Monday, March 5, 2012

Manic Monday:Or My Life; Guest Starring the Kidlet, Vicktor Alexander and Daniel Kaine

The boys are still sleeping, all snuggly (I fracking hope) in their bed. I am working on polishing off my first lil'cuppa joe for the day. The kidlet is off to school. The wind is blowing outside, and the sun has risen. I once again am taking a few moments to contemplate the awesome that is my life, inclusive of all the demands upon my time and all the many and varied tasks I endeavor to complete each and every day.

I have the edits for Tian's Hero back from the proofers, and thus am mere days away from receiving my author copies of the first full length manuscript I ever wrote. Well, as an adult. That whole elephant who wore clothes and was inspired by Barbar novella I wrote in the fourth grade notwithstanding. Tian's Hero may not be the first book I've published, but it was the first one I wrote, and it remains very dear to my heart.

I'm working on edits today for TH then, until they are done and returned to the AEIC and then to the formatting editor.
I need to build some furniture.
I am still *hangs head in shame* trying to find a place to put all the damn stuff I moved here with, so I have boxes to unpack.
I have two stories nearing completion, and if I don't get some writing done in them I'll have to kick my own ass. Repeatedly.
Make that three stories. Gah.
Moar coffee. Must write faster.
And then, *note snark* this afternoon, inbetween taking the kidlet to have bloodwork done and meeting with her doctor, I must pay bills, dream up some super cool things for the Bradvic and Dangelina to do together that won't bust their wallets to hell and gone, get dinner started, do a few loads of laundry, and plot out a sneaktastic way to trick the tiny urchin formerly know as my kidlet and the Vic's neiceling into cleaning the frightening sty that she in all her nearly-a-teen-so-close-she-can-taste-it wisdom refers to as her room.


And to treat myself, should I complete all that as well as plan out a revised schedule for the week which has more realism than the first one I wrote up, I'll read a little something my friend Erica sent me.

*waggles eyebrows*

She is a newbie author with talent. Hence my excitement. I love passing on the little bits of crafting good writing know-how I've gleaned intensively over the past 2-plus years and by osmosis over the rest of my lifetime. It's good to share with your friends.

Right then, I'm off to mainline some caffeine, wash the crustifications of life from myself *literally* and then dive into the Editland section of the Cave.



  1. On the subject of unpacking... I'm pretty sure I have some boxes I haven't unpacked from the move when I was pregnant with my youngest (which would have been our first military move.) So, yeah...six-plus years and two trips cross-country? I'm here to say if you're not actually immediately missing it, it won't hurt to put off the boxes a while longer. :D

  2. LOL. Tracy, you are preaching to the choir, dude.

  3. That's some list Cherie! Rock on, my friend. You'll get tons done, I just know it!

  4. Wow! Hope you get at least a few mins to realax! I know about almost teens rooms, my sons is the same way lol
    I'm sure you will think of something fun for the two of them to do!

    1. Writing is relaxing for me, Angel. So, yeah I'll get a few moments in.

  5. Go Cherie go! You can do it. *shudders at the fact her kid is almost a teen* o.o it's terrifying. lol


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