Monday, July 1, 2013


It is Minion Monday, ostensibly.

I am simply apologizing. My sinuses like to think they are barometers, and we have been having RAIN lately (I think there has been ONE day in the last two weeks that did not feature at least one thunderstorm, and most of those also included torrential downpour). My sinuses finally rebelled and went full-on swollen and congested. We have moved on (forgive me if this is TMI) to post-nasal drip. My throat feels swollen, scraped, and glued together. It feels fine as long as I don't swallow, talk, or breathe too heavily.

I am trying to avoid decongestants as they (a) don't seem to help significantly and (b) leave me drowsy -- even the purported "non-drowsy" type. So right now, there is a LOT of hot tea happening, as much of it as possible with honey. There have been a number of naps, but I try to limit them as they make it more difficult to get to sleep at night and then get up at a reasonable hour of the morning afterward. I am considering chicken soup, as well.

And in order to distract myself from feeling miserable, I have immersed myself in reading Gail Carriger's  Parasol Protectorate series. I have previously read (and loved) books 1 & 2 (Soulless and Changeless) and owned but had not read #3 (Blameless). I am not not only caught up, but had to stretch my food budget to make room to buy  #4&5 (Heartless and Timeless). Also finally read, loved, and shared with the Girl-child book 1 in her newest series (book: Etiquette and Espionage, series Finishing School). Steampunk + vampires and werewolves = love.

I am particularly rooting for Lord Akeldama and his beloved Biffy (a vampire and his werewolf).

It's not overly descriptive in the adult relations, so the books are even appropriate for, I think, teenagers of a *slightly* older vintage than my own Girl-child. Maybe once she's read all the Finishing School books (which are only just now coming out -- book 2 is slated for, I believe, this November).

Also, the Boss-Lady informs (via FB) that she has been struck down with her own ickies in the form of EVIL MIGRAINES -- I sympathise; I get comparatively mild migraines myself on occasion! SO, let's get better soon all around; & enjoy your reading! What have you glommed lately?

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