Monday, March 12, 2012

Manic Monday: A Death in the Family

Hey all,
we had a death in the family today. Our beloved Rhinoman, the dwarf hamster we adopted just over a year ago was found dead in his little cage today, and my daughter is it taking rather hard...
Not to mention how much the damned little rodent came to mean to me. So, I'll catch you up tomorrow as far as clues for the Second Chance Giveaway Sweepstakes...for today, I'm drinking a beer(one, and then I'll switch to tea)  and losing myself in a good book.


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  1. Aw, poor babies! Hammies just don't live that long; it's part of why we don't have one. I would like a rabbit or guinea pig (my brother had an awesome guinea pig once upon a time.)

    *hugs* to you and the kidlet.


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