Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday Think Tank: The Naming of Minions

The naming of minions
is a delicate matter
it isn't just one of your
quarter beer games
And you may thing at first (um and in the middle...possibly last as well)
I'm mad as a hatter
When I tell you a minion must have three different names.
They're the names that I shout
at my minion with glee
on Twitter, and Facebook indiscriminately.


Minion! I holler
with poise and aplomb
plan a blog tour, set my schedule, and remind me
ten times a day or perhaps even more
for if left to devices my own
I'll be mired in details
and peanut shaped bits of foam.

Get moving!
Make Haste!
Don't you know that without you,
I'm sad basketcase?
I spend more time doing errands
than dreaming up worlds
and my characters languish
with their *er* glory flags furled?

To the point then: a minion needs a name
can be shouted across
the whole of the Twitterverse
without hearing loss.
And each minion must also
have a sly, secret name
known to only themselves and their master of fame...
*waggles eyebrows*
and finally, finally
last in line but not least,
there is the pet name
for the dear minion beast
known only of course
to the author they claim
who then inserts it in stories
writ to keep themselves sane.

*lame, I know*

Authors, you know, are but giddy fools,
one and all...
whom our dear trusted minions
must catch when we fall.

Name your minion most carefully,
so they come when you call...
for a minion is precious,
and desired by all.


  1. *snickers*

    It's probably a good thing you're not relying on your poetry to pay the bills! 'Cause you TOTALLY ripped off TS Eliot with that. He's probably rolling in his grave.

    But it was cute, anyway!



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