Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday Second Chance

Today I won't snark (much) and I will (at 8pmish my time) pick a winner for the second chance thingy I've been talking about for the last week or so. Um...since the 10th I think. So, here's how it goes. I've been putting clues up every day about the boys from Tian's Hero, and if you've been gathering them, you only need yesterday's-- an emergency trip to the Emergency Room with the baby bro sidelined my intent to get yesterdays up late but still there... I know, I know, I'm a hot mess lately. Or, you know, always.
So, here's yesterday's excerpt. Check it out, and find out what invaluable lesson Tian learned from his Abtiss.

. Tian mentally ran through his "approved" list of phrases, selected one, and let the words fall throatily from his mouth.
"Yes Kay."
Kay slit his eyes open and snickered at Tian. Something warm and sweet flowered open in Tian's chest.
Kay must be an exception to Abtiss's rule about men not enjoying laughter in the bedroom.
Tian clambered up on the bed, feeling giddy. He allowed a small giggle to slip out of his mouth. Kay didn't seem to mind at all. He just smiled and held his hand out for the oil.
"Is this our lube then?"
"Yes Kay."
Tian couldn't help himself at this point. He collapsed on the bed, giggling madly. Kay laughed right along with him. 


Okie Dokie. Now on to today's excerpt and clue...hmmm. 
Now that is more tricky. 
I may have to think about it, and put the clue up a little later. 
In fact, why don't I put the clue for today up right at 8pm EST (or thereaboutts) and give y'all until tomorrow at noon EST to gather up all ten clues? Hmm? Sound Good?

That way you've got time to look back til the 10th of this month, get all seven (I think) clues and get your answers in. Of those who answer correctly I'll draw out a name, and send you a copy of the book tomorrow. However, you can only be entered if you remember to leave your email addy with your clue list (unless you absolutely, positively) know I already have it, I wouldn't chance not leaving it.

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