Monday, June 24, 2013

Keeping up with My Blog is Hard, darn it!

LOL. Well, one would sure assume so, given the way I've let the poor thing languish for the past few months.

*leans down to pat the sad, lonely blog*

I'm sorry blog, dear. I'll try very hard to take time to take proper care of you. :)

I'll start with a little video, because my brain is still fried from writing two research essays back to back for the semester length course crammed into three weeks this summer... while I was also powering through some  bizarrely hard edits for an editor I absolutely adore.

*pausing to scoop brains back up, and then pour them into a baggie to be reconstituted and placed back in my empty noggin later*

Right. What were we talking about?

*light bulb above head*

Oh, I must have been about to share my new fave musician with you. I'll bet you all already know about him, but he's knew to me, and I am in LURVE with his lyrics.

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  1. Maybe you should share the password & I could minion-ize for you... I could, I don't know. Link to reviews? Post random whatever's happening in my brain this week? Hot pics? Once a week or something.


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