Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Snogging with the Rescue Twinks

A little snippet from The Counterfeit Claus... you can find the story in it's entirety over at NJ Nielsen's blog, and starting next week it will be downloadable over at ARe... not sure on what day, but I figured y'all deserved an early Christmas/Hanukkah/Yule/Whatthehellever Seasonal pressie. Just because. So here you go! 

And, as always, babies... get thee to the original home of the Sunday Snog to find the amazing writing of the sexy, sassy, Victoria Blisse... who has a whole lotta Blissemas going on for you... and links to all the other snoggers up to bat this fine Sunday. 

~~Cherie Noel


He leaned down to breathe his words directly into Adrien’s ear. “I’m going to kiss you, hard and deep enough you’re still going to feel it tomorrow. After I’m done kissing you, you’re gonna help me fix this damn beard, and we’re going to go back out to the Village and make those kids believe we just spent a half an hour getting patched up by Mrs. Claus. And at the end of the day, I’m either going to walk you to your car, or I’m going to walk you to mine. If you come to my car, I’m going to put you in my Jeep, drive you to my place on Walnut Street, call off my other job and screw you until the only name you remember is mine because you’re so busy screaming it. If I walk you to your car, I’ll wait until you get it started and drive away. And that will be that. No—don’t speak now. After I kiss you, if you don’t want to come with me tonight, say mistletoe. Got it?”
Adrien’s head nodded, brushing his cheek against the line of Devon’s jaw. The silk of his brown and gold mop of hair brushed Devon’s temple. His stomach flexed where it pressed against Devon’s, and his legs—ay-ay—parted to wrap around Devon’s waist. He tilted his head back against the cool metal behind him and closed his eyes in a classic waiting-for-a-kiss pose. His long, dark lashes cast faint shadows on his cheeks, and the trusting pose sparked a feeling of possessiveness in Devon. He pulled Adrien forward enough to slip his arms behind the other man’s back. Crushing Adrien’s lithe form against his chest, he sealed his mouth over the sassy little elf’s lips.


  1. Christmas twinks, what a present! Lovely excerpt...


  2. I love finding new authors and books.

  3. Nice! Thanks for sharing!


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