day, and month. Let's see how well I do with changing that. :) At least I found so good pics to inspire me... like the fellow to the right here. He looks just like the pic in my head of Lewis, one of my mc's from the project.  

Good luck to all my fellow writers, and here's hoping we all end the month with fabulous new books. 

Me? I gotta get hopping on writing my story... Bunny Business. 


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