Monday, March 26, 2012

Manic Monday: To Do Lists and other Oddities

I like to start the day out with a to-do list. It gets me organized, and then if I don't get something accomplished, I can at least remember that, and shift it onto tomorrow's agenda. Makes sense, right?
But then there are those days like today, where I start out with the very best of intentions and yet never seem to catch up with a day that is running far faster than I could ever hope to.

To Do Today for 3/26/2012
Write 5,000k in The Faery Tree

Write this blog

Get up

Start diet (right after this brownie--nom-nom-nom)

Get a shower

Beta the prologue and first four chapters of my lil'bro's wip... er, one of his many, many wips.

Make my bed

Answer my emails

Write to my sis

Connect with an old friend

Write another blog, this one about what it's like to write a book you know may be banned and get it turned in to the owner of the blog it's going to go up on.

Have a cup of coffee... or a pot

Water plants

Write at least 2,500k in various other wips

Write this weeks Silver Short

Find out where Hermoine from Harry Potter books got her time-turner and apply for one of my own.

Clean kitchen

Call doctor to get new script for the kidlet

Make sure the lil'bro is adhering to bedrest orders

Revise list down to manageable size


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