Friday, December 7, 2012

Fabulous Friday: Petting Shiny Things

I have a new story that will be available to read on N.J. Nielsen's blog on Sunday, and right here as well... and it will also be available on ARe in downloadable formats next week. Just waiting on the cover art and a little technical assistance in the formatting process. :)

In the meantime and between times... I've got the cover for the sequel to the freebie... and I'm gonna share. Everyone can pet the shiny, babies. Here you go!

Oh, and the first story, The Counterfeit Claus? Free, free, free... and tells the story of how Adrien and Devon meet, greet and trip their way to a HFN.
Worth a Thousand Words is the hilarity that ensues when they try to turn their HFN into a HEA amidst the mad-cap capers of Glitter Alerts gone wrong and private videos gone viral!

There will be more Rescue Twinks each and every month, so... go on. Get you some.
~~Cherie Noel

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