Tuesday, June 25, 2013

UPCOMING RELEASE! and other items of note...

This is a big one for me because I feel a teensy tiny bit of responsibility for this particular story. It all started with a song...

Blurb: Sometimes, a thing is so beautiful, so precious you can’t resist returning to it over and over again… sometimes it’s so wondrous you are willing to do anything to be worthy enough to finally to stay in the place where it is. Until then you return, time after time to the one heart, the one pure soul that holds your heart forever, Changeless… My name is Sean Taliaferro Allen, and for me, that one precious and perfect thing will always be Calvin Abelin.

Buy links:

Changeless releases Friday, June 28, from MLR Press (a special day in its own right for me, anyway; this is like inch-and-a-half thick icing on the cupcake!) -- links and excerpt to follow when available.

On Thursday, Our Fearless Leader here will be on Write on the Edge (Blogtalk radio) with Jambrea Jo Jones and other authors from the Mixed Tape series. I'll add more links when I get them!

And in various levels of WIP/edits are Quality Control, Incongruent Angel, The Soldier and the Shaman, 1000 Cranes, and Glitter and Shamrocks. :D So lots of fun stuff happening soon! Keep posted for updates!

This is a very exclamatory post. Sorry. Sorta. 

Have a fab day, and remember to check back for updates and links hot off my email!

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