Monday, November 5, 2012

NaNo Day #5~On a wing and... less than two hours of sleep!

Okay, so no actual wings were involved.
There was slightly less than two hours of sleep though.
Still and all? Got my tooth shaved at the dentist. Dude, the shaving cream for teeth is really nasty. No, really.
Got over 1,600 words in despite being bombarded by lack-o-sleep stupidity and a woefully long list of errands to run...

I'm very proud of my little handful of words. It wasn't writing up a storm, as I told a friend, but well, more of writing up a very small shower. :) But words are words, and they all add up in the end, right?

Okay, I'm off to bed now. Gotta get up early, get some writing in, do some edits, vote, maybe do a little laundry. Normal everyday stuff. Pick out classes.

I'm gonna see if they have a knitting class. Or one in cleaning and exercising effectively in your sleep, so all of my awake time can be split between doing fun stuff with the kidlet, writing, and caring for my sweet (if imaginary) cabana boys.

Catch you tomorrow, babies.

For now? If you gots a dream, and you haven't got there yet?
Go on.
Get you some!

~~Cherie Noel

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