Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday Second Chance

So, I was over at Amber Kell's blog a few days ago, shamelessly promoting my upcoming release of Tian's Hero...the first book in my Akanti series from Silver Publishing. We picked a lucky ebook winner from those listed in the comment section.

Guess what?

I'm running a second chance sweepstake-ish kinda thing wherein  you can get a second chance at winning this amazing *if I do say so myself* book.

Watch the blog this week.
I'll be hiding little clues here and there and the lucky commenters who find all seven of them and leave me their email addy's along with a list of the correct clues will be entered into a second drawing.

Good Luck. I'll see ya in the funny pages. *not really, as I only draw stick figures*
Today's clue is already up on the blog...and will be answered with the name of the character who is referred to as a spy. And if it's not clear enough here, then hop over to Amber's's blindingly clear over there.

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