Sunday, November 4, 2012

NaNo Days Three and Four: Wrestling the Weekend for Words

Weekends are family time here in my house. Last night was movie night, and today weekly cleaning. Okay, the routines are fairly new, but the need for family time is an ongoing thing, and my kidlet and I are trying for a more cohesive, pre-planned time to just do fun stuff together.

These goals do not leave a lot of time on the weekend for writing.

Joe is resting, so as to be ready to help me jump back into the fray on Monday. I've been sneaking in two or three hundred words here and there, but not much else. I'm not giving up, or even adjusting my goals downward for this month... I'm just trying to be realistic about what I'm doing. I'm also seeking that ever elusive little imp, balance.

Wish me luck. if things get straightened out, then by mid-week next week, we should be back to regular programming here at the Cave, in addition to the NaNo updates.

Ciao for Now, babies. Hope your having a sweet Sunday.
~Cherie Noel

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