Saturday, March 24, 2012

To Bill, With Love

So, listen. Some folks are saying goodbye, and some are honoring your life and some are there in Cleveland today to show support for your Marty. And some are spread around the world wishing they could hug you, or look into your beautiful blue eyes one more time. We'll miss you Bill. There's no doubt about that. We'll miss your clear insight and spot on humor and unwavering acceptance.

And some of us will believe that you haven't really left us, that you are still whispering over our shoulders and sharing in our triumphs. That's where I hang my hat, Bill. So, this next year? Is dedicated to you. Today is day one for me in my quest to be a little more gracious in my dealings with the world. To be a little kinder and yet as unswerving in my defense of what I believe to be right as you seemed to me to be.

Wish me luck, Bill.
Those shoes you left behind are a tad difficult to fill, sir.
I'll do my best.

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