Wednesday, July 24, 2013

BOOOORED on Hump Day

For some reason up until just now, I was thinking today is Thursday.

My boys have a friend over, and DinoBoy (the elder of the two) has an earache -- pretty sure it's Swimmer's Ear -- which is making it extra-fun.

They made me watch an episode of the current revamp of TMNT, which, frankly, is orders of magnitude worse than the original, which I watched as a kid. I should note that I was not actually a fan of the original back then, but my younger brother was, which means I watched it way more than I would have chosen to (which means, I had to watch it EVER AT ALL, and I would have chosen to watch it NEVER AT ALL).

Sooooo... I thought I'd come entertain myself at the Boss Lady's expense (as it were) after having randomly rambled somewhat vaguely rantingly (but not really) over at my own personal blog.

Since it's Hump Day and I'm distracted, I'll share some of what normally entertains me when my kids aren't being irritating...

I have this playlist on my iPod which is, no joke, composed nearly entirely of multiple versions of the same song. Sometimes, it's the album cut plus the acoustic/live version/s. Sometimes it's original artist and whatever covers I didn't totally hate. Sometimes, it's two (or more) different cast recordings of the same soundtrack songs. And I have really random taste in music, so the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack rubs shoulders with Hank Williams and Aretha Franklin and Gaelic Storm and Weird Al Yankovic. I usually leave all my playlists on shuffle, because sometimes it can be weirdly prescient, in the same way that Pandora can.

Here's a song I love: Something Stupid, sung here by father/daughter duo Frank & Nancy Sinatra

And here's another version I love, by the Secret Sisters (who have this very vintage-country sound and look, singing covers of the likes of Hank Williams, Sr, and Patsy Cline & doing it VERY WELL.)

I love the way the voices blend on this song. It's very mellow, but the lyrics are heartbreaking -- the singer is in love with someone who doesn't love back. There's unrequited love, and, frankly, the object of that love seems undeserving -- he might not leave the club with the same person he came with. But I can't help but listen with the unsubstantiated hope that maybe it's a case of In Love With the Oblivious Best Friend, which is one of my favorite romance tropes.

SO, how about you? Favorite tropes? A song you love, for itself, or a mood it evokes? A cover that you really like, as much as or more than the original? Share!

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