Thursday, March 22, 2012

Think Tank Thursday: Should I Stay or Should I Go...

Some days this should just be my anthem. Some days I know what the dealio is, and I have my little chicks in order. And some days I can almost make sense of the am I banned am I not banned flippity-floppity dance the distributors and PayPal have been doing. Then again, some days I can't even seem to find my like button on FaceBook. To all the other techno amoebas out there... I see you. Let's celebrate our tiny triumphs together with a freaking classic from the Clash.


  1. I resemble this post. A lot lately too. No clue what's up w/that. Lol my stoopid horoscope even acknowledged my 'fuzzy brain', I'm now blaming the planets ;)

    I don't know what's up w/ the banned / unbanned thing, but... I think blog play may be order. I can see it now... "Must read book by the fantabulous Cherie. To fab for paypal"

    Expect an email from me. ;)

  2. It's definitely something in the air. I've been listening to the Sex Pistols. And wondering what is going on with what is banned and what isn't and who is deciding all of this and why are we all suddenly at the mercy of corporate censors.


What's your take?